John Jalsevac


Meet the remarkable baby born at 26 weeks who helped pass Texas’ pro-life law, and beat Wendy Davis

John Jalsevac

This is John Mark McCord. He is remarkable for at least two reasons: 1) He was born extremely prematurely at 26 weeks, and after spending over 100 days in the hospital, survived against incredibly slim odds, and, 2) He can claim at least part of the responsibility for the passage of Texas SB2, the law that bans abortion after 20 weeks, and imposes a variety of stringent safety regulations on abortion clinics - a law that has forced numerous abortion clinics in the state to shut down.

Even as Sen. Wendy Davis was capturing national media attention by filibustering in favor of late-term abortions, John Mark lay fighting for his life across the street from the Texas Capitol at Brackenridge Hospital. And unknown to him, he was about to help save the lives of countless other babies like himself - babies whom some claim are merely "blobs of tissue," that can be killed in their mother's wombs at will. 

How would John Mark do this? 

John Mark's mom, Mia Garza McCord, is the Chief of Staff for Republican Sen. Kelly Hancock. During the debate on SB2, Mia's boss, Sen. Hancock, took to the Senate floor and shared John Mark's story, explaining how John Mark's life is as valuable as anybody else's, and that he should have the right to live, like any other human being. Mia was present for those arguments, and in this new video describes how heart-rending it felt to hear pro-abortion activists cheering for the right to abort babies the same age as her beautiful son.

It's an incredible story, and one that powerfully highlights the absurd dichotomy at the heart of legal abortion - that we allow physicians to kill babies who are the exact same age as babies we spend millions of dollars to save in NICUs across the country. 

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