Someone just received a nice shiny award from the nation’s largest abortion chain. It’s not every day that one can simultaneously celebrate racism and heap accolades on an organization (the NAACP) founded to eradicate it.

Planned Parenthood commemorates never severing from its racist and elitist past by centering a gala on the eugenist founder of the billion-dollar abortion empire—Margaret Sanger. And lest anyone think her original 1939 Negro Project slipped into oblivion, Planned Parenthood reminds us they’ve never stopped using prominent black figures to push their agenda of population control. Last night, Big Abortion had a big night honoring the NAACP, Nancy Pelosi, BET’s “Being Mary Jane”, and ABC Family’s “The Fosters”.

While the NAACP is currently enmeshed in a lawsuit with The Radiance Foundation (an organization that my wife and I founded) flat-out denying that they’ve taken a position on abortion, their organization’s actions prove how adamantly pro-abortion they are. NAACP chapter presidents are merely following the former NAACP president Benjamin Jealous’ lead. Just months before our federal court case with the NAACP in December 2013, Jealous was the keynote speaker at a $1000-a-Margaret-Sanger-Circle-Ticket political rally hosted by Planned Parenthood Southeast Advocates in Atlanta, Georgia. So, it’s no surprise that the Reverend Doctor William Barber II, NAACP North Carolina President and National NAACP Board member, engaged in the same direct partnership with an organization birthed in eugenic racism. Never mind more black babies are aborted in the city where Planned Parenthood is headquartered; these so-called “civil rights” leaders show nothing but love for the baby-killing machine.

Reverend Barber, responsible for launching the radically liberal “Moral Monday” protests at the NC state capital, hosted and featured their partner Planned Parenthood of Central NC and Planned Parenthood Action Fund of NC (as if they need a “political arm”) at rallies demanding no restrictions on abortion. So last night, Barber received the “Care. No Matter What.” Award from Planned Parenthood. Scare, no matter what. That’s Barber’s tactic. Bizarrely, in one public speech (start at 3:25) he details a strange historical timeline of egregious civil rights violations suggesting that the oppressors were Republicans, never once mentioning the known source of the violence, lynching and dehumanization—the Democrat Party. Today, that same party celebrates the violence and dehumanization of abortion by protecting it at all costs and forcing every taxpayer to fund it (via Medicaid and Obamacare).

The Negro Project 2.0 is in full effect tin 2014. Barber is one of many prominent black public figures Planned Parenthood  DOWN-THE-DRAIN-socialrelies on for double-speak, empty religiosity, and celebrity. Gabrielle Union, star of BET’s “Being Mary Jane,” has been a vocal supporter of Planned Parenthood for years. Like most Hollywood liberals, she reads straight from the script provided, which might explain why she made the absurd claim that Planned Parenthood performed 830,000 mammograms. They would actually need a mammogram machine to do that. They don’t. Which is why PPFA hasn’t done a single one, yet they won’t stop their public spokespeople from making Mammosham (h/t LiveAction) claims. Nevertheless, “Being Mary Jane” is getting a Maggie! How exciting! Union’s character, yet another leading black actress playing a character that has an adulterous affair with a married man (Planned Parenthood black celebrity spokeswoman Kerry Washington plays same adultery game in Scandal). But marriage fidelity isn’t of any interest to the nation’s largest supporter of birth control over self-control. Margaret Sanger wanted nothing to do with marriage except the financial boondoggle that it provided (her last husband, Noah Slee, was an oil tycoon whose money enabled her eugenic Birth Control crusade). In fact Sanger called “the marriage bed the most degenerative influence in the social order” (see Sanger’s 1922 book Women And The New Race).

Have you ever noticed that Planned Parenthood never promotes marriage or adoption? Well, that’s not entirely accurate any more. They do promote one form of marriage—gay marriage. Never before has the abortion giant given a Maggie Award to a show about adoption…ever. But you throw a lesbian couple that has foster and adopted children (it’s a scripted drama, not a reality show) on a network that’s a “Different Kind of Family” (ABC Family) and there you have the first Maggie Award pretending to care about foster care and adoption.

Pretending is what Planned Parenthood does best. They have powerful allies in the civil rights movement, in public education, in mainstream media and in Hollywood–the land of make-believe. However the reality is that the Maggie Awards remind us how little we learn from human history. When people accept being showered with praise by an organization that kills for a living, they lose a little bit of their own humanity, one mutilated child at a time.

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