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PROVINCETOWN, Massachusetts (LifeSiteNews) – The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) spawned panic this week when it revealed that during the first half of July there had been a large spike in COVID-19 cases emanating from a quaint seaside tourist destination, where 74% of the infected were fully vaccinated persons.

Why did an outbreak occur in this little village at the tip of Cape Cod and not in any of the thousands of other resorts lining the coasts of the U.S. or in any other party venue, urban or rural?

What the CDC fails to mention in its reporting, and what the mainstream media want you to overlook, is how different Provincetown is from most every other beach community.

Provincetown is America’s summer LGBT vacation mecca, and during the two-week period spanning from July 3 to July 17 when cases spiked, tens of thousands of gay men had jammed the resort.

The CDC, national news media, and the White House are all ignoring the obvious in order to trigger a new mask mandate and other stringent lockdown measures: This isn’t about insufficient masking or lockdowns. It’s about what happens when thousands of men converge to engage in casual sodomy.


Those who came down with COVID-19 reported “attending densely packed indoor and outdoor events at venues that included bars, restaurants, guest houses, and rental homes,” noted the CDC report, which stops far short of questioning the role that casual, often anonymous sex between males or groups of males might have played in transmitting the dreaded virus.

NOTE: Which is more likely to facilitate the transmission of COVID-19: Maskless people crowded together for the Fourth of July – or thousands of homosexual encounters with strangers and acquaintances?  

At the conclusion to its alarming report, the CDC hints at, but never gets around to telling the truth: “Demographics of cases likely reflect those of attendees at the public gatherings, as events were marketed to adult male participants; further study is underway to identify other population characteristics among cases, such as additional demographic characteristics and underlying health conditions including immunocompromising conditions.”

NOTE: The CDC assiduously avoided using the terms homosexual, gay, or men who have sex with men, and instead employed ambiguous terminology, ignoring the obvious. Why? 

The White House

“The most important takeaway … is actually pretty simple. We need more people to get vaccinated,” declared White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre following the CDC’s report.

NOTE: Here’s a simpler takeaway for the Biden Administration: Large public gatherings where sexual abandon is practiced should be discouraged.

The Washington Post

“What this tells us is we need much more context and better data to guide whether and when vaccinated people should wear masks, because following CDC’s new guidance wouldn’t have stopped this outbreak from occurring,” Jennifer Nuzzo, an epidemiologist with the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, told The Washington Post.

NOTE: Ms. Nuzzo is half correct: “CDC’s new guidance wouldn’t have stopped this outbreak from occurring” because it does not advise adult males to avoid sexual encounters where an exchange of bodily fluids and exposure to fecal matter is involved.  

That is the “context” you claim to be missing, Ms. Nuzzo.

“There’s no one person or spot to blame here,” said Daniel Park, group leader for viral computational genomics at the Broad Institute, according to the Post.

NOTE: Of the tens or hundreds of thousands of Fourth of July celebrations around the country, and thousands of resort areas along U.S. shorelines and in our mountains, there was only one ground zero for a July COVID-19 outbreak: Provincetown.  


“Doing away with mask requirements was a ‘mistake’ in the first place,” said Debbie Nadolney, director and curator at the AMP Gallery in Provincetown, “and she hopes other parts of the country learn from the town’s experience and require masks in addition to pushing for more vaccinations.”

NOTE: Maybe putting aside sexual inhibitions, not masks, was the real culprit. 

Ms. Nadolney was exactly right when she observed, “Provincetown is such a little place but obviously we’ve been a petri dish for the country.” Hopefully not in the same way that Wuhan, China, was a petri dish for the world.    

“If you’re planning to travel and you’re not vaccinated, please, please don’t come to Provincetown,” said Ken Horgan, a Provincetown hotel owner.  “We really take our health seriously and for our local businesses to survive, we need to stay operational. And to stay operational, we need to stay healthy.”

NOTE: Running an establishment where sodomy is a regular occurrence doesn’t exactly reflect seriousness about health.  

The New York Times

The Times described Provincetown as “a quirky beach community at the tip of Cape Cod,” a community of “health-conscious, left-leaning Northeasterners, known as a vacation mecca for gay men,” with “one of the highest vaccination rates in the country, upward of 95 percent among permanent residents.”

NOTE: “Gay” is a euphemism, shielding a darker truth that has been successfully obscured: The “left-leaning Northeasterners” who gravitate to Provincetown are men who engage in sodomy.  

“On the weekend of July 4 … Around 60,000 people had jammed into a narrow spit of land, where many congregated, maskless, on sweaty dance floors and at house parties,” continued the Times report.

NOTE: The Times omits activities other than “dancing” and “congregating” which might have led to the transmission of COVID-19: Common practices such as oral and anal sex, and much more that cannot be described on the pages of LifeSite.

The role of daily sex drug PrEP in vaccine efficacy and other questions

The CDC is afraid to identify the “demographic characteristics” of the “adult male participants” who packed Provincetown in early July. Rather than immediately recommending curtailing non-monogamous sexual activity to this small segment of the population, the CDC has quickly diverted the nation’s attention to masking, posturing the organization for the re-weaponization of face mask mandates against the entire American population.

Mainstream media outlets express no curiosity about the CDC’s omission, nor do they address the peculiarity of what goes on in Provincetown.

The Provincetown outbreak raises some obvious questions:

  • The CDC report overlooks the role that sexual contact may have played. Is it true that non-conjugal sexual contact will not transmit COVID-19? Is standing a few feet away from someone in a public place while not wearing a mask far more dangerous than engaging in sodomy?
  • Do drugs such as PrEP, which many active homosexuals take daily in order to ward off HIV/AIDS while continuing to have sex with multiple partners, inhibit the efficacy of the experimental COVID “vaccination”?
  • July 10 through 17 was the largest “Bear” event in the world, with “Ptown overrun by hair, leather, and large men.” Does obesity or some other commonality diminish the efficacy of the COVID “vaccination”?
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