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We hope and pray that will happen yet again because without that support we cannot continue to provide you this essential service to the level that we now do – at a time when it has never been needed this much. At a time of momentous happenings in the world and dramatic changes for good or ill imminently facing all of us:

  • The most important election in United States history by far that will impact the entire world.
  • Attempted implementation of vast plans to impose Central Bank Digital Currency systems and totalitarian social credit score systems in many nations.
  • Proposed new legislation and regulations to completely control all speech on the Internet, and in all other aspects of daily life, potentially resulting in total loss of free speech rights.
  • Possible imposition of oppressive regulations to strictly limit and control energy use, travel, what we may eat, and what and how farmers may grow crops, and much more.
  • Potential escalation of the two current wars into much more dangerous regional wars that many of the very best, most knowledgeable, and trustworthy experts are warning could easily develop and merge into a never before experienced nuclear war between the great powers.

And much more – all related to the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset and Marxist U.N. Agenda 2030 to radicalize daily life, destroy the family, traditional religious faith, and dramatically reduce world population.

As LifeSiteNews readers, you are aware of all of these issues like no one else and what must be done to address them. You are especially aware that a turning back to God is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL. Ultimately, there is no other solution. 

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Every day now, we are publishing many articles of historic significance. One that has received incredible attention and reaction has been the March 19 article by our Vatican correspondent Michael Haynes, Pope Francis denounces ‘anti-vaxxers,’ calls COVID jab refusal an ‘almost suicidal act of denial’

Wow! The volume and intensity of comments in response to the report on this action by Francis has been huge. It may be a LifeSiteNews record number of readers’ comments.

LifeSiteNews readers are among the most informed in the world on the COVID issues and their relation to the globalist New World Order schemes. You immediately understood the shocking irresponsibility of Pope Francis in making that unjust, evil pronouncement encouraging many more to endanger their lives by taking those deadly injections produced by military and other anti-human, corrupt, and criminal entities.

Instead of condemning all those who have been doing the right thing in refusing to be injected with the harmful jabs, Francis should have condemned the entire fake experimental “vaccine” program and called for all those who produced and mandated them to finally be held accountable for what they did.

We published an article on an exclusive LifeSiteNews-promoted new movie, Epidemic of Fraud, exposing the massive COVID corruption and everything related to it as well. A reader recently wrote in response to our promotion of the film stating, “Seriously… I’m sick of hearing about this YET never seeing anyone prosecuted… Time to move on… the only good that came out of it is that NOW AMERICANS WILL NOT COMPLY the next time and we will fight back against the tyranny which is now so obvious.”

This is an edited version of my response:

I am sorry but you are wrong. There are still very many who have not yet faced reality on this. That is because they totally complied with all that was demanded, and they made life miserable for those who did not comply. To admit the truth, they would have to indict their own personal behaviour and they are unwilling to endure what they see as personal humiliation. Their pride is in the way.

If they advocate punishment for leaders who forced the mandates on all of us, they seem to feel that they would also be indicting themselves, and they therefore find it too difficult to demand accountability.

They have become part of something similar to what happened during and after the Nazi Germany phenomenon. Many Germans did not do what they should have done because it would have involved indicting themselves for their terrible behaviour or negligence towards others, including close family members, neighbors, and fellow workers. They exploited fear in order to experience power and control over others.

A huge amount of wrong judgments, ridicule, accusations and condemnations took place during the lockdowns and mandates. It was a historic social nightmare that needs to be condemned and never forgotten, like, but of course very different from, the Jewish Holocaust.

Millions unnecessarily died and we could say were even murdered as a result of COVID policies. We now know that many of those who most viciously enforced those mandates knew that they could and did kill vulnerable persons. Healthcare whistleblowers, among others, revealed this, some of them sobbing constantly while telling their stories of the cold-blooded decisions of hospital chiefs and doctors who ordered protocols certain to kill certain patients or withheld safe and effective medications that would have saved lives.

The doctors, hospitals, health institutions – and who knows who else – were all bribed with unusually high government incentive payments to do this. Those payments totalled to hundreds of millions of dollars. Huge rewards were reaped for doing this medical killing. None of this is exaggeration.

The latest estimate is that, worldwide, a minimum of 17 million died from the jabs alone, with millions more having been killed from deadly treatment protocols or denial of safe, effective, and inexpensive, known, proven medications that were criminally prohibited. Most of those victims could otherwise have been saved.

It takes substantial humility and repentance to properly respond to what was wrongly done during that time that revealed the dark side of numerous citizens’ personalities that would otherwise have never been seen because of COVID enabling a personal disposition to become tyrants and even criminals.

Those with significant Christian faith, and other heroic, principled persons with strong consciences, were able to properly deal with that challenge. For many others it was too difficult to resist, and many of them WILL AGAIN become tyrants or criminals during another pandemic or similar government-facilitated and incentivized opportunity to ridicule, shame, condemn, and kill. Power is addictive, especially when one has experienced it to the  extraordinary degree that it was experienced during the mandates.

Numerous health care workers, who knew the truth about the harms of health dept. and government COVID policies and the injections, did not speak up and try to do something to protect patients because they were too afraid of losing their jobs, a grant, a promotion, the ability to travel, or something else, were like the persons portrayed in the short movie, ‘Sing a little louder.’ Their negligence was not necessarily criminal, but it was wrong and very harmful because their silence made it far more difficult for those who did speak up, took action, and saved many lives.

We must therefore persevere in making it clear how evil all that took place then really was. We must continue trying to get to the point where at least some of the worst and most criminal leadership in COVID-related military, government health, pharmaceutical, science, and certain political positions will finally be held accountable for the evil they did during COVID.

After WWII, there were ongoing efforts for decades to find, charge and convict Nazis most responsible for the deaths of 6 million persons in Nazi prison camps. COVID policies killed far more than that and we have a strong duty to hold to account the criminals who knowingly imposed policies that caused all those deaths which are still occurring to this day. We must treat those top leaders as though they were murderers – because they were. Some should be charged with negligent homicide, others with manslaughter, others with criminal abuse of authority.

As for all the others, we must forgive and forget, but their lesson will be what will hopefully one day be done to the leaders.

For the sake of justice and preventing further millions of deaths we MUST persevere in this effort – even if takes decades. Dr. Anthony Fauci is an example of one who deserves the highest charges and penalty, but there are many more – in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and elsewhere that must be held to account for the sake of justice and defense of human life.

The above response should give you only one of many reasons why LifeSiteNews is still greatly needed and why we must continue to boldly continue to tell the truth to save lives and save souls.

We are entirely dependent upon you, our readers, to do this.

Please help us to help you and help the world with our unique news and information.

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For life, faith, family, and freedom,

Steve Jalsevac

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