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(LifeSiteNews) — This article provides a new discussion on “biosurveillance,” and specifically the “National Neurological Conditions Surveillance System” laws enacted in December 2016 (which was during the Obama-Biden administration and, potentially significantly, after President Donald Trump was elected). The neurological (which includes the brain) surveillance laws may be significant suggestions of the U.S. federal government’s surveillance activities and could be interpreted as attempts at such legal protection for “brain surveillance” which would also be described as “neurological surveillance.”

Obama-Biden admin legalized neurological surveillance after Trump was elected

Multiple previous articles discussed U.S. federal government laws on “biosurveillance” which suggest at least the possibility of the federal government intent of achieving “real-time” “mind reading” and “mind control.”

If the U.S. or other governments planned on developing technologies for “brain” or “neurological” surveillance and/or brain or neurological control, it is necessary to emphasize that the U.S. or other governments would probably use the most extensive propaganda methods possible to make anyone and everyone think that it is crazy to suggest “mind reading” or “mind control” are possible, let alone possible for a government to do secretly and from an unknown location.

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And if neuroscientists were going to develop brain recording (“mind reading”) technologies that could be used for surveillance, they would probably want to make sure they were protected by U.S. federal law. There are other U.S. federal laws (in addition to “biosurveillance” laws) which might suggest that the government intended to develop and use brain surveillance or “neurological surveillance” technologies.

One such law on a new “neurological surveillance system” was enacted in 2016.

First, though, it is necessary to describe a different U.S. federal law on biosurveillance, which was enacted in 2013. In 2013, the Obama-Biden administration enacted a law that required the Secretary of Health and Human Services and the National Biodefense Science Board to

identify any duplicative surveillance [biosurveillance] programs under the authority of the Secretary, or changes that are necessary to existing programs, in order to enhance and modernize such activities, minimize duplication, strengthen and streamline such activities under the authority of the Secretary, and achieve real-time and appropriate data that relate to disease activity, both human and zoonotic. (127 STAT. 178)

The law required surveillance systems to “achieve real-time and appropriate data that relate to disease activity, both human and zoonotic.” It is necessary to emphasize that the “biosurveillance” network or networks were required to “achieve real-time … data” for human diseases. “Real-time data” implies knowledge resulting from “surveillance” of the situation of humans at every moment, which apparently includes prior to diagnosis by a physician or other practitioner.

In other words, “surveillance” almost certainly is not intended to merely mean “counting the number of diagnosed cases” of a disease.

Then, in 2016, the U.S. federal government enacted another law to legalize “The National Neurological Conditions Surveillance System.” “Neurological conditions” includes those of the human brain. The 2016 law is partially provided as follows:


In General The Secretary [of HHS], acting through the Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and in coordination with other agencies as the Secretary determines, shall, as appropriate—

(1) enhance and expand infrastructure and activities to track the epidemiology of neurological diseases; and

(2) incorporate information obtained through such activities into an integrated surveillance system, which may consist of or include a registry, to be known as the National Neurological Conditions Surveillance System. (130 STAT. 1077)

The same act (which was enacted by the Obama-Biden administration after President Trump was elected) also provides funding for former President Obama’s Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies (BRAIN) Initiative. (130 STAT. 1040)

In other words, the U.S. government, if it is taken literally, legalized human brain surveillance. And the previously mentioned “biosurveillance” law, other federal government “biosurveillance” laws, and “National Biosurveillance Integration Center” laws apparently require that this “neurological surveillance” is expected to be in “real-time.” If this is interpreted literally, it would mean the legalizing of real-time brain surveillance.

There are a few more points to be made about the above “National Neurological Conditions Surveillance System.” One is that the U.S. government could have not used the word “surveillance,” and instead could have called it something like, “National Frequency of Neurological Diseases System.”

By using the word “surveillance,” apparently the U.S. government implied that the “National Neurological Conditions Surveillance System” would also be governed by the federal government “biosurveillance” laws. Those laws require “real-time” surveillance. “Real-time neurological surveillance” is mind reading, although the laws do not use those words.

The use of the words “incorporate information obtained through such activities into an integrated surveillance systemimplies that it is likely to be included in the “system” used by the Department of Homeland Security’s National Biosurveillance Integration Center. The National Biosurveillance Integration Center laws require the use of “the best available statistical and other analytical tools to identify and characterize biological events of national concern in as close to real-time as is practicable.” Those laws also require the surveillance to “detect, as early as possible” potential terrorist attacks. Detecting, “as early as possible,” would be when thoughts occur in the brain, although the law does not use those words.

Another point is that “epidemiology” in The National Neurological Conditions Surveillance System law above is not defined. There are several different definitions of “epidemiology.” For example, the CDC includes “domestic violence” “investigations” and “community homicides” in its examples of “epidemiology.” The CDC defines “epidemiology” in this way:

Epidemiology is the method used to find the causes of health outcomes and diseases in populations. In epidemiology, the patient is the community and individuals are viewed collectively. By definition, epidemiology is the study (scientific, systematic, and data-driven) of the distribution (frequency, pattern) and determinants (causes, risk factors) of health-related states and events (not just diseases) in specified populations (neighborhood, school, city, state, country, global). It is also the application of this study to the control of health problems [emphasis added]

It should not be surprising that the CDC has a draconian, and absurd, definition of “epidemiology.” “Health-related states and events (not just diseases)” includes every human action and every human thought, since thinking is a “health-related state.” This is often said with the phrase, a person’s “state of mind.” If the CDC wants to know your “state of mind,” the above law with the CDC’s definition of “epidemiology” apparently allows for surveillance of your “state of mind.”

Again, it should also be emphasized that the CDC describes such “surveillance” in other laws as being “in real-time.” This may imply “real-time” surveillance of the “state” (“health-related states”) of mind, or “real-time” mind reading. Or, to put it in more scientific terms, the “real-time” “surveillance” of the “neurological condition” of every human being.

And it may imply potential “mind control,” or more scientifically, “neurological condition” control, by the CDC. The CDC says that “Epidemiology … is also the … control of health problems.” Thus, the “National Neurological Conditions Surveillance System” described in the law above, which is to be operated by the CDC, would include “control” of “neurological conditions,” or “mind control,” by the CDC.

Another point is that the above law mentions “in coordination with other agencies.” What other agencies could be so interested in “neurological conditions surveillance?” Possibly the federal bureau known for using the most extensive surveillance imaginable?

Another point is that, actually, the above law legalizing “neurological condition surveillance” by the CDC and “in coordination with other agencies,” and implied to be “in real-time,” is probably more specific than if the U.S. federal government used the more common words of “mind reading” or “mind control.” “National Neurological Conditions Surveillance System” in “real-time” undoubtedly refers to the physical and chemical “condition” of the human brain. And it is a “national … system,” which means everyone in America.

Thus, U.S. government officials might use similar words to those in the law above if scientists or others working for the U.S. government wanted to legalize brain surveillance and brain control while remaining somewhat secretive.

Morally corrupt government official are not likely to reveal themselves

It is necessary to thoroughly emphasize that there could be many evil employees in government entities (like the FBI, intelligence community, Department of Homeland Security, other secret police entities, or local police entities) who want to surveil and control everything that occurs in every person’s brain. Such persons might also support the use of remote and secret torture technologies. There are several examples throughout history of evil people who get into “law enforcement” or other government entities with the intent of targeting persons to torture those persons. 

Such evil government employees, even those of communist governments, are not likely to publicly say:

Citizens of this country: as many of you likely already concluded with common sense, the ultimate goal of the “biosurveillance” of the Federal Bureau of Surveillance and Stalking, the local secret police, and other relevant federal departments and agencies was to achieve real-time surveillance and real-time control of human behavior, including for the use of forcing you to make optimal decisions (page 69), to be determined by the Bureau, or the Secretary acting through the Centers for Decision Control and Prevention.

Since the discovery of phenomena like radio waves, x-rays, magnetic resonance imaging, and other medical and physical technologies that we are not going to tell you about, the Bureau, its scientists, and other relevant federal departments and agencies have been secretly advancing such innovative technologies available for many years to be perfected for use as brain surveillance, brain and behavior control, and torture technologies.

Your common sense was accurate in suggesting that technologies such as radar technologies, technologies used in metal detectors, functional magnetic resonance imaging, remote heat sensing technologies, x-ray technologies, gene-altering technologies, very small magnetic particles or sensors to be put in the human body through food and water which are required for survival and thus cannot be avoided, government-forced injections with substances that cause your body to be more susceptible to remotely caused muscle twitches, itching, and remotely caused thoughts and emotions in the brain, including other technologies that we are not going to tell you about, can be perfected for such use.

To prepare for such draconian surveillance and control of human behavior and thinking, we fooled you all with many years of propaganda to make you think you were crazy for arriving at the common sense conclusions that mind reading and control are possible with advanced innovative technologies. It is amazing how effective words like “nobody would do that!” or “you are sick” or “that is paranoia” can be.

And it is amazing how many people trust us government officials who support the most evil and anti-reason things, including murder of human beings by saying such murder is “health care,” and including males who say they are female being employed by the highest levels of the government, including the Centers for Decision Control and Prevention, and other relevant federal departments and agencies.

Such extensive, many years worth, propaganda efforts were also used to convey false or misleading information about such brain technologies; “brain implants” are not necessary to achieve real-time remote mind reading and remote mind control. Even so, remote mind reading and remote mind control is not only possible, but we have been using it for several years, all while we told you that you were crazy for suggesting such technologies were possible.

Of course, we did actually tell you some truth in that we told you that we would use propaganda, including the use of law enforcement hoaxes and including “conveying false and misleading information.” We even published propaganda of criticism of ourselves, the Bureau, and other relevant federal departments and agencies; some refer to this as controlling the narrative and flooding the zone.

Thus, though extensive tin-foil-hat propaganda and other hoaxes were used, it cannot be said that we did not warn you; when we said we were going to use advanced innovative “biosurveillance” technology to “gather real-time biological data” for “prediction” and “prevention” and to “detect, as early as possible,” threats from “all-hazards” “using an information technology system that uses the best available statistical and other analytical tools,” what we meant was that we were going use advanced innovative biosurveillance technology to gather real-time biological data to predict and detect, as early as possible, threats from all-hazards, using an information technology system that uses the best available statistical and other analytical tools.

“Surveillance,” of course, means “surveillance.” Surveillance does not mean counting the number of people with symptoms of a disease.

And when we said, “as early as possible,” we meant “as early as possible.” And “as early as possible” is when the “threat” is in the brain, and “the best available statistical and other tools” obviously includes advanced innovative brain recording and manipulating technologies, including those Department of Energy high-end computing systems, which we said would be used for advancing innovative brain technologies.

And “innovative,” in “innovative biosurveillance technologies,” of course, means, innovative. Electronic medical records are not “innovative.” Counting the number of people diagnosed with a coronavirus is not “innovative.”

Instead, remote mind reading and mind control technologies, remote sensing technologies, surveillance technologies that see through buildings and can surveil every human being at every moment of their life, and similar technologies we aren’t going to tell you about, are “innovative technologies,” although our extensive, many years of propaganda told you that you were crazy for suggesting such common sense possibilities.

Of course, we used other words like “brain manipulation” and “perturbation” instead of “mind control,” and “brain recording” and “monitoring” instead of “mind reading” or “brain surveillance,” but we did indeed tell you our plans for remote mind reading and remote mind and decision control.

We even implied we would use remote brain and remote body torture; the guidelines for the Federal Bureau of Surveillance and Stalking say that the Bureau may commit “injury” and “violence.” Secret and remote torture, which causes injury to the brain, is implied, including through the use of remote and secret torture technologies.

Of course, the Bureau only secretly uses torture to protect national health security against potential public health threats, to help you make optimal decisions, and to influence institutions into supporting anti-reason falsehoods such as gender ideology, sexual identity, and “gay marriage,” including any other use to be determined by the Bureau or the Secretary acting through the Centers for Decision Control and Prevention, including doing whatever we want, to whoever we want.

In other words, when the Bureau says it secretly commits crimes, violence, and causes injury, what it means is that the Bureau secretly commits crimes, violence, and causes injury. Advanced and innovative remote and secret technologies that surveil and affect the human brain and body make such violence and injury much easier on the Bureau and other relevant Federal departments and agencies. Of course, Bureau employees are too tough for laws, laws are for other people, so we cleverly describe such illegal surveillance and remote and secret causing of injury as “otherwise illegal activity.”

Again, “nobody would ever do that!” and “you are sick!” was very effective here. Extensive propaganda made you think you were crazy for recognizing the obvious fact that a secret police of close to millions of Bureau employees, career law enforcement officers not in uniform, and other relevant secret police departments and agencies is necessary to achieve Bureau plans of the most complete surveillance possible.

And, of course, we got you to think you were crazy for suggesting it, but indeed, the highest and most coveted achievement, treasure, trophy, distinction, the crown jewel, the most valuable possession in the history of law enforcement, the intelligence community, and science alike, would be real-time and remote surveillance and control of the human brain and body.

Therefore, it is with the utmost enthusiasm that we announce that through the use of advancements in genomic engineering technologies (including genome editing technologies) to sensitize human brain and body components to remotely controlled magnetic fields and remotely controlled and focused radio waves, and, through the use of food-energy-water cyber-enabled interfaces, other very small sensors, including other technologies that we are not telling you about, we have achieved real-time remote brain surveillance and control to advance national health security” […etc.]

That is the end of what government officials probably would not publicly say about mind reading and mind and behavior control technologies. Some might think it is an exaggeration, some might think it is crazy. Such people should be reminded that only a few years ago they probably thought “transgenderism” and draconian government actions like lockdowns and government-forced injections would never become accepted as normal in society. Such a person should also study the history of evil people in government. 

(The above monologue includes authentic references which could lead to the potentially fictional or potentially true conclusions described in the monologue. It is necessary to specify that COVID mRNA injections may really be a government-forced attempt at preventing a virus which typically results in the common cold which was likely going around many years before the government forced the injections, or the forced injection may be for other purposes. Unfortunately, it appears as though government propaganda was used both in support of mRNA injections and for criticism of mRNA injections, so it is difficult to determine truth. 

Similar technologies, though, could likely be used to make body components more susceptible to remotely controlled technologies like radio waves, or technologies which have not been publicly described, which, again, have been used for many years; “magnetogenetics” (page 48) is suggested in U.S. government documents. “Radiogenetics,” or sensitizing cells to radio waves, is described in other literature. For example, remotely causing muscle twitches or movements in a target by genetically sensitizing muscle tissues or cell receptors to remotely controlled stimuli may be possible with such technologies. Think of it being something like being “tasered” with technology that can be focused directly to a specific location in the human body, including the brain, from many miles away. Of course, advanced genetic alteration of the human body or brain may not be necessary to achieve such torture as remotely caused muscle twitches.) 

Obviously, governments are likely to keep such technologies as secret as possible. In America, though, scientists, specifically neuroscientists who develop such technologies, might want to make sure they are protected by U.S. federal laws because of the potential that a future Justice Department and politicians might actually be honest and just. 

A normal human being would likely say that remote and secret brain surveillance and brain control are both types of torture, illegal, and potentially worthy of the worst possible punishments. Neuroscientists and others involved would probably want attempts at legal protection. U.S. federal laws may provide hints and suggestions that such people tried to provide themselves with legal protection.

FBI has used most complete surveillance imaginable on Americans, extensive propaganda

More information from previous articles necessary here includes the FBI, local police, local and federal secret police, and other U.S. government use of extensive surveillance, secret stalking, secret intimidation, secretly causing harm, and other secret actions. 

Another article described the U.S. federal government’s “extensive” propaganda and other lying used to fool millions of people for many years; the government used propaganda to attempt to fool a whole country for many years. (Page 7) 

Thus, there is the possibility of U.S. government officials, or foreign governments, using many years of propaganda to fool Americans into thinking it is crazy to suggest that mind control or mind reading may be possible.

It is also necessary to continually emphasize that the U.S. federal government, including the FBI, and even local police in some locations, used what was described as the most complete surveillance imaginable on Americans with the apparent intent to “destroy” those targeted groups and persons. (Pages 6 and 31) This suggests the FBI and some local police have a history of using surveillance as a type of weapon, and if brain surveillance is possible, such entities may use it.

Secret FBI intimidation intended to coerce false confession

Although this is a bit off subject, it may be helpful to some. Previous articles did not mention that a former FBI official suggested that the use of such “secret intimidation” and surveillance (Page 43, Page 5, etc.) might be used to try to coerce the targeted person into falsely confessing of doing something they did not do. (Page 68) The FBI secretly wrote a letter to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., that most would describe as a threat against Dr. King; the FBI official apparently suggested such a method might be used to coerce Dr. King into falsely confessing that he was a communist or working for communists. (Page 68) 

This should be emphasized: the FBI and some local police entities used secret and “the most complete surveillance imaginable,” (page 31) secret “techniques of destruction” (page 24) which could also accurately be described as torture, and “secret intimidation and harassment” (page 43) to destroy and/or attempt to get a targeted person to say things that the FBI and local police wanted them to say. The FBI and some local police used such torture and/or implied threats in attempt to get a targeted person to falsely confess or to harm themselves. (Page 11) Such methods may be similarly, and unlawfully, used during “questioning” by supposed law enforcement entities. 

Thus, one potential secret method of the FBI and local secret police may be such “secret intimidation” and secret stalking, which is intended to torture the targeted person and coerce the targeted person. With Dr. Martin Luther King, the FBI and apparently other law enforcement used hints and suggestions which were apparently interpreted in this way: “confess or else we are going to harm you” or “harm yourself or we are going to harm you.”

Local police may be influenced by foreign governments

The article describing the U.S. federal government use of extensive propaganda did not mention that the U.S. federal government also secretly got into and influenced the local police of another country. (Pages 6-7) This is necessary to emphasize: governments may attempt to secretly influence local police. The federal government may attempt to influence local police or foreign governments may attempt to influence local police in America. 

(This is also a bit off subject, but a possibility such as evil people secretly operating local police, the FBI, and other entities is another reason why the names and locations of all current and former government law enforcement, secret police or secret law enforcement, and “intelligence community,” employees and cooperators should likely be required to be publicized. 

This suggestion should not be controversial. It is similar to the requirement of many uniformed police who are required to be monitored while they are working. It is necessary to at least attempt to prevent crimes by evil government employees with too much power. Common sense suggests that evil people are simply going to try to get employed by secret police entities like the FBI or other non-uniformed “law enforcement” entities. Thus, they should be required to be publicly identified and monitored in the same way that uniformed police are monitored while working.

All businesses secretly owned and/or operated by the FBI (“proprietary”), local police, or other government entities should also be required to be publicized. Some of these may be obvious; for example, a national Catholic entity with a name which could be used in hints and suggestions schemes due to its obvious connotations, and such a name that most people would not have chosen due to the connotations, might be, at least partially, such a government operated or owned business.)

It is also necessary to emphasize that the FBI and cooperators might be committing such secret actions currently. The FBI’s guidelines on secret operations apparently imply that there may be “a reasonable expectation” that some secret operations will involve “a significant risk of violence or physical injury to individuals or a significant risk of financial loss.” (Pages 6-7) 

Was the ‘tinfoil hat’ a government propaganda effort?

It is necessary to again emphasize that the U.S. federal government is very experienced in lying to millions of people for many years. The federal government is experienced with propaganda. If the federal government and local police entities used the most advanced surveillance possible and a plain-clothed, not-in-uniform secret police, it is likely that some people would eventually determine that certain events and occurrences which go on around them are not coincidence and likely require some sort of advanced brain surveillance technologies and a coordinated and supervised plain-clothed, not-in-uniform secret police with many employees. Such technologies would merely only require the perfection of technologies like radar, metal detecting, magnetic resonance imaging, x-ray, electroencephalographic, other technologies which have been available for many years, or other technologies not publicly described. 

Would the government want to prepare by spreading lies or other propaganda to make sure nobody would even suggest the possibility of the government using surveillance technologies that can, at least partially, “mind read” or partially “mind control?” 

Indeed, one could expect the U.S. federal government to use extensive propaganda campaigns, likely the most extensive propaganda imaginable, to attempt to make sure that even the slightest suggestion of the possibility of “mind reading” remote surveillance technologies would get a person to be accused of being crazy. Most people don’t want to be labeled as crazy. Thus, an extensive propaganda effort might keep most people quiet; for example, a propaganda effort with visuals like tinfoil hats.

Gov’t discussions of brain ‘recording’ and brain activity ‘control’ mean ‘mind reading’ and ‘mind control’

It is apparently really not that crazy to suggest remote technologies which utilize radio waves, technologies used in radar, electromagnetic technologies, x-ray technologies, and other technologies, including technologies that the government probably is not telling Americans about, could be designed to be used remotely and secretly to torture and surveil the human brain. 

In fact it is so not-that-crazy that it is actually apparently suggested to be possible to “mind read,” even by the U.S. federal government. Of course, the U.S. federal government does not describe it as “mind reading,” though. It is described with different words like the following:

Our ability to record [brain] electrical activity at the cellular level, in humans, is expanding, providing a unique opportunity to link the activity of individual neurons with more global signals obtained using noninvasive imaging methods such as fMRI [functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging]. In turn, both cellularlevel and global signals can then be linked to human behavior, thought, and emotion. (Page 62)

In other words, outwardly observed human behaviors (or “surveillance” of human actions) can be linked to the recorded brain electrical activity. That is mind reading. If a person believes everything the government says, then such a person should apparently believe that “mind reading” is possible. 

Now, a previous article elaborated on this subject: it is possible that the government is “conveying misleading or false information” about brain recording, “perturbation,” or manipulation. However, as this article describes, common experience with medical technology and science suggests that (at least partial) “mind reading” is at least possible. Partial, not complete, “mind control” is also likely possible. 

It should also be mentioned that government documents on the BRAIN Initiative could be partially true and deliberately misleading; for example, such technologies which remotely affect the human brain (partial “mind control” or stimulation) could have been discovered as early as before World War II, which is apparently when the tinfoil hat stories began. 

Thus, it has to be mentioned here that when the BRAIN Initiative documents say that “wide scale” “control [of] the activity of brain cells and circuits” is “not possible yet” (page 3), the government could be deliberately misleading. The quote is another example, though, of the U.S. government clearly saying that mind control (“control the activity of brain cells and circuits”) is at least partially possible.

(This subject should probably also include discussions about the spiritual realm, the soul, body-soul unity, and God’s involvement or the devil’s and fallen angels’ involvement in human thinking. Such a discussion cannot be provided here. However, the effects of mind-altering drugs and other chemicals, specifically how those chemicals are sinful and often lead to other sin, suggest that human beings, through the use of chemicals or technologies, can obviously affect other human beings’ brain activity. Mind-altering drugs can be used as human-induced “mind control”; “chemical restraints” are chemicals used to control human behavior, a lockdown of the brain, a chemical lockdown, is described in U.S. federal regulations. More specific mind control with chemicals and physical technologies like radio waves or sound waves is what is described in U.S. federal government documents on the BRAIN Initiative. 

Also, it is clear that every human being should be regularly reminded that the thoughts that occur in their brain can have more than one cause. Their thoughts are not necessarily their own thoughts, and people should not feel bad about themselves as a result of thoughts, nor should people believe every thought to be true. Ignoring many thoughts and practicing being serene is protective. The Sacraments of the Catholic Church, specifically Reconciliation and the Most Holy Eucharist, and prayer, specifically the Most Holy Rosary and simply prayerfully, repetitively, and silently praying the Most Holy Name of Jesus, the Most Powerful Word There Is, are protection. 

Requiring government to publicize methods, technologies, and employees of all government entities like the FBI and federal and local secret police, and making it illegal to use any technologies which affect or surveil the human brain or body is potential protection, though not a guarantee, in the worldly realm.)

Thus, U.S. federal government documents have discussed both brain manipulation (“mind control”) and “optimal decisions” of the brain. (Page 7 and 69) Is complete, or mostly complete, control of the human brain likely the intent of such people? One might refer to the history of the secret actions of the FBI and local police and conclude that yes, the FBI, some local police, and others would support complete control of human thinking, decisions, and behavior.

And there is more on the subject, but it cannot be mentioned here.

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