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(LifeSiteNews) — Thanks to the research of an Australian lawyer and documentary filmmaker, there is scientific proof captured on video showing that Jesus Christ is truly present in the Holy Eucharist.

Ron Tesoriero came back for another episode of The John-Henry Westen Show to explain how Christ’s Real Presence has been demonstrated in a Eucharistic miracle from Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1996.

Producer of a documentary and book on the Eucharistic miracle, Tesoriero said it took place after a Buenos Aires priest found an abandoned Host in his church, placed the Host in a bowl of water, and locked the bowl inside the tabernacle. Three years after the miracle, in 1999, Tesoriero traveled to Buenos Aires with the late Australian television journalist Mike Willesee to interview witnesses, experts, and capture the Host on film.

A forensic pathologist and heart specialist examining a sample under a microscope said he was looking at “degenerative heart tissue” caused by some sort of trauma three days prior. The significance was unmistakable to a faithful Catholic like Tesoriero.

“Could you imagine what Mike Willesee and I were thinking as he was saying those things?” Tesoriero said. “We were the only two people in the room, and here he is looking down a microscope, giving us a historical lesson on the Passion of Christ.”

Tesoriero told me he believes “the story, the outcome, the facts, and the findings” of the Buenos Aires Eucharistic miracle “will be one of the most significant events in the history of Christianity.”

“It’s a very important finding because it strengthens all that we understand and believe about the Eucharist: that Jesus is present in there, He is alive, and that also that He has suffered,” he said. “But strangely enough, there’s no book of science that can tell us how or why a piece of bread could turn into human flesh and blood. But there is a book written two thousand years ago, the Bible, where Jesus spoke about bread and wine becoming His Flesh and Blood.”

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The documentary filmmaker and author also shared the similarities this Eucharistic miracle has with others around the world. He explained that in each case, the Host is “transformed in the context of a Catholic Mass” and is “heart tissue [from] a heart that suffered.”

Incredibly, when nuclear DNA testing was conducted for the Buenos Aires miracle, the results did not show a “human genetic profile.” Tesoriero explained that this could, though does not definitively, prove that the DNA code may be of someone born without an earthly father.

“If we had got a code, then we could almost certainly say it couldn’t be Jesus’ blood, because we know He didn’t have a father, and God would not be confusing the world … by allowing a father’s identity to show up, which could only come about through a sexual union,” he said. “So whilst it’s a ‘no event,’ it’s an important event in the sense that everything else is showing up that this blood is human, but no code.”

Click here to visit Tesoriero’s official website to learn more about his discoveries of this and other purported miracles. If you missed yesterday’s episode with Tesoriero, click here.

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