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December 19, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) — There has been a massive flood of contradictory and false information being published about the Wuhan virus and the various vaccines that have recently been approved that allegedly prevent infection. And there has been a massive disinformation campaign against several already available, safe, effective, and very inexpensive preventative and “miracle” treatment medications for Wuhan infection.

Thankfully, thousands of ethical physicians, scientists, and others are now actively attempting to counter the flood of lies and extremely flawed narratives related to these issues, including,

– false justifications for a now huge increase again in catastrophic, medically and scientifically unnecessary lockdowns

– intense pressure to accept vaccination with the poorly tested, dangerous and never-before-tried mRNA vaccines

– what may likely be an inevitable, devastating loss of fundamental rights and freedoms for those who refuse to be vaccinated

– partly because it is impossible to give fully informed consent to such vaccination because there is inadequate, trustworthy information about its safety and effectiveness.

This has never before happened in history, especially for a virus that is now known to be less dangerous than the common flu, except for those over 70 with certain health issues. And even that category of persons has a very high recovery rate if they receive proper early treatment.

First off, I would encourage you to review my updated, in-depth, December 10 investigative report on 10 actions Trump must take to save us from impending globalist tyranny. It is a long read, but anyone I have talked to who has made the effort to read the document, view the videos, and investigate the links has expressed immense gratitude for having their eyes opened to many aspects about the virus that they had no idea about and which none of the mainstream media have reported.

Patrick Delaney’s explosive December 17 report, What is the real motivation for attempting to vaccinate millions of healthy people?, has also been updated with some amazing additional videos and information to help readers further explore what might be behind the disturbing, world-changing developments related to the Wuhan virus.

The added excerpt from a Children’s Health Defense video regarding the safety of the COVID-19 and all other vaccines is a goldmine of calmly presented questions and facts that I am sure will be greatly appreciated by most who view it.

Both mine and Delaney’s articles and the video below will really help you to understand why Senator Ted Cruz stated the following about the health tyranny that we have all been subjected to the past several months:

“This is a bizarre, lunatic, totalitarian cult.

It’s not about vaccines or protecting people’s lives—it is instead profoundly anti-science, and is only focused on absolute govt control of every aspect of our lives.”

Following is an especially MUST-VIEW, recent presentation by Robert Kennedy, Jr. of Children’s Health Defense. Kennedy’s Message for Freedom and Hope provides a powerful, motivating overview of the “coup d’etat” by powerful international forces whom Kennedy claims “want to subvert our democracies and want to destroy our sovereignty and our control over our lives and our children’s health.”

He begins with by stating that his message is being presented

…to thousands of citizens, in 15 countries on all the continents in the world, who have come together today to protest this coup d’etat —  by Big Data, by Big Telecom, by Big Tech, by the big oil and chemical companies,  and by this global public health cartel led by Bill Gates and the W.H.O — and now amounts to two trillion dollars and wants to magnify and amplify its wealth and its power over our lives, over our liberties.

Kennedy asks a lot of questions in this video that we may not have thought of, but should all be asking. He stresses the great importance of honest, open debate on the issues of our day and the free flow of information, as opposed to the massive censoring of certain views that we are currently enduring.

He urges everyone to participate in the exchange of information and free debate and tells all of his viewers,

You are on the front lines of the most important battle in history and it is the battle to save democracy, and freedom, and human liberty, and human dignity from this totalitarian cartel that is trying to rob us – simultaneously in every nation in the world — of the rights that every human being is born with.

The founder of Children’s Health Defense ends by announcing that Children’s Health Defense is launching a daily information journal to help to generate that flow of information and debate.

Those are just a few, brief excerpts of statements in the video. I don’t want to post more because it is more important that you watch this great man, who makes it plain that he is willing to give his life for the truth.

Such leadership is a rarity in our great-leader-deprived current world. By watching his presentation, you will most effectively absorb his necessary message to the people of the world. Everyone needs to hear this inspiring oration at this critical time in history.

I must add that LifeSite does not necessarily fully agree with Children’s Health Defense on every issue that they cover, such as climate change and some of their environmental views and possibly more. But on the Wuhan virus, vaccines, and every aspect related to those issues, they have been one of the very best sources of reliable, crucial information to which we should all pay close attention.

And Kennedy and his team obviously deeply care about the harm being experienced by children, the sick, and everyone else from the terrible deeds of the unethical multi-billionaire elites they are exposing. LifeSite has been privileged to be able to publish quite a few articles from this organization for the benefit of our readers.


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