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Tell Congress to stop the Biden administration from funding wars in Ukraine and Israel

(LifeSiteNews) — One year ago, President Joe Biden got caught laughing while talking about the congressional testimony of a mother whose boys died of fentanyl poisoning.

Mother of the two boys and pro-life activist Rebecca Kiessling joins me on this episode of The John-Henry Westen Show to discuss her congressional testimony, Biden’s subsequent laugh, and the link between drug legalization, abortion, and the population control agenda.

Kiessling begins the show discussing her congressional testimony. She explains that Republican Congressman Mark Green contacted her after one of his staffers heard he was passionate about stopping fentanyl-related deaths. The staffer, who had done pro-life activism, told him about how Kiessling lost two of her sons, Caleb and Kyler, to fentanyl, and invited her onto his podcast. Green promised Kiessling that if the Republicans would take back the House of Representatives in the 2022 midterm elections, he would get her to testify before a congressional committee. Kiessling testified before the House Homeland Security Committee the following year, with Green now serving as its chairman.

“I did it because I want to make a difference,” Kiessling tells me. She stresses that the “innocent children” dying from fentanyl are dying not from overdoses but fentanyl poisoning. While they thought they were getting recreational drugs, they instead got something “deadly.” To Kiessling, the victims of fentanyl poisoning deserve to be protected.

“The first rule of government is to protect our people,” she says. “They’re not doing that.” Kiessling believes the fentanyl crisis is a war being waged by Communist China and the drug cartels. Fentanyl itself is the leading cause of death from those 1-8 years old and also those 18-45, she adds.

Her testimony before the committee went viral shortly thereafter, and Biden, speaking to the House Democratic Caucus at an event in Baltimore, laughed after noting that Kiessling’s sons died while Donald Trump was still president. Describing her reaction, Kiessling recalls after seeing the video during a FOX interview being “dumbfounded.”

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“This is hard enough to share about them and, you know, to think of my sons and that they’re so disrespected,” Kiessling sobs. “Like, I never thought something like that could happen that, you know, the president would just laugh about somebody dying.”

Kiessling believes that it is not just abortion that is being used to kill children. For her, the “same spirit of death as abortion” is involved in drugs. She notes that Democrats and those behind the population control agenda are unwilling to pass legislation that would classify drug deaths as homicides, and recalls that the expert the Democrats brought forward the day of her testimony, David Bier from the Cato Institute, used language similar to that used for abortion to advocate for the decriminalization of drugs. Kiessling says he argued that it was a matter of choice to do drugs.

Referring to Satan, Kiessling further explains that the “master plan of the enemy” is to kill and destroy, but that since he wants to be hidden, the way he has gone about doing so is to target the marginalized. She lists the marginalized as the preborn, especially rape victims, black babies, and babies with disabilities, the infirm and disabled elderly, as well as those suffering from substance abuse.

To the last, Kiessling tells me that some people dismiss substance abusers saying, “They’re just drug addicts. Just let them die.” People with that attitude, she asserts, have contacted her online and harassed her. She maintains, however, that children with substance abuse disorder should be protected, and that the government knows that there is a problem.

“They know that this is a war,” she asserts. “They’re killing all these young people that are of childbearing age, and I absolutely believe that these are the same people who think that the world’s overpopulated, and to them they’re just thinning the herd with the least of these, with the most marginalized, who they just hope other people aren’t paying attention and won’t really care, and we’ll just get away with it, and they are right now.”

Kiessling connects the fentanyl crisis and abortion with the population control agenda, inviting people to watch the films Maafa 21, which is about the early history of Planned Parenthood and its antipathy towards black people, as well as Demographic Winter and Demographic Bomb, both of which refute the myth of overpopulation. For her, the connection is a matter of looking at the words of the now-defunct American Eugenics Society and of Margaret Sanger, what they did, and who funded them. She also returns to Bier’s argument in favor of drug legalization, noting that the arguments in favor of abortion and drug legalization are similar.

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At this point, I tell Kiessling that what she tells me about the population control agenda in relation to the fentanyl crisis reminds me a good deal of the words of Yuval Harari of the World Economic Forum (WEF), who said some people would become “useless” once artificial intelligence pushed them out of employment – they would use drugs and computer games to remain occupied until a decision regarding what to do with them was reached. Kiessling, in return, tells me that the point of gender ideology is “getting children to self-sterilize through the transitioning.”

Kiessling closes the show telling me about her two boys, recalling how they wanted to be free from addiction, and that once they got free of it, they wanted to remain free. Recalling one incident, she remembers that one of her sons asked her never to abandon him.

“I wish I knew that when I know now, because I didn’t know what fentanyl was,” she sobs. “I didn’t know what Narcan was. I didn’t know that they had inadvertently dabbled in anything that could kill them. The things they had admitted to are things that don’t kill you.”

“If you just teach your kids, and this is the warning to other parents, if you merely teach your kids, ‘Don’t do fentanyl,’ they’re like ‘Okay, I won’t do fentanyl. Fine. I won’t do it. I won’t touch fentanyl.’ None of them know they’re getting fentanyl!” she warns. “There’s no room for error at all. It is not how we grew up.”

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Tell Congress to stop the Biden administration from funding wars in Ukraine and Israel

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