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(LifeSiteNews) – Today is Day 8 of our Fall Campaign. There has been a slight improvement in total donations since Monday’s note about our extensive COVID-related reporting and the incredibly positive impact it has had over the past two years. As we enter the second week of our campaign today, we are hoping and praying for a big boost in much-needed donations toward our $500,000 minimum goal for this quarter.

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We once again have a lot of very important news for you today that will not be in any mainstream news sources. These articles, from just one day of our reporting, are so crucial that the entire world would benefit from reading them. That emphasizes how essential it is for everyone to subscribe to LifeSite for their news.

More on COVID again today, but with a large twist. John-Henry interviews Marc Morano, a pro-freedom activist and author who recently published The Great Reset: Global Elites and the Permanent Lockdown. Please watch this interview! President Biden and Canada’s Trudeau have been announcing the removal of COVID restrictions which would seem to finally give us all hugely needed relief. However, the LifeSite staff and many others in the know don’t trust these two mad, hard-core tyrant globalists.

Morano explains why there will be a bait and switch of “COVID lockdowns” for permanent and even worse “climate lockdowns.” I know, it sounds crazy, but not after you have listened to Morano who has been running the reliable Climate Depot website. Sorry, but we believe this should be taken very seriously. Trillions are at stake in the global New World Order scheme. They are not just going to drop it because most people now realize the pandemic is over – if it ever really existed to the degree they claimed it did.

Reinforcing the above is another article today on the fake, contrived climate agenda in which Greenpeace co-founder Patrick Moore says leftists have “hijacked” the group to work with globalists to push a modern doomsday theory designed to gain, once again, as with COVID – global “political power and control.”

And, we report Biden’s “Inflation Reduction Act” is designed to control wealth under the guise of “climate change.” Yup. This is still the Great Reset in action.

We also reported yesterday that Biden has signed a transhumanist executive order with alarming implications that few yet understand. The World Economic Forum’s homosexual, “married,” Yuval Harari, is quoted in our article explaining this. Harari has proclaimed that humans must “change the way we live in order to reduce” alleged “climate change.” We have to take Biden, and then this chief scientific advisor to Klaus Schwab seriously because they both have the weight behind them of all the multi-billionaires and multi-national corporations committed to the WEF’s global anti-human, anti-God schemes. Remember, Yuval ridicules God, saying, he is “a big man in the sky who gets angry when two men love one another.”

Our now good friend and former trusted Trump COVID scientific adviser, Dr. Paul Alexander, demands that Biden should lift the public health emergency if he really thinks the pandemic is “over” as he has just stated. Perhaps, as noted above, Biden, and Trudeau, have another national emergency that they are going to pull out of a hat so that their control over all that we do can be extended. And keep in mind, whatever the US does, often affects the entire world.

We have a report today on yet another blockbuster interview with Dr. Paul Alexander that we highly recommend you listen to or at least read the article text. Among many other things, Alexander makes a strong case that the Covid mRNA jabs are truly a “biological weapon.”

A heroic, persistent, and principled Maine father has won a case against a school board that blacklisted him for exposing the existence of obscene LGBT books in the school library. The school board was ordered to pay father $40k. Yes!

Despite Mitch McConnell refusing to provide party support for Trump-backed Blake Masters in his campaign against the Democrat rival in Arizona’s hugely important Senate race, Masters still has a good chance of winning. Just a little help from the party will clinch it for Masters. These mid-terms are said to be the most important in U.S. history. Yet Republicans are engaged in petty politics, while the fate of the US and the world hangs in the balance from this election.

More on the election – Biden admin suppresses FOIA request on “voting rights” executive order. This is a very big issue that threatens another corrupt election that could be a disaster for the United States.

On the international Catholic Church and freedom-related scene, freedom activist and LifeSite gala MC Jason Jones writes that Catholics must defend Cardinal  Zen by calling on our leaders to break with Communist China. The 90-year-old retired Bishop of Hong Kong will soon face trial under the Chinese Communist Party’s “National Security Law” for standing in radical solidarity with the vulnerable. Why is hardly anyone, above all Pope Francis, not defending this great man?

We must all praise pro-life German Bishop Voderholzer who has uniquely called on society to view abortion from the “victim’s perspective.”

There is a lot more today, but we hope this list of articles and their significance will encourage you to read them and to also make a much-needed donation to the work that the LifeSite team does for all of you every day. We would be extremely grateful for that.

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