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July 28, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — Despite direct conflicts with international bioethical standards, established civil liberties, and objective science, new frantic calls for vaccine mandates are being issued by governments and health organizations due to a reported rise in “cases” from the COVID-19 “delta variant.”

A new statement by over 50 health-related professional organizations, including the American Medical Association, hit the presses on Monday calling for mandatory experimental mRNA COVID gene-therapy injections for all health workers.

These zealous efforts seek to target high percentages of health professionals who refuse the shots, which have very likely been responsible for at least 11,405 deaths, 48,385 serious injuries and 491,218 adverse events between December 14, 2020 and July 16, 2021.

Experts have confirmed that according to established standards, these synthetic mRNA injections “can be, in an unqualified way, declared as being unsafe.” In a recent interview, eminent doctor Peter McCullough explained that as early as January 22, when the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and others recorded 186 deaths due to this vaccination campaign, this “passed a confidence limit that we would accept for safety. If there was a Data Safety Monitoring Board, they would have shut down the program in February.”

Yet “in an act of malfeasance, our CDC and FDA don’t have any of these [mandatory] safety bodies [established]. And, so, there’s actually no oversight of safety in the program whatsoever,” he said. “What we have seen since January 22, is really an atrocity.”

Leading the charge in this campaign of health organizations for mandated yet unsafe injections is the architect of Obamacare, Ezekiel Emanuel, who not only believes people should die at age 75, but also strongly advocated for catastrophic shutdowns for “18 months” last year.

In the official announcement from the group of organizations, Emanuel called reception of the synthetic mRNA injections an “ethical duty” for health care workers,+ and further stated that “[e]mployer vaccine mandates are effective and lifesaving, and they are especially appropriate in health care and long-term care settings. No patient should have to worry that they could become infected by one of their care providers, and no provider should put their patient at risk.”

What was unclear in Emanuel’s statement is why a patient who is free to become vaccinated and supposedly immunized should be concerned with anyone else’s vaccination status. And if it is an ethical duty for health care workers to take the jab so as to not endanger their patients, why is it not the ethical duty of health care organizations to defend rightful freedom in these medical decisions so as to not endanger health care workers?

Also taking part in Monday’s mandate flurry were the state of California and New York City who announced that all government workers would be required to get the experimental gene-therapy injections or face weekly COVID-19 testing. In New York, the mandate includes all teachers and police officers, while in California it includes health care workers as well.

And with the Department of Veterans Affairs joining the campaign demanding the same from their health care employees, it was announced on Tuesday that Joe Biden is going to require the injections for all federal employees and contractors in a formal announcement on Thursday.

“We have a pandemic because of the unvaccinated,” said Biden, “and they’re sowing enormous confusion. And the more we’ve learned about this virus and the delta variant, the more we have to be worried and concerned. There’s only one thing we know for sure: If those other … people got vaccinated, we’d be in a very different world.”

According to Newsmax, “[federal] [e]mployees who decline to be vaccinated will be subject to regular testing, social distancing, mask requirements and restrictions on most travel.”

Requirements defy established science

But McCullough, and many other qualified doctors, point out that such requirements defy established science on multiple levels. First, as he testified during a Texas Senate hearing in March, according to “standard CDC equations” herd immunity in the state at that time was 80% and growing due to natural infection, “without any vaccine effect.”

The editor of two major medical journals stated this equation of his was further “backed-up by one of the public health officials” at the time, which led to the Texas Rangers baseball team having opening day with full fan attendance and without interference from government authorities.

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It seems that Dr. Anthony Fauci's role in the NIH's funding of so-called "gain-of-function" research may be catching up with him.

In the last couple of days, both U.S. Senator Rand Paul and Fox's Tucker Carlson have laid into Fauci for his alleged promotion of this dangerous research which develops bat-based coronaviruses into more potent variants, capable of infecting humans.

Dr. Fauci denied funding this research.

But, Senator Paul noted that a resident virologist at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, Dr. Shi Zheng-li and Dr. Ralph Baric, an American virologist funded by Fauci's department in the NIH, "collaborated on gain-of-function research where they enhanced the SARS virus to infect human airway cells and they did it by merging a new spy protein on it. That is gain-of-function. That was joint research between the Wuhan Institute and Dr. Baric. You [Dr. Fauci] can’t deny it."

And, later, Fox News host Tucker Carlson picked up on the discrepancy, noting Fauci’s involvement in the creation and promotion of public health directives on account of COVID-19 while also being allegedly tied to the origin of the virus and its spread throughout the world.

So, the evidence - both in testimony and in the court of public opinion - continues to mount.

Could we ask you to consider SIGNING and SHARING this important petition, which calls for Dr. Fauci to be fired and investigated for any role he played in promoting and funding the dangerous research which may have cost the world dearly in lives and jobs lost.


When concerned scientists warned the US government of the great danger of creating superviruses in the lab, one man publicly defended the risky experiments: that man was the influential head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), none other than "Mr. Science" himself: Dr. Anthony Fauci.

In 2014, the same year the US government called for a moratorium on this insanely dangerous research, Dr. Fauci's NIAID began funding a program to study the transmission of bat coronaviruses to humans.

Not only did his funding go to develop the technology for making bat coronaviruses spread more easily to humans, but much of it went to the lab located in the exact location where the Covid pandemic eventually emerged: Wuhan, China.

Like every person, Dr. Fauci deserves to be presumed innocent until proven guilty.

But the evidence is so overwhelming that Fauci gambled with a supervirus and lost (the whole world lost), that, at a minimum, he needs to be fired from his position of public trust and must be investigated for possible violations of US law which mandated a moratorium on this extremely dangerous practice of creating superviruses in the lab.

However Dr. Fauci, far from being held responsible for his dangerous gamble, has been promoted to the point where, currently, he is the highest paid employee in the US Government.

Please SIGN and SHARE this petition if you agree that Dr. Anthony Fauci should instead be immediately fired and investigated for his role in causing the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Just like the Wall Street moguls, whose financial negligence precipitated the financial crisis of 2008, received massive bailout bonuses, Dr. Anthony Fauci recklessly pushed for the research that probably caused the deadly pandemic. And now, he, too, has been rewarded with money and power.

As has been carefully and meticulously documented by Steve Hilton of Fox News, the probable origins of the coronavirus point to Dr. Anthony Fauci.  

Dr. Fauci was one of the greatest proponents of developing superviruses in labs.

Dr. Fauci was responsible for the funding of much of the research through the NIAID.

And, it appears that Dr. Fauci funneled taxpayer funds through an intermediary to allow the research to continue in the unsafe Wuhan Institute of Virology, even after the US government banned the funding of this dangerous research.

Until a thorough investigation into his role of the origins of the current pandemic has taken place, Dr. Fauci should not be in a position of public trust.

Please SIGN and SHARE this petition to demand that Dr. Fauci be fired immediately and investigated fully for his role in the creation of Covid-19 and the ensuing pandemic.

P.S. It should be noted that Dr. Fauci not only has proven to be catastrophic for public health with his advocacy of dangerous research, but he has also been a disastrous public health advisor, advocating measures that have negatively impacted every aspect of our lives, from the economy to our most fundamental liberties.

P.P.S. Dr. Anthony Fauci, recently stated that he is delighted to be pushing Joe Biden's return to US taxpayer funding of abortions abroad. So, evidently, not only does Dr. Fauci have problems with public health, public safety, and economics, but also with basic human rights and embryology.


**Photo Credit: Official White House Photo by Tia Dufour

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Furthermore, regarding natural immunity, McCullough testified, “[p]eople who develop COVID have complete and durable immunity. And [that’s] a very important principle: complete and durable. You can’t beat natural immunity. You can’t vaccinate on top of it and make it better. There’s no scientific, clinical or safety rationale for ever vaccinating a COVID-recovered patient.”

In addition, “[t]here’s no rationale for ever testing a COVID-recovered patient,” he affirmed.

It thus remains unclear how a policy mandating experimental vaccinations in a population with very high percentages of individuals with natural immunity — along with required testing for these immune persons who refuse the jab — is actually ordered toward the stated goal of preventing COVID-19.

Since this can’t be the case, McCullough said in another interview that it’s clear those behind this agenda “want a needle in every arm to inject messenger RNA or adenoviral DNA into every human being” for some unspecified purpose.

“If we can break the ‘needle in every arm’ [agenda],” he said, “then I think [its real purpose] will be exposed.”

Violations of the Nuremberg Code of 1947, ‘a faint echo’ of Nazi Germany

Furthermore, especially given the reality that these injections remain experimental, international bioethical norms as expressed by the Nuremberg Code of 1947 require strict conditions for establishing voluntary consent from those submitting to such experimental treatments. These include that the individual may not be exposed to “any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, overreaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion” to accept an experimental medication.

As summarized by America’s Frontline Doctors, “[t]he Nuremberg Code and Declaration of Helsinki led to universal acceptance that no person can ever be coerced or mandated to taking an experimental treatment.” Furthermore, these principles have been upheld “by all reputable governments, NGOs, organizations, policy leaders, and physicians for many decades.”

Pfizer’s former Vice President and Chief Scientist for Allergy & Respiratory, Dr. Michael Yeadon, summed it up this way:

It is illegal under various international treaties, to coerce somebody to receive a medical treatment. And it derives from the trials following the defeat of Nazi Germany where Josef Mengele, and other people, performed experiments on living humans who were of course not volunteers, sometimes killing them. And this is a faint echo of that.

CDC scuttles the data on ‘breakthrough cases’

Driving this unethical mandate campaign is the narrative that with the “delta variant,” we are experiencing a “pandemic of the unvaccinated,” as Biden himself proposed. Americans and others have been subjected to this saturating media mantra in recent days even though the CDC made the decision to not track “breakthrough cases” of COVID-19 in the vaccinated, unless they resulted in hospitalization or death, rendering the ability to demonstrate this spurious assertion impossible.

By April 30, the CDC reported that there were 10,262 COVID “breakthrough” cases among those who had been fully vaccinated at least two weeks earlier. They didn’t include those who had received only one shot or count those who had the second shot five or 10 days earlier. And they knew this was “likely a substantial undercount of all SARS-CoV-2 infections among fully vaccinated persons.”

However, instead of setting systems in place to best determine the real numbers, the CDC announced it was no longer going to count cases of the coronavirus in the vaccinated if they didn’t end up hospitalized or dead.

By April 30, 160 vaccinated people had died of COVID. A few days later, the CDC updated the data to say that 535 fully vaccinated people had died of the infection. As of July 12, 5,492 patients with COVID-19 vaccine breakthrough infection were hospitalized, including 1,063 who died.

If the CDC knew that more than 10,000 fully vaccinated people were COVID-positive by the end of April and that was a serious underestimate of the real numbers, and now they have stopped counting so they have no idea how many vaccinated people are infected, how can it be said that it’s the unvaccinated, many of whom enjoy natural immunity, who are spreading the virus?

Global data confirms high rates of ‘cases,’ hospitalizations and deaths among ‘fully vaccinated’

Looking at relevant global data, we find a worldwide trend of high rates of infections, hospitalizations, and deaths among the vaccinated.

It was recently reported that 40% of COVID-19 hospitalizations in the U.K. are from the “fully vaccinated,” while in Israel most new cases of COVID were in the vaccinated. Roughly 60% of the patients in serious conditions had been vaccinated and, according to Hebrew University researchers advising the government, around 90% of newly infected people over the age of 50 were fully vaccinated. 

Greg Glaser, a California-based healthcare lawyer sent LifeSiteNews his recent statement which was filed in court documents where he affirmed, “Covid-19 vaccine rollouts [across the world] are correlated to sharp spikes in new Covid-19 cases. Consider Iceland, one of the most heavily vaccinated countries in the world, with vaccination rates around 80-90% of the population. As government data shows, about 80-90% of the new cases in Iceland’s sharp spike are within the Covid-19 vaccinated group (source).”

This phenomenon of rising cases occurring in association with high vaccine uptake has become a universal trend while there has also been a correlation between COVID-19 vaccine campaigns and rising death rates from disease as well.

“To conceal the failure of the Covid-19 vaccine,” Glaser continued, “the CDC awkwardly began asymmetrical reporting in May 2021 through the present, where the CDC is now only reporting Covid-19 cases in the unvaccinated, and is intentionally not counting Covid-19 cases in the vaccinated (source).”

All of this provides ample “evidence the Covid-19 vaccine is failing the public,” he concluded.

Nothing to fear from ‘variants’

Yet, with perhaps 30% of the population having even prior immunity to the COVID-19 virus, which still presents a very high survival rate, especially with early treatment, those others who make up approximately half or more of the population who have recently developed natural immunity through exposure, have nothing to fear from any variants.

As McCullough affirmed, “natural immunity is complete, robust and durable. The variants do not penetrate natural immunity. So, people who are naturally immune are not coming down with the Delta, Lambda, or Epsilon variants right now. Naturally immune people can rest assured they are fine.”

Furthermore, the Texas A&M medical professor who has made the case that no one on the planet has more authority to speak on this topic than he does, stated that as a result of high COVID-19 survivability rates “[for] people under 50 who fundamentally have no health risks, there’s no scientific rationale for them to ever become vaccinated.”


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