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(LifeSiteNews) — Friday was Day 2 of our Special 25-Day Countdown to Christmas campaign with video Gifts of Gratitude personal messages from many of our staff to you. I am sure you will enjoy this opportunity to see and hear every day from these exceptional members of our team who make LifeSiteNews possible.

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In my LifeSiteNews founder’s speech at our 25th Anniversary Gala in Florida this past August, I stated, “The last few years, the world has gone mad, but you are sane, you are all very sane, and you are in one of the sanest groups that you will ever be in for the next few years.” And I meant that to also refer to all of you who read and view LifeSiteNews publications on a regular basis but could not attend the gala.

What I intended also to add, but forgot to mention, was that you are also among the most well-informed people on the planet regarding the many issues that we cover. I sincerely mean that. Unfortunately, that knowledge often comes with the burden of people often not believing you because they are not exposed to what you are every day from LifeSiteNews and the many incredible, believable professionals and heroes that we quote all the time.

For instance, among Friday’s stories we reported on the astounding 30 straight days of possibly the largest human protests in history that have been taking place in Brazil over what was very likely a corrupt election that resulted in the defeat of pro-life, pro-family and health-mandates-opposed President Jair Bolsonaro. The declared alleged winner in the very close election was socialist, convicted criminal Lula da Silva. Most Brazilians do not believe that he could possibly have legitimately won the election.

Have you heard or read anything about this in any of your regular media? I doubt it, or if you did, they did not show the astounding crowds or the reporting likely lacked objectivity on what was really happening there. The importance of this story is that if the protesters are successful, the anti-life, anti-family and anti-God agenda of the Great Reset globalists will suffer a major defeat from this huge Christian nation for their agenda that we have been extensively reporting on for the past few years.

And speaking of that, we continue to extensively report on COVID-related issues, especially the jab, because they all incredibly central to our life and family issues mission. There is no doubt of this whatever. We now know the “virus” was created in a lab, it was perhaps leaked from the lab, deliberately or not, and allowed to be taken by travelers throughout the world for the purpose of facilitating a global, WHO-coordinated program of historically unprecedented control of the world population via devastating health mandates and lockdowns that in turn have led to ongoing catastrophic results.

We now see that the deaths and serious injuries from the jabs (we refuse to call them vaccines) are steadily increasing at an alarming rate in all nations and regions that have been giving the most COVID injections. There will be more on this in the coming days.

Increasing numbers of leading medical scientists, physicians and other professionals are postulating that this is looking like a global depopulation program, among other things – all tied to the Great Reset New World Order. It will also likely include a forced, one-world religion with the Francis Vatican seeming poised to play a central role. This is in turn looking to be the ultimate anti-life, anti-God movement in all of history with alleged solutions to a deliberately created global economic crisis and fake, man-caused “climate change.”

If you have been consistently reading LifeSiteNews, you know much of the above, or at least you know it is a real possibility. Not because we say it but because of those whom we quote and the enormous amount of evidence that they provide.

Most happily, you also know from our numerous reports that an active, wide resistance is growing due to all the people and organizations that we cover in our reports who are fighting this diabolical movement. The number of such persons and organizations has been growing exponentially to the degree that we can no longer keep up with following and reporting on all of them.

Although so far, most Covid-infected persons and Covid jab recipients do not appear to have experienced serious harm, it is also genuinely possible that you or some of your family members may be alive today or are not suffering grievously because of the information you received from us allowing you to make crucial, informed decisions.

You now know the Covid jabs have been the most dangerous and unnecessary “vaccines” in history – something that too many are still denying regardless of overwhelming evidence, but also due to totalitarian information and rights suppressions and a “mass formation” psyops that most have never experienced. There are six reports here, here, here, here, especially here, here and above all here on these related issues from just our Friday news reporting.

And there were 11 abortion and other direct life-issues related articles Friday here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here.

But there is also, as usual, much more today on many other critical issues that we regularly cover.

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Steve JalsevacCo-founder and

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