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Obama to attend Planned Parenthood ‘Right to Shoes’ gala under Gosnell trial’s shadow

Jill Stanek


Were Planned Parenthood of Maryland thinking of a clever name for its annual gala in 2013 rather than 2005, I’m betting it would have backed away from “Right to Shoes.”

Or am I the only one who, when reading that, immediately thought of the 50+ jars of baby feet mass murdering abortionist Kermit Gosnell kept as trophies? Click to enlarge…


I think not. I think Planned Parenthood of Maryland event planners groaned when they realized months ago Gosnell’s trial would likely coincide with their posh party, knowing those darn severed baby feet, which, of course, will never wear shoes, would be entered as exhibits.

Now that the media has been shamed into covering Gosnell’s trial, PPMD has surely been fretting someone would come along and note the irony.

But the mainstream media is either blind to the connection, or too polite, particularly since the irony has been notched up a degree with the news our pro-infanticide president will be attending.

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This will be the first year Obama, who isn’t willing to make a statement about the person who may go down in history as the United States’ most prolific serial killer, will be attending PPMD’s gala since he became president.

Coincidental? I think not. Obama is known for his audacity about abortion. In light of Gosnell, and in light of the mounting untoward publicity against Planned Parenthood, audacity is certainly called for.

Reprinted with permission from JillStanek.com.

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