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In addition to three more inspiring Christmas reflections from LifeSiteNews team members, there is more today on the Francis same-sex blessings declaration. There is a historic winnowing of the wheat from the chaff that is occurring among the clergy that I have never seen in my lifetime. The Francis/Fernandez document seems to have awakened the sleeping Church. Good!

Jack Maxey, Father Charles Murr and Liz Yore join John-Henry Westen in a lively episode of Faith & Reason on the above issue. This group of outspoken individuals always give it to you straight but with charity, faith and good hearts. This is our most appreciated regular video program.

Africa’s leading cardinal wants a continent-wide joint response by all the bishops’ conferences to the issue. That could be good or could be bad, with interference from Rome in the document, although it is tending to good. We shall see.

Strongly pro-life Emeritus Archbishop Charles Chaput has issued a delightfully common-sense, unique response. He writes, “Deliberate or persistent ambiguity — anything that fuels misunderstanding or seems to leave an opening for objectively sinful behaviour — is not of God.”

The Cameroon bishops have written perhaps the strongest dissent yet to the document. Bravo!

There are two fascinating articles revealing the astonishing lack of provable justification for the horribly burdensome Covid policies imposed in two Canadian provinces during the height of the Covid alleged “pandemic.” They are fascinating reading.

I strongly suggest these articles reflect what also happened in every other Canadian provinces and almost all U.S. states during that contrived medical panic. Every province and state should have such an INDEPENDENT audit and required remedial action.

The article on the New Brunswick Auditor General’s audit reports that provincial health officials could not give ANY evidence-based documentation to support their oppressive 33 COVID-related decisions. Considering how those decisions impacted the lives of everyone in the province, including many deaths, bankruptcies, suicides, loss of jobs, education, urgently needed other healthcare and so on, how could that possibly have happened?

The province’s health department has now pledged only to keep “enhanced record keeping” after having unnecessarily upended all citizen’s lives and destroyed many. In Alberta, similar investigations at least led the Danielle Smith provincial government to fire health officials who were in charge at the time.  The Alberta premier, alone among all of Canada’s premiers, is looking to pass a new law that would hold politicians accountable in times of a health crisis by putting sole decision-making on them for health matters instead of unelected medical officers.

In the second article, Smith provides more details and shames all the other premiers, especially Ontario’s Progressive “Conservative” Doug Ford, premier of Canada’s largest province, who was a cowardly, mindless Trudeau drone during the entire debacle. It does seem that follow-the-money would provide the answer to that shameful response.

Also in Canada, Peterborough MP Michelle Ferreri’s formal federal petition demanding a vote of no confidence and election call against Trudeau and his Liberal government has gained a total of 371,169 signatures so far from Canadians across the nation and is still growing. That is giving Canadians hope that they can finally be rid of the man and his Canada-destroying Liberal Party. Canadians, be sure to sign all members of your family if you have not yet done so.

We have a fascinating article for you today on Tucker Carlson’s discussion with Tim Pool in which he shares his belief that the non-human beings the U.S. government has reportedly encountered are “not aliens” but are “spiritual,” probably demonic, in nature. That is what many of us have also thought. Elon Musk has also stated that he does not believe in aliens.

There is much more of great interest in today’s news, but this is already long enough. I must also mention, though, that yesterday I was at a Christmas luncheon party at which there were three faithful Catholic nuns. They astonishingly mentioned their order has two sisters in the heart of Gaza who are in great danger from all the Israeli shelling and bombing and need your prayers. They are in communication with the sisters every day.

The nuns confirmed that the murder of two women inside a church by Israeli snipers, which we reported on Dec. 16, did indeed happen as we reported. They also confirmed that eight others were shot but not killed by the same snipers and that Israeli tank shelling did make uninhabitable a Catholic convent there that was caring for 54 disabled persons.

Numerous readers condemned our article. They accused us of all kinds of false things, intensely disputed in the comments that any of this happened, that the Cardinal was untrustworthy and lying, that the Israelis would ever do such a thing, and that there are any operating Catholic facilities, churches or religious in Gaza because Hamas would never allow it.

They claimed it had to have been Hamas snipers who killed the two women. Well, now you have the truth from the horse’s mouth – two sisters who are living right there amongst all the carnage and the facilities involved. The accusations are all false. We will be reporting much more from them in the New Year.

Just today, I came across a new report that presents several Israeli news articles as evidence for the claims we have briefly referred to about significant deaths of Israeli citizens having occurred on Oct. 7 from Israeli friendly fire. We were open to believing these things because of past reports of Netanyahu government policies very harmful to its Jewish citizens. For instance, Netanyahu implemented the world’s worst Covid policies in a total-nation experimental campaign with the criminal Pfizer corporation that ended up harming a large number of its own citizens, some of whom despondently pleaded to us in comments.

Another segment from the same above new source addresses the issue of mass rapes by Hamas terrorists on Oct. 7. This is real journalism. That is, claims are not immediately taken at face value, investigation is undertaken to validate their credibility, and then, and only then, is a report written. We are no longer used to such journalism because few journalists are permitted to do that anymore and are instead required to affirm the provided narrative – or else. By the way, they also reveal that the official Israeli total of Israelis killed during Oct. 7 has gone down to 1,000. It keeps going down as investigations continue.

That mention of friendly fire deaths in a LifeSiteNews article also received a flood of comments of intense disbelief and condemnations. Still, we have previously heard about this and questioning of mass, rapes, decapitated babies and a baby found in an oven from several of our normally very reliable, objective sources such as Douglas MacGregor, former, very experienced British diplomat Alistair Crooke, Professor John J. Mearsheimer, Tucker Carlson, and many more. The current admission is that only one baby was found dead, probably the result of Israeli crossfire.

The above video reports are not the same as relying upon the good sisters present in Gaza, but the evidence in them does raise serious questions, as real journalists always should. Too many don’t want us to be real journalists and demand that we take a firm side, no matter what we find. Take a look at how Israel admits to an “immense” amount of “friendly fire” on 7 October.

Please keep in mind that we and all the sources we rely upon have consistently, contrary to the critics’ claims, condemned the horrible violence of Oct. 7, do not support Hamas, accept Israel’s right to exist and defend itself and to try to destroy the Hamas terrorists, do not rely on Hamas or any other propaganda, are very concerned for BOTH innocent Israelis and Palestinians, and above all want to see an end to all the suffering and killing, as Trump has said many times.

We naturally also want to see all the Israeli hostages returned, but there are strong indications the greatest danger they face is from the IDF bombings and shooting rather than from their captors. They are too valuable to Hamas for one thing. Three Israeli hostages were strangely killed by IDF troops while clearly waving a white flag as a message to their soldiers. Others have probably not survived the massive, often indiscriminate bombing with unguided IDF “dumb” bombs, or could not get the medical attention they needed because of the destruction of all the hospitals and the total blockading of electricity, fuel, food and medical supplies.

We oppose all atrocities, no matter which side does them, but refuse to claim that only Hamas commits atrocities when the evidence is otherwise. We are pro-life – all life.

LifeSiteNews also wants to help prevent a far bigger war from developing which currently seems frighteningly almost inevitable. Israel is sadly in great danger from several now allied and rapidly preparing Middle-Eastern powers. That is the result of the intensity of Netanyahu’s reaction to Oct. 7, total unwillingness to negotiate and the extreme pressure the leaders of those nations are getting from their citizens to take action.

Colonel MacGregor and several others constantly warn all those Muslim nation leaders absolutely do not want to go to war but are vastly better armed now, with powerful, highly sophisticated, even hypersonic missiles, than during past conflicts with the small, but militarily powerful Jewish nation which for us is the precious Holy Land.

Reports from our non-Hamas sources are that Israel is in trouble in Gaza, hugely underestimated Hamas and has lost far more soldiers, in the thousands, than it is admitting to its people. That is really concerning.

Netanyahu is attempting to draw the US into joining it in attacking Iran which could be catastrophic for both Israel and the US troops and aircraft carriers in the region, and even for the United States with many terrorists there now because of the Biden open borders policy and they are allegedly waiting for orders if Iran is attacked.

LifeSiteNews of course doesn’t have any solutions to this incredibly complicated quagmire but, as real, objective journalists, we must report the truth at all times, no matter how uncomfortable that may be to some, including ourselves.

We heavily research our articles and consult with many more sources than you can imagine. I spend most of my long days, every day, doing just that, as do our other journalists. John-Henry Westen, Patrick Delaney, me, and especially the incredibly knowledgeable and competent investigative reporter Frank Wright, are our core team of expert researchers and writers on these most difficult topics. There are also others.

I know it can often seem unbelievable, even cruel what we report, but we do not publish what we are not certain of – and it is always done for the love of God and truth. Persons with that commitment do not publish falsehoods.

We have gone through this doubting, criticizing and condemning of our reports at the beginning of covering dramatic new issues many times in the past, but it resolves over time. The cause of the negative reactions, especially on issues where a lot of death and killing is involved, is usually that what we report is not yet in most mainstream media who are reporting the exact opposite or nothing at all. We realize it can seem to be crazy stuff. Also, most of the worst critics do not carefully and thoroughly read through the articles they condemn and do not click on and read the many supportive links that we include in such articles.

Many of the most intense critics are also coming from a past valid perspective that no longer exists or has greatly changed, but they are not yet aware of or have not been able to adapt to the current reality and we understand why. As journalists, we are required to be up-to-date and question.

Out-of-date perspectives were related to similar hostile disbelief regarding all of our Covid, New World Order, World Economic Forum, Great Reset, Ukraine war, Jan. 6, and other similar “conspiracy theory” (CIA-invented phrase) appearing reporting.

As a thoroughly pro-life, Catholic/Christian news service we are committed to trying to save lives, urge peaceful resolution to conflicts and help the public to understand the often enormous, unknown influence of evil, anti-God, anti-life, globalist scheming behind every one of these terrible developments. Too many, even faithful Christians, prefer to deny the reality of evil and the person of evil – Satan or Lucifer. They naively appear to think that the Third Reich and Communist Revolution are things that can never happen again.

We respectfully plead for patience from the critics and urge them to be charitable, and open-minded and let time and further developments prove who is right or wrong. In the meantime, many innocents are tragically dying. That is the hard truth. The constant images from both Israel and Gaza burn the heart. In Gaza, it is overwhelmingly now many thousands of children, women, and older, often sick men.  Someone needs to try to stop this and save all the others.

We understand the need for justice, but killing those innocents is not justice. LifeSiteNews is a mission of deep love and charity rather than judgment. We let others with special competence do the judging that we quote.

God bless you all and the LifeSiteNews team wishes you the peace of Christ and a blessed and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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Steve Jalsevac,
On behalf of John-Henry Westen and the entire, wonderful LifeSiteNews team.

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