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What would a heartbroken father say to his son after his already loved and looked-for unborn sibling has been forcibly aborted by China’s “family planning” police? That’s what one devastating article from the online humor magazine The Onion depicts.

The Onion is known for using hilarious and biting satire to make a serious point: but in this case the article isn’t funny in the least, which is as it should be. For there are times when reality becomes so bizarre that satire is no longer possible. Such is the case in China, where millions of children are forcibly aborted every year, often into the 9th month of pregnancy. How do you satirize that? You don’t. You simply expose it.

And so kudos to The Onion for doing what so few mainstream and “serious” newspapers are willing to do – draw attention to the horrific human rights abuse that is China’s one-child policy.

The article was originally published in 2009, but has recently started making the rounds in pro-life circles. Here’s the beginning:

Now, Xiu, you’re getting to be a really big boy, and I know you’ve been asking a lot of questions about Mommy and why she’s been so sad lately. Well, your mom and I have been talking and we think you’re finally old enough to learn where babies—where babies go.

No, the stork doesn’t take them away, Xiu. Please, son, just listen to Daddy, okay?

Do you remember when Mommy had a big tummy? Yes, you put your ear next to it, that’s right. Now, do you also remember around that time, when that letter came in the mail? The one Daddy ripped up and threw all over the ground? And Xiu, a few months after that, do you remember that man—that tall man in the shiny coat? He came to our door and there was all that screaming?

No, he’s not where the babies go, either. Not exactly. Please Xiu, just wait a second…. It’s a little more complicated than that.

Read the rest of The Onion article here.

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