Colin Kerr


My large family is not here to entertain your 1.5 kids!

Colin Kerr

I love it. It’s been an theme around here recently. We’ve observed how those who have their 1 or 2 children, so as to heroically prevent over-population and excessive pollution, so as to enable mom to get out of the house, and so as to enable both mom and dad to get to Barbados each year, fall back on families like mine that (a) pollute, (b) have a mom who ‘just’ stays at home, and (c) have never been and perhaps will never be south of winter (i.e. Barbados or anywhere close to it). Their bored, neglected, and yet wealthy, kids come flying to houses like ours like iron filings to magnets. They come and share in our modest lunches of bologna sandwiches and Selections brand cookies - they are always welcome, seeing how I have all this extra money laying about anyway - and, then, sometimes treat us to something of what they’ve picked up from mom and dad about too many children leading to global warming or some such thing.

I’ll warrant that a lot of gas does get produced at my house. Most of it’s mine, not the kids’.

In our house, I’ve noticed little boys and girls showing up to play, often after school as they wait for their parents to get out of work. And, now that our Sarah-Grace is nine, we have bored little girls constantly calling to talk to her on the phone. But nothing beats the young fella that friends of mine practically raised because he had no one to play with at home, coming to their house and berating “Catholicism for contributing to over-population.”

But you know what, leave the door-to-door stuff to the Mormons. I think the best way my family can evangelize is to live, love and share, even with those poor rich kids.

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