Steve Jalsevac


On-going Catholic Relief Services cover-up is shocking and similar in many ways to what LSN endured

Wed Aug 7, 2013 - 9:39 pm EST

The on-going Catholic Relief Services cover-up is shocking and similar in many ways to what LifeSiteNews has had to endure for almost four years now from the Canadian bishops' conference and their Development and Peace organization. For us, that experience has been draining beyond anything we could ever have reasonably expected in response to the reams of solid evidence we and others uncovered. Now, our US friends are experiencing the same denials, manipulations and unjust assaults on their reputations.

Stephen Mosher of the Population Research Institute probably can't believe how very low the USCCB and CRS have gone to undermine the credibility of ALL, LifeSiteNews and now Mosher himself and the on-site evidence very professionally accumulated by this former Stanford University top researcher. One expects such nasty response tactics from secular organizations, but when it comes from major Catholic Church organizations, it especially leaves one reeling.

Mosher was THE person who first exposed China's deadly forced abortion, one-child policy. CRS is shamefully trying to discredit the CRS reports from this world class human rights advocate, oceanographer, anthropologist, expert in Chinese society and demography and former naval Lieutenant. They are going to lose and in the process add more embarrassment for the Church that has already experienced more than enough avoidable, large scandals in recent years.

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