Abortion activists like to say that abortion is a “tragedy” and that it should be safe, legal and “rare.” But sometimes they drop the pretense, and reveal their full extremism, such as when the Democratic party writes a platform that supports taxpayer funded abortion on demand at any point during pregnancy (sadly, this is a true story).

Or when they joke about how women should got out and get abortions right away, just in case the Republicans win the upcoming election.

The latter is the approach MSNBC’s “The Cycle” co-host Touré took this morning when he re-tweeted a tweet that said, “Girls, get your abortions NOW in case the Republicans win”


And to add that extra little bit of “oomph,” he signaled his enthusiastic endorsement of the sentiment, writing, “This!!!!” in front of the tweet.

The tweet has provoked some head-scratching in the conservative blogosphere.

Kathryn Jean Lopez at National Review Online reacted, saying: “This is a long way from ‘safe, legal, and rare.’ This is an enthusiasm for radicalism. This is a sick culture where life itself has lost its value.”

A post on Red Alert Politics said, “they are using children, and pushing the killing of them, in order to scare women from leaving the Democrat plantation. Economy, shmonomy! ‘Girls’ should only care about their fancy wombs and should despicably believe that their rights are solely predicated on the legal ability to abort their unborn children.”

Over at Hot Air Howard Portnoy writes: “So is his advice in the tweet noted above, which assigns to the act of aborting a fetus the same gravity as remembering to take advantage of a sale on shoes while the chance remains. Even the staunchest pro-choice supporter should be appalled at the matter-of-factness of the suggestion.”