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Dear LifeSiteNews readers,

This is day two of our fall campaign. We have half a million dollars to raise to meet our campaign goal to keep this life-saving news service going.

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Some friends who are regular LifeSiteNews readers mentioned to my wife yesterday that they don’t understand how I can endure reporting on all that we publish day after day. They often find it unbearable themselves just to read the day’s news whereas myself and our staff endure it all day, every day, year-round. And we see far more than what you read on LifeSiteNews. We are not physically able to report as much as we want to.

Well, we see things differently. There is actually more good news in our reporting than most imagine. Our reports do a lot of good and wake up many to the reality of current trends. If that were not being done, resistance would be much weaker, informed decisions would be fewer and too many of you would be victims of ignorance. We actually generate hope, although it is not always apparent that we do that.

Also, we are constantly reporting the actions and examples of heroes who inspire many, such as Canadian Freedom Convoy hero Tamara Lich; the heroic Catholic Cardinal Gerhard Muller; radio host Patrick Madrid, who convinced a woman not to abort her baby, and the amazing Jordan Peterson, who has seemingly come out of nowhere in recent years and is now positively influencing millions on many current issues. It gives us tremendous encouragement to report on these people. You would often never know who they are, or exactly what they are doing now, if we did not report on them.

The premier of Canada’s province of Saskatchewan’s policy preventing LGBT ideologues from usurping parental rights is a wonderful example to political leaders everywhere. He and others who are doing the same need your encouragement and support. We help to ensure that happens. We enjoy doing this.

It is very important that you know that a Minnesota congressman has introduced a bill to ban central bank digital currencies. Hopefully, this inspires you to contact your own congressman, local councillor, member of parliament or premier to do likewise. You must know that the DeSantis administration is warning against the use of new COVID boosters for people under 65. None of the regular media will tell you that and, in fact, they are saying the exact opposite, which is a potential serious threat to your health. You now know what you should do in response to this latest COVID jab propaganda. Resist! We are saving lives.

We also network with many other heroic culture changers and organizations and present you with selected, extra-important and useful reprints from their websites.

There is a constantly growing army of resisters and warriors for the truth that we bring to your attention every day.

There are also a lot of what might be called bad news stories that we report every day. But those stories can also be seen in a positive light. That is, if we did not write about and expose these developments, there would be little awareness of and resistance to them. You would be caught totally off-guard and would be unable to take necessary action to protect yourself and your family, even if it is just by contacting and influencing your elected leaders.

I could go through the list of those many stories from yesterday and today, but this note is long enough already. Those articles are incredibly important. Without our reporting, there would be less and sometimes no resistance on particular issues. All of those stories are a call-to-action for those who can act.

Imagine if we ignored all of the disturbing developments and just told the nice things. Evil must be resisted and right now there is more resistance than we have seen for some time. There is an awakening happening and more organizations and leaders and persons are taking strong, needed actions. We may be on the verge of a positive revolution. It is exciting.

We love our work. It is definitely challenging and at times very difficult and physically and emotionally exhausting, but it is also rewarding. We are doing incredibly meaningful work, and YOU make it possible. Thank you!

So, to keep this truth mission going, we need your donations. LifeSiteNews is completely dependent on them. Please give what you can toward our $500,000 goal for this fall quarterly campaign. We will put your funds to excellent, productive use for the good of mankind.

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Steve Jalsevac

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