Steve Jalsevac


Matt Harding 2012 - his silly dance brings more joy

Steve Jalsevac

Matt Harding has been traveling the world for quite a few years doing his silly dance for the camera. He often gets many of the locals (sometimes in the hundreds) in one nation after another to very willingly join him.

It is amazing that Matt has filmed his dancing in so many out-of-the-way, obscure places and how many people love to dance with him, from full dress natives in Papua New Guinea to North Korean border guards (who don’t do the dance but astonishingly do barely let him do his silly thing beside them).

His latest video, Where the Hell is Matt 2012 is great fun and pure joy to watch, that joy being something Matt realizes the world needs today. The 2012 video has been in the making for the past four years and after you see it you will understand why it took that long.

I love watching Matt’s videos which are a greatly appreciated uplift from the daily grind. More importantly, they convey a message of hope about the inherent goodness that is in people of all nations and cultures. Take a look yourself and also check out the 2012 Outtakes video.


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