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(LifeSiteNews) — The World Economic Forum (WEF) concluded their annual meeting last week at Davos. And, as promised, I’ve brought back LifeSite contributor Frank Wright, who gave us a primer on the Forum last week. But let’s have a little peek inside this gathering of world elites stomping for population control, biometric surveillance of all people, and a type of world domination the tyrants of yesteryear couldn’t even dream of.

Did you know that the Vatican under Pope Francis has had a close (though little-known) relationship with the WEF? Pope Francis has signaled his intimacy with the WEF’s globalist founder Klaus Schwab by sending an address to the WEF four times in his eight-year pontificate and allowing an annual Vatican roundtable at Davos, the WEF’s annual conference site.

Bishop Joseph Strickland of Tyler, Texas, called out the World Economic Forum for its “Godless” agenda and for its failure to respect man’s God-given rights. He said in a recent tweet: “Who elected the WEF? Their agenda is Godless & does not respect our God given rights as human beings. Elected officials who bow to them are betraying the very people who elected them. We need to return to natural law which guides us in the truth.”

The WEF has been pushing for a new world order, and listening to the people that are influential with them gives us a fairly good idea of what their new world order is.

Yuval Noah Harari, the top adviser to the WEF, declared that humans are now hackable and we must get used to it. Have a look at the first 41 seconds of this clip:

And then he said during this 2020 roundtable titled “How to Survive the 21st Century”:

In the coming decades, AI and biotechnology will give us godlike abilities to re-engineer life and even to create completely new life forms.

Harari has in the past declared that the world does not “need the vast majority” of its current population, especially in light of technological advancements. But he isn’t the only one pushing for a global depopulation. Here’s Jane Goodall casually pushing this agenda.

Last week, Frank Wright told us about the prostitutes flocking to Davos and its surrounding areas, driven by the sex demand that accompanies the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting of many of the world’s most powerful men. It should of course come as no surprise to us that despite all of the woke feminist dialogue, the WEF and those that flock to it care little about women and their dignity.

The World Economic Forum was founded in 1971 in Geneva, and we at LifeSite have reported extensively about it. As Frank wrote in this article on LifeSite, “For a forum nominally devoted to it, the World Economic Forum has provided little insight this year into solutions to a mounting economic crisis in Europe. It has furnished us with its own vision of a post-human future, which is happily experiencing technical difficulties due to the “hyper-polarized, hyper-partisan time” in which we now live.”

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The Forum appears to be largely a platform for politicians and other state-level performers to showcase themselves. We heard India Minister for Women and Child Development Smriti Irani proudly proclaim her country’s promotion of abortion on Tuesday during a panel discussion titled “Gender Parity for Economic Recovery.” Listen to her:

Naturally, the panelists never talked about women being happy or fulfilled; rather, the focus was solely on women entering the workforce and increasing the number of women in management positions. We have to “use more women in the labor market,” economist Ilan Goldfajn said. Of course, it is beneficial for corporations to advocate for contraception and abortion, so that women stay in the workforce and keep paying taxes to the government instead of having children and raising them at home.

Join me as I interview Frank Wright for a postmortem on the WEF 2023. If you haven’t watched my first show with Frank, be sure to check it out here. This is The John-Henry Westen Show.

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