This apparently happened awhile ago, but we’re just now taking note.

Last night a 40 Days for Life volunteer noticed that the National Women’s Health Organization, which owned a chain of four abortion clinics – including the last standing abortion mill in Mississippi – had “suspended operations.”

This great news would be huge if it were true that its four clinics had also closed, particularly the Mississippi mill, which would make the Magnolia State the first in the nation to be abortion-clinic free.

But three, including the Jackson clinic, are apparently still open and operating independently.

The Raleigh clinic was already known to have closed last year, after chain owner Susan Hill (pictured right) died in January 2010 of breast cancer.


That month On The Issues magazine reported that in its heyday the National Women’s Health Organization operated 11 abortion mills but was down to four, “in Jackson, Mississippi; Fort Wayne, Indiana; Columbus, Georgia; and Raleigh, North Carolina.”

After Hill died her brother told he was “uncertain about the status of the clinics but said Susan Hill had no children and no heirs to leave the businesses to.”

Apparently, although the National Women’s Health Organization is now defunct, the Columbus, Ft. Wayne, and Jackson mills remain open.

I called all three today. A staff member answering the phone in Columbus said the clinic was still open, just “no longer belongs to that organization.

A staff member at the Ft. Wayne clinic said, “We are now just Ft. Wayne Women’s Health.” When I googled “Ft. Wayne Women’s Health” I got a web page that indicated it is closed. When I called back the staffer said that link belonged to NWHO, but “we are still here.” It was she who told me NWHO went under “last year.”

I called the Jackson clinic twice. After being told the clinic was closed today, although it is supposed to be open every week day from 8a to 5p, I was told the clinic was still taking appointments.


However, 40 Days pro-lifers on site say conduct at the clinic has been odd. It has been open only sporadically since last week. Closed Monday, it opened again yesterday afternoon, but employees were all wearing street clothes – jeans – not medical uniforms. As I said, it is closed again today.

I can’t imagine pro-aborts would let the Jackson clinic close, even if it were a gaping red hole financially. It seems to me organizations like NARAL, National Abortion Federation, ACLU, etc., would subsidize that mill rather than leave Mississippi without an abortion clinic.

Even if remnants of the National Women’s Health Organization abortion clinic chain remain open, the fact that the chain is defunct following the death of Susan Hill is a blow to the feminist movement, which idolized her and prized feminist-owned abortion mills.

But feminist owned mills are going the way of family farms, being replaced by corporate mills – owned by Planned Parenthood.

[HT: David Bereit of 40 Days for Life]

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