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(LifeSiteNews) – A lot can be said about the Olympics, both summer and winter games in general. Are they even worth watching? Are they still about sport? Or are they, as has been increasingly suggested in the past few decades, nothing more than an excuse for governments to go deeper into debt at the expense of their citizens, all the while helping to pad the pockets of large corporations and big media through large advertising contracts?

And, boy, does big media, the likes of NBC and, of course, the state-run Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) love the Olympics. The 2022 Winter Games in Beijing were no exception.

A 2020 report from The Federalist illustrates the large ties U.S corporate media has with the Chinese regime. As stated in the report, “Despite the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) record of oppression, corporate media outlets are parroting the authoritarian government’s propaganda, even in the midst of an outbreak the CCP worsened through a cover-up. Many of those media outlets have financial ties to Chinese companies with intense oversight from the CCP.”

The Federalist report highlights CNN, NBC, ABC, The Washington Post, The New York Times, and Bloomberg as all having ties to or being sympathetic to the CCP.

But the reality is, while the media giants love the fact that they get exclusive rights to broadcast the Games in their home countries, they do so while turning a blind eye to the CCP’s evils as well as their own governments’ abuses of power.

The 2022 Games ratings were “historically terrible,” at least in Canada and the United States.

Take NBC, for example. They paid billions to the International Olympic Committee so that they could have exclusive rights to broadcast the Beijing Olympics and future Games.

The reality? The Opening Ceremonies attracted only 15.7 million viewers for NBC, which is the lowest figure ever. That is a decline of 44 percent compared with the 2018 Winter Games in South Korea.

The CBC has had terrible ratings as well, down 48 percent compared with the 2018 Winter Games in South Korea.

Most western governments and mainstream media have been mostly silent about both Chinese President Xi Jinping’s blatant genocide against the Ugyhur Muslims and the Chinese communist regime’s history of oppressing views of its own citizens.

Also, let’s not forget that, whether on purpose or not, over two years ago China unleashed the COVID-19 virus upon the world. And since the release of the virus, the world has been plunged into what can only be described as a slippery slope toward outright communism.

Of course, however, while pumping up the Beijing Games, you wouldn’t realize that the Chinese Communist regime is actively looking to invade Taiwan or punish its citizens with its draconian social credit system. You can thank mainstream media’s complicity with China for this.

The CBC is a great example of what happens when a government-funded media corporation, governed under a system whose leader admires China’s dictatorship, is given free rein to cover the Olympics.

All one needs to do is scroll through the news sites mentioned above, along with many others, to see glowing and polished coverage of the Beijing Games while never mentioning once the horrors and evils of the Chinese communist regime.

One will notice, whether using social media or streaming services with ads, the constant barrage of ads promoting the Olympics from the CBC. At times, it seems it is non-stop.

A look at the CBC’s site during the 2022 Games, there was not one mention of the evils of China’s government or the fact the Games have been mostly disastrous in terms of viewership ratings.

Canada is the best example of what happens when a leader, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who has publicly stated he is fond of a “basic dictatorship” such as the CCP, is given carte blanche reason to crush his own citizens’ rights.

Last Monday, Trudeau took the unprecedented step of enacting the Emergencies Act that he claimed was needed to deal with the truckers from the Freedom Convoy. Trudeau’s new powers allow the government the power to freeze anyone’s bank accounts associated with the convoy without a court order. And people’s accounts have already been frozen.

The CBC? They act as if Trudeau enacting the Emergencies Act is a good thing.

During a debate in the House of Commons last week, Candice Bergen, who serves as the interim leader for the opposition Conservative Party of Canada, called out Trudeau for enacting the Emergencies Act and his apparent love for China.

“The prime minister calls people he disagrees with racist misogynist. He spent the last month wedging, dividing, stigmatizing, and traumatizing Canadians,” Bergen noted. “I understand the prime minister admires basic dictatorships, but let’s remind the prime minister this is Canada.”

“This is not a dictatorship. The prime minister is actually pouring gasoline on embers. Isn’t it true the prime minister is doing this for one reason, and one reason alone, it’s to save his own political career.”

The good news is, at least, for the most part, many Canadians simply did not care or tuned out the Beijing Games altogether, as can be seen in the rating decline.

But you’ve got to love independent media in Canada as well as in the U.S. It was refreshing to see next to no coverage of the Games on independent media, even when a Canadian won a gold medal. The Games just don’t matter much to many, and they especially aren’t worth anything in independent media coverage, save to criticize them when the country they are being held in the antithesis to what a free society should be.

If there is one good thing that came from the Games being held in China this year, perhaps it helped people to be more aware of the evils of the CCP regime, and on any given day that is a good thing.