Mississippi is down to its last abortion mill, and if it closes we’ll have the first state in the Union without an abortion mill in the forty years since Roe. That’s quite an accomplishment, and the people of Mississippi and the many pro-life groups from around the nation who have made that happen are to be congratulated.

It takes quite a bit of education, activism, and prayer to make an abortion-free Mississippi happen. In a state with a large African American population, that is an especially welcome reprieve from the eugenic decimation of African Americans in New York City, where fully 60% of all African American pregnancies end in abortion.

In fact, the abortions in New York State are an atrocity across the board. A review of New York State’s Vital Statistics from 2000-2009 shows that we have aborted 1,206,652** babies statewide. That number is three times greater than the number of citizens by which the state population grew. Get the whole story here.

Here in New York City, we have over 80K abortions per year. In certain neighborhoods there are several abortion clinics on one street! The disparity with Mississippi is glaring and begs the answer to several questions, all centered on “Why?”.

Why has Mississippi had such success and New York remained the abortion capital of the nation? Are the people here really so cold and calloused? Do we hold our lives cheaper that those in Mississippi?

The short answer is, no.

Compared to other quarters in the nation, we don’t have a large and effective pro-life movement in New York. Those who are involved are a hearty and extraordinarily devoted band, and the slaughter would undoubtedly be worse but for their complete and self-less devotion. However, as the numbers bear out, it just isn’t enough. We need much, much more here in New York to begin to make a dent in these numbers.

This is Planned Parenthood’s epicenter, and NARAL’s last redoubt. New York City is ripe for a massive and coordinated pro-life awareness campaign. The National Black Pro-Life Coalition came here in January 2011 and helped to start up pro-life ministries in Black neighborhoods.

We need more. We need Freedom Summers in our communities of color. 79% of all abortions in NYC are black/hispanic. We need the coordinated efforts of all of our churches, and yes, we are pro-life missionary territory.

We need missionaries from Mississippi and other regions of the country to come here and live among us.

We need the consolidation of Catholic physicians and nurses in NYC, as NYC no longer has a single Catholic hospital left. There is a good effort underway to get this done, but we need more.

We need Catholic OB/Gyn’s willing to come here and open practices like Dr. John Bruchalski’s Divine Mercy Care.

We need good, solid, pro-life medical conferences here in NYC, and lots of them.

We need more billboard campaigns, and plenty of them.

We need more Pregnancy Centers.

We need people with money willing to underwrite all of this.

In fact, the list can go on and on, so great is the need here in New York. We rejoice with Mississippi and our brothers and sisters in states where the killing has slowed to a trickle. But while we rejoice, it is impossible to turn a blind eye to the killing fields of New York, and equally impossible to miss the great opportunity before us.

Saving more than 80,000 lives per year will require ten times the human and financial resources that we currently have in the field. It will require the building of a formidable and identifiable pro-life, Hippocratic medical community. It will require a recalibration of peoples spiritual lives and the priorities of the government and its citizens.

Now that matters are well in hand in Mississippi, who will join us here in New York?

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