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January 25, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) – Throughout these “corona-times,” health secretaries, or their various international equivalents, have fast become some of the most prominent figures in our lives, more closely resembling ancient dictators than government members.

New astonishing powers wielded by health ministers in countries across the globe have gone hand-in-hand with massive restrictions on civil liberties, supposedly in the name of safeguarding public health. 

Lockdowns, mask mandates, mandatory quarantining, and repeated testing are performed due to the, seemingly ever-changing, “science” dictated by health secretaries.

As an Englishman, I and many other lockdown skeptics have often posed the question: is the U.K. Health Secretary out of control? 

Since the very beginning of the first lockdown in the spring of 2020, Matthew Hancock the U.K. Health Secretary has emerged very clearly as “the man in charge.” 

More and more evidence has emerged about the fruitlessness and ineffectiveness of lockdowns, yet Hancock is reliably the first person to raise the chorus of “more lockdowns!”

Despite this, many in the country cling to his words, giving in to fear for their lives, following his every mandate, and helplessly trusting that the health secretary is truly looking after their health.

How is it possible that a man with such a single-minded response to a problem can keep applying the same faulty logic, and yet get away with it? As the much loved and repeated phrase goes, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

In an interview given last week, Hancock appeared to offer some explanation for the way in which the country has been repeatedly plunged in lockdowns, without anyone questioning him as to why his failed strategy was being used yet again.

Responding to a question on when the (third) ongoing national lockdown would end, Hancock answered: “Well it’s impossible to know, and we’ll keep the restrictions in place not a moment longer than they’re necessary, but we will keep them in place as long as they’re necessary.”

His interviewer raised the date of March 8, as a potential independence day from some of the restrictions, to which Hancock answered abruptly: “Well, I haven’t put a timescale on it.” 

“But some of your colleagues have,” interjected the presenter, as the awkwardness of the moment began to sink in.

“Well great, but, er, I’m the health secretary.”

Could it be that Hancock is drunk on power? Has his own friendship with billionaire vaccine and population control advocate Bill Gates gone to his head and made him feel invincible? Has he no need to heed his own advice, regarding the use of masks or “anti-social” distancing?

Or is the case actually that Hancock’s words and actions are just one example of the manner in which a radical political and societal revolution – The Great Reset – is being ushered in by health secretaries around the world? Is he one of the chief puppets, whose authority is being used as cover, in order to bring about unimaginable societal upheaval, all in the name of health? Hancock has, after all, been a prominent supporter of the Great Reset for many years.

Indeed, in almost every country around the world where more restrictive non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs) such as lockdowns, (which studies have shown have no significant impact on reducing the spread of COVID), one will find a health minister, adviser, or advisory body advocating policies and procedures which have nothing to do with the preservation of health, and everything to do with the rapid implementation of the totalitarian social order, envisaged under the Great Reset

Take for example, Hancock’s counterpart in New South Wales, Brad Hazzard, who made an interesting slip up in one of his recent press conferences: “that’s just the way it is. We’ve got to accept that this is the New World Order.” 

So, is it actually the New World Order which Hancock and Hazzard are focused on?

Take also, America’s own Dr. Anthony Fauci, who despite his comments earlier last year, is now saying that masks could well be required into 2022, despite the arrival of the much anticipated, abortion-tainted vaccines. His own dark predictions suggested that “If you’re talking about getting back to a degree of normality which resembles where we were prior to COVID, it’s going to be well into 2021, maybe even towards the end of 2021.”

In fact, the American Institute for Economic Research has argued that Fauci will be a key ally for Joe Biden “to continue lockdowns as long as possible,” and in establishing the Great Reset. Biden has just made Fauci his Chief Medical Adviser, as the politician promises to enforce masks and lockdown the country.

How else is it that a man like Hancock, whose background is in computing, banking, and finance, is now overseeing the most drastic measures, supposedly in the name of fighting a health crisis? Like a metropolitan Moses, Hancock appears to lead his people through the desert of COVID-19, except that instead of tablets of stone, Hancock wields promises of vaccines, and leads his followers in worship of the National Health Service (NHS) instead of God.

How else is it that this man, and those like him, have come to wield so much power, so quickly and so easily, charged with promoting the health of the nation, whilst effecting the exact opposite? 

It seems that the days of a health minister actually being primarily concerned with health are now a distant memory. In the face of ever growing and increasingly convincing evidence that the various, draconian measures don’t work, Hancock and co. will almost certainly find a way to ignore it. 

In the increasingly dystopian reality which is rapidly being established before our eyes, there seems to be a perverse, twisted form of logic, whereby it is through the order of health secretaries, medical officers, chief medical advisers and the like, that health is actually undermined. 

And so allow me to present a brief run through of Hancock’s finest moments whilst defending the nation’s health thus far:

Churches – closed, for health reasons.

Visiting family and friends – forbidden, for health reasons.

Businesses – forced shut, for health reasons.

Unemployment rates – rising, due to health precautions.

Suicides and depression rates rising, due to isolation – accepted, for health reasons. 

Exercising – only narrowly permitted, but gyms, swimming pools, etc. are closed, for health reasons.

Hospital and doctor appointments – cancelled, for health reasons. In fact, so persuasive was the government propaganda of “Stay Home, Protect the NHS, Save Lives,” that already in April, the NHS had to urge people to have health issues attended to, as Accident & Emergency admissions nearly halved, and 40 percent of people polled were “too concerned about being a burden on the NHS to seek help from their GP.”

People refused admission into hospital by the health service – for health reasons. Hancock’s sense of irony, it seems, knows no limits. 

Before working for LifeSiteNews, I spent my days working in a nursing home during the “first wave” of COVID-19, and more than once witnessed patients turned away by the hospital for – health reasons. 

They later died for lack of hospital treatment, but in the world of Matthew Hancock and co, keeping the needy out of hospital was a necessary precaution, because of – health reasons.

I witnessed neighbors, friends, and complete strangers flock to their front doors every Thursday evening, in a national “clap for the NHS,” whilst the same NHS staff stood across the street, shouting across to my colleagues that they wouldn’t take our residents to hospital, because they either weren’t sick enough, or were too sick to be worth saving. 

“We need the beds” and “She’s fine here” came the shouts from the ambulance crew, because of course – health reasons. “She” died shortly after. 

Residents in the home were isolated from their families for over half a year, for – health reasons. 

I held the hand of an elderly lady moments before she died, praying for her, as her room was otherwise completely empty. Her family had not been any closer than the window, having been forced to stay outside for the last months of her life, despite her already diagnosed terminal condition, because – of course, for health reasons.

In fact, many of those whom I helped to care for died, having spent their final months forcibly separated from their families – for health reasons.

And if one so much as dares to question Hancock and co. by raising these heart wrenching points, the answer will no doubt be in two parts. First, “Well great, but, er, I’m the health secretary,” and second: “Stay Home, Protect the NHS, Save Lives.”

Let us not be naïve and expect true care or concern for our health from those appointed to look after it. In a world where ripping up newborn babies for science, denying health care to the elderly, and isolating society are all part of “saving lives,” is it any surprise that Hancock and co. are effecting a tragic loss of life through their policies? 

So let the mantra ring instead, “Stay Home, Save the NHS, Die alone.”

Health is a commodity which looks set to be ignored in the promotion of the Great Reset. 

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Michael Haynes is the Senior Vatican correspondent writing for LifeSiteNews. Living in Rome, though originally from the North-West of England, he is a graduate of Thomas More College in New Hampshire, and has been very involved in pro-life activity and public campaigns defending Catholicism since childhood.

Michael writes on Per Mariam:Mater Dolorosa, and has authored works on Mariology (Mary the Motherly Co-Redemptrix), Catholic spirituality, and most recently published an apologetic work “A Catechism of Errors.” 

He regularly writes for the American TFP, and his writings have been published by Calx Maria, Catholic Family News, Gregorius Magnus. His work has been reproduced by a variety of outlets, and translated regularly into Italian and Spanish.

You can follow Michael on Twitter or via his website Per Mariam:Mater Dolorosa.