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The first news item I must mention is the horribly wrong SWAT team raid by 25 to 30 FBI agents who arrived in 15 vehicles, with guns drawn, and swarmed the home of a known Catholic pro-life speaker and his young family at around 7:05 a.m. Friday morning. This is one of the more abusive and ridiculous of these FBI SWAT raids that have been increasing during the past several months. All those agents should feel like absolute fools for having done this to that family.

Ryan-Marie Houck told us today that her husband Mark Houck, who was the target of the massive raid, is the founder and president of The King’s Men, which promotes healing for victims of pornography addiction and promotes Christian virtues among men in the United States and Europe. Huh? All that thunder and scary power assembled early this morning to arrest a good, Christian family man resulting in all their children being terrified and screaming and now needing counseling?

Dear friends, this is the latest sign that there is raw evil in the highest levels of power in the United States, abusing and exploiting all the federal agencies to terrify America’s best citizens who happen to simply disagree with Democrat government policies. This cannot be allowed to continue.

Many FBI, CIA, NSA, Homeland Security and other law enforcement and intelligence agents, other civil servants and military personnel – who still have a conscience, and we should assume most do – have to be encouraged to NEVER participate in any way in these on-going, unconstitutional, criminal actions against the people.

We don’t just need them to not obey these unjust orders: we need them to actively help us save the United States from those who are obviously committed to destroying it from within.

This incident shows the importance of LifeSite in spades.

Who else is going to report on this crazy, scary action today? Not the controlled mainstream media who are all frightened to say or print anything against the rogue, out-of-control Biden government. Because of you, LifeSite has the freedom to fully and honestly report on these events. This is only ONE incident of very many that you need us to tell the world about.

Related to the above are more reports today on COVID abuses of the population. One article reports on groups funded by Bill Gates’s obsession with ‘global health,’ which has nothing to do with health at all. We all now know it is instead all about power, money (trillions!), and world depopulation to stop alleged man-caused climate change that allegedly threatens all life on the planet. It is all a mind-boggling fraud.

In her article today, Dr. Meryl Nass strongly emphasizes and explains in detail why there are valid reasons to question why the FDA and CDC are rushing out the latest untested and therefore dangerous and already known to be useless COVID boosters. Why the mad rush to have already ordered many millions of these that cannot do anything good? It’s not about health at all.

That’s why everyone needs to refuse them. The risk is far too great, especially for children who are in no significant danger from COVID.

Because you are LifeSiteNews readers, you understand this. You are genuinely among the most-informed people in the world on COVID and all the other issues we cover. That can be a burden because others will often not believe you because they haven’t seen this information anywhere else and therefore in their minds, it can’t be true. They are mostly mainstream news zombies without realizing it. But at least you know it’s true from the mountain of solid evidence we provide, and you know what to do to protect yourself and your family and what to avoid.

More Catholic Church news today:

German Cardinal Gerhard Müller, past head of the Vatican Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, is becoming increasingly outspoken against the many errors and authoritarianism of Pope Francis. He warns the world today that the “theory of the Pope as autocrat” with alleged unlimited power “contradicts the entire Catholic tradition,” and “is undermining the credibility of the Church!” Good for him!

Now where are all the other cardinals and bishops on this travesty that is affecting the entire world and not just Catholics. The Francis papacy has sadly been openly aligning itself with our worst enemies – the depopulation, anti-God, globalists and their totalitarian New World Order. I am very sorry to have to be so blunt, but it is necessary at this time of great danger for humanity.

Again in Germany, Bishop Franz-Josef Bode, the vice president of the German Bishops Conference and the Synodal Way, announced that he will not resign after accusations were made in an official report that he knowingly promoted abusive priests. What arrogance. But, he would not say this unless he knew that Francis, who has also been negligent about abusive priests and bishops in Argentina, is unlikely to hold him accountable.

It’s now a free-for-all in the Church, and as we also report today, Pope Francis is strengthening his grip over the Church’s bishops, ensuring loyalty to his ideas.

In Canada:

Global abortion extremist and WEF graduate, Justin Trudeau, called abortion a “fundamental tenet of freedom” during a recent UN news conference. But he does not have any regard for the freedom to live belonging to the innocent, living children in their mother’s womb, the freedom of his caucus to say and do what they want on this issue, and even the freedom of citizens to fully express their opposition to abortion on the Internet, and to offer help and full information to pregnant women at crisis pregnancy centers.

Trudeau must also be delighted that a Canadian judge has today delayed a decision on the status of a major lawsuit, backed by a massive volume of documentary evidence and expert testimonies, against Trudeau’s COVID travel mandate. This case needs to be decided now in order to prevent the government from again forcing devastating and medically and scientifically unsupportable lockdowns and other “health” mandates on Canada’s citizens.

There is rightful deep concern that this will happen unless the case is quickly heard and decided. The judge appears to have gotten cold feet having been confronted by overwhelming evidence that the outcome of the case must logically and legally be decided against the government. This case has international significance because of the enormous amount of useful evidence submitted and the legal precedent it would establish. It can be used by citizens in other nations to defend themselves from their own governments’ Covid tyranny.

Maxime Bernier stresses the importance of pushing forward with these lawsuits against Trudeau’s obviously unconstitutional vax mandates. Bernier stated, “I don’t trust the Liberal government for a minute.” Neither should anyone else.

An unusually good news story is related to COVID tyranny in Canada. An Alberta gov’t minister who was pro-lockdown has astonishingly admitted that the province’s COVID restrictions were all about “political control and power” and went so far as to express “thanks to all those citizens, freedom convoys, who had the courage to mobilize against these tyrannical policies.”

When have we ever heard that strong an apology from a government minister in any nation over what was done to citizens as a result of unjust government COVID policies?

Please send a note of thanks and gratitude to Alberta’s minister of labour and immigration Kaycee Madu. What he did took courage and humility, and he has shown an example that many other government leaders should follow, especially considering what is now known about the great harm caused by these policies that did almost nothing to mitigate the COVID threat and made it far worse.

There you have another short preview of just a few of many more similarly significant news reports on LifeSite today that your donations make possible – and which would not be reported to you without that financial support.

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