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April 1, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — Ontario Premier Doug Ford, who has caused mayhem and severe economic, social, and emotional stress on the province’s citizens as a result of terribly misguided COVID-19 policies dictated by unelected health bureaucrats, announced yet another province-wide “shutdown” – the third in a year – that will be start 12:01 a.m. Saturday, April 3 and last for at least four weeks.

Ford stated, “We are facing a serious situation and drastic measures are required to contain the rapid spread of the virus, especially the new variants of concern.”

He added, “We must try and prevent more people from getting infected and overwhelming our hospitals. Our vaccine rollout is steadily increasing, and I encourage everyone who is eligible to get vaccinated. That is our best protection against this deadly virus.”

Christians note that this announcement once again comes just on the eve of one the most important of all Christian days of worship, Easter Sunday. Some are seeing this as deliberate anti-Christian discrimination, given the substantial limits that have been put on Church gatherings over the past year, compared to much greater priority given to stores and other facilities deemed “essential services.” 

It is astoundingly insensitive that the premier would not wait just two more days, until just after Easter, to implement his “shutdown”.

This is being implemented, says the province, because there are an alleged 2,557 confirmed “cases” as of today, which they claim is the most in a single day since January 22 and ICU physicians have been pressuring the government to close down the province because of their claims that hospitals will be overwhelmed unless drastic actions are taken to stop the spread of new COVID variants.

The CBC reported on the day of the government announcment,

“a group of more than 150 emergency and intensive care physicians published an open letter addressed to Ford and top health officials, calling for immediate and decisive action to ease the burden on hospitals.”

It added, “The current measures and framework are not working to contain the spread of this virus,” reads the letter in part. “Even if we had unlimited ICU capacity, allowing these (variants of concern) to spread exponentially is unethical.

This admittedly sounds alarming. But it also raises questions about the reliability of testing being used to determine the alleged high number of “cases,” whether many of  the “COVID-19 infected” patients in ICUs might instead be suffering from flu or other conditions , why the giant Ontario hospital network cannot handle these ICU patients, and, most important of all, why has Ontario not been using any of the simple, very effective outpatient treatments used elsewhere that have been preventing most of their COVID-infected from needing to enter hospitals in the first place?

Ontario health mandarins have very strangely refused to promote or use ANY of those treatments. The same bizarre thing has been happening througout Canada.

COVID testing is frequently unreliable – and politically useful

There have been numerous concerns expressed by physicians and medical scientists around the world about the use of supposed rising numbers of “cases” to determine public health policies, especially during the months in between flu seasons. Cases are determined from test results, plus the number of persons exposed to positive-tested persons, plus the number of persons exhibiting COVID-like symptoms. Most of those symptoms are very similar to cold and flu symptoms, but now overwhelmingly tend to be automatically and wrongly attributed to COVID infection.

Public health records have indicated that the flu has magically mostly disappeared over the past year. How convenient.

The general population tends to get much more exercise, fresh air and sunshine (vitamin D) during the warmer months which significantly boosts the immune system, which in turn dramatically lessens flu and coronavirus infections. It makes no sense that COVID infections jump up or remain high during warmer months.

Late in the 1917 Spanish flu pandeminc it was discovered that placing patients out into fresh air and sunshine resulted in 25 to 40% fewer deaths. That was dramatic, and is said to have been the major factor leading to the end of the pandemic.

The current Wuhan virus is not remotely as dangerous as the Spanish flu, and so fresh air and sunshine could possibly have an even more dramatic benefit. That is also why keeping people isolated in homes, quarantined in hotels and masked in schools where the air is re-circulating throughout the building is a really bad idea.

Texas dropped its mask mandate a month ago and COVID infections have continued to go down every since, contrary to a warning from Biden that the governor was endangering his citizens with the action.

Smart doctors tell their patients to go out often for walks in order to boost their immune system, but if sick, to keep away from others. Still, the chance of spreading or catching the virus while going for an outdoors walk is minimal to next to impossible, and yet we see many people walking alone outdoors ridiculously wearing masks. That is medically and scientifically irrational behavior.

PCR tests are likely the most common one Ontario uses to determine infection. Their high false positives tendency is especially useful for generating fear about a supposed new increase in COVID infections that is always used to justify yet another lockdown.

Many doctors are calling for an end to use of the unreliable PCR tests, the most commonly used in the world, to determine COVID infection and related public policy. In February of this year the WHO finally at least recommended changes as to how this test should be used.

On March 24, LifeSite reported a study found PCR test result accuracy varied according to the time of day it was taken.

 A much more important Dec. 2020 article reported other scientists finding that PCR tests are “useless” and based on “flawed science”. many have known this for at least several months. Most of the doctors successfully treating COVID patients with alternative medication protocols were not at all surprised by that finding.

Michael Haynes reported that “a group of 22 independent scientists, termed the International Consortium of Scientists in Life Sciences (ICSLS), have studied and reviewed the Corman-Drosten (CD) paper” which was used to first justify the use of PCR testing worldwide,” finding “numerous technical and scientific errors,” noting that neither the “test nor the manuscript itself fulfils the requirements for an acceptable scientific publication.” They dubbed the CD paper as “flawed science” and called its authors “intellectually dishonest.”

Why is Ontario not using out-patient meds to stop overwhelming of ICUs?

There is good reason by now to question whether health decision makers really do want to prevent the hospitals from being “overwhelmed” with COVID patients given the same failed strategies they keep using both in the US and Canada.

Watch this astounding 20-minute video of recent testimony by a high-level US physician revealing how incredibly wrong health systems and individual doctors have been for not advocating and using simple, available and effective out-patient treatments for the COVID-infected during this pandemic. Ontario has also been totally guilty of what he states.

Most government health bureaucrats, whom I suspect are influenced by the powerful pharmaceutical multi-nationals to make us all wrongly believe their expensive, dangerous, poorly tested “vaccines” are the only viable treatment, and many of these ICU doctors, are still refusing to emphasize the use of early out-patient treatments. This has led to thousands of easily preventable deaths and is causing the overwhelming of the ICUs.

They seem to never include in their decisions the catastrophic human and economic costs of their lockdowns and the many lives lost because of these useless measures that only keep extending the pandemic month after month, after promising in the beginning that we only needed lockdowns for a few weeks to “flatten the curve”.

Now we know that was never the real intention and many now get nauseous whenever they hear that term said again.

They could prevent the hospitals from being overwhelmed by simply shifting their strategies to astonishingly effective, safe and inexpensive early outpatient treatments that have been saving hundreds of thousand of lives in India, Africa and anywhere else that have been doing this.

Everyone should be questioning why our physicians are being strongly discouraged and prevented from using those decades old approved medications that are safe and, when used early and properly, usually end infection in one or two days and would have ended the pandemic long ago.

There is something terribly wrong going on and an increasing number of good doctors are ignoring their medical boards and government decrees, honoring their Hippocratic Oath and saving patients with what they know DOES WORK. God bless them!

The unstated, possibly deadly truth about “variants”

LifeSite has reported on physicians and medical scientists strongly advising that these new “variants” or mutations of the Wuhan coronavirus are usually less dangerous than the original virus. They have told us that coronaviruses naturally keep mutating, with most mutations becoming progressively weaker than the previous ones, as the virus follows the typical pattern of peaking and then declining and eventually almost entirely disappearing.

We are told that this virus has followed the normal viral pattern, except that it has an unusually high rate of gain, or rate of infection, which is likely the result of deliberate manipulation of the virus in the Wuhan lab. This rate of gain does not make it more virulent or dangerous, other than it causes the virus to spread mus faster and easier through the air to cause a larger number of infections compared to other viruses.

Despite that, we have been told that COVID mutations or “variants”, because they are so similar to the original virus, should also be able to be easily treated the same with “spectacularly” successful preventives and treatments using Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, zinc, Vitamin D, Magnesium and Vitamin C. There are also other effective treatments. The most important thing is to treat infection early because the second stage cytokine storm can be deadly to the lungs of the infected.

Sucessful treatment is still possible even at that stage, and second stage infection is not a sure death sentence. Most of the public, because of what happened in Italy and New York at the beginning of the pandemic last year, wrongly believes that persons with one or more comorbidities who become infected, or those at the cykotine storm stage, will surely die. That is because some very wrong treatments, especially over-use of ventilators at the beginning of the pandemic, led to catastrophic results and killed most of those patients.

That stopped long ago. Many thousands of ventilators manufactured for the pandemic were never used and are sitting in warehouses. They are now used far more infrequently and with greater caution.

There is still an over 90% recovery rate for the most vulnerable patients (99.7% average for all patients), if they are treated properly. This is not remotely like the Bubonic Plague or the Spanish Flu. Thus, there is no need for the drastic measures that have been imposed on the public over the past year. It has been terribly misguided.


Public not aware “vaccines” not needed and are possibly very dangerous

Most of the doctors who have been successfully treating COVID infections are especially the ones insisting there has never been a need for a vaccine for this virus no worse than, and often less worse, than the annual flu. Former VP and chief scientist of giant vaccine maker Pfizer, Dr. Micheal Yeadon, is one of the most emphatic insisters that there has never been a need for a COVID-19 vaccine. Americas Frontline Doctors have said the same.

What we might be seeing in Ontario is the possibility of something more ominous, that could be resulting from the rapidly increasing number of COVID injections themselves, rather than from the “variants” which we are hearing about in the news all day, every day.

That is, some prominent physicians and scientists are warning that these new types of injections, which many are saying cannot really be classified as vaccines, are causing a reaction in recipients called pathogenic priming, otherwise called Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE), a deadly, exaggerated immune reaction.

They warn that this might lead to massive numbers of deaths over time, possibly in the millions, which would then wrongly be proclaimed to be caused by the actually relatively harmless new COVID “variants” that are weaker than the original COVID-10 virus. It’s possible that is what is beginning to happen now in Ontario and elsewhere.

Also, giving these injections to persons who have recovered from the virus does not make sense since they are almost certain to have life-long immunity and there are now legitimate concerns that giving them these new kinds of jabs could kill them.

And yet, the vaccine makers are pushing hard to vaccinate both the recovered and also children and youth who are highly unlikely to experience any harm from COVID-19 and its “variants”. What on earth is going on? 

If you have recovered from COVID, absolutely do not permit yourself to be vaccinated. And, parents, under no circumstances allow your children to be unnecessarily exposed to these jabs. There are solid medical reasons for considering injecting children with these jabs to be serious child abuseYou are risking their health and possibly even their lives!

There is also the possibility that an actually more dangerous new version of COVID may be released at some time, but so far that does not seem to have happened. I have mentioned this in past articles as the result of information given to me by a leading scientist.

Ramping up COVID injections, which Doug Ford wants to make happen to supposedly lessen the infection numbers, could instead make the situation much more deadly, specifically for those who receive those injections. This alarming issue is discussed in more detail in today’s LifeSite article, “Anti-lockdown scientists challenge theories of Geert Vanden Bossche, though vaccine ‘global catastrophe’ not ruled out.”

Ontario has been on the roller-coaster ride of these unprecedented, devastating and illegal, Nuremberg-Code-violating medical restrictions on basic rights and freedoms for the past year, under the direction of a premier who appears to be held hostage to uncreative or possibly compromised health bureaucrats who refuse to consider any COVID health options other than lockdowns and waiting for vaccines that would allegedly return life to normal.

There is not the slighest sign that any of these injections will accomplish that much-desired goal for the public. There has never been a successful coronavirus vaccine developed, despite many years of attempts that have failed because almost all animal test subjects kept dying after later exposure to the virus. Now they are skipping the crucial animal testing. That is wrong, and the virus is not so deadly that the skipping of animal testing can in any way be justified.

Ford a puppet to tyrannical medical Officers

In a Rebel News video, a cowardly Ford, who was elected to run the province and to make all the hard decisions for the greater benefit of its citizens, is shown shamelessly groveling to his chief medical officer and stating, “I am going to be very frank. There is no politician in this country who is going to disagree with their chief medical officer. They just aren't going to do it. They might as well throw a rope around their neck and jump off a bridge. They're done.”

Hopefully, Ford will nevertheless still be “done” by the people. His policies have been a disaster and his medical advisers have been quacks.

Or his party will relieve the province of this too-willing puppet of the unelected medical tyrants who have caused citizens unnecessary grief and disorientation by constantly exaggerating the danger of the virus and its “variants” and refusing to use already effective cures in order to force everyone to take the extremely profitable, mandatory injections that are the worst possible non-solution to the pandemic.

Ontario’s citizens did not elect the Chief Medical Officer. The current Chief Medical Officer and the upcoming new one, Dr. Chandi Chandrasena, who is scheduled to take over that role on April 21, are politically under the authority of the person chosen by the public to protect them. The Chief Medical Officer is not an authority unto himself or herself.

I have learned that there is often massive corruption in government medical departments, with very many of these bureaucrats closely tied to and heavily funded by the pharmaceutial companies. Those are unnaceptable, if not illegal, conflicts of interest.  It seems that could also be the case with Chandrasena.

Chandrasena’ Canhealth bio could be concerning to Ontario citizens, considering the strong international push to require everyone to have an electronic record of vaccination.

Premier Ford recently announced the Ontario government is developing a “Digital ID plan” which sure sounds like a form of vaccine passport. That explains, from her bio, why Chandrasena may have been hired.

This Digital ID is Great Reset stuff and appears to confirm that Ford is committed to forcing Ontarians to take the COVID injections, regardless of their experimental status, lack of essential long-term testing, many deaths and injuries associated with them, warnings from scientists that the injections may cause massive numbers of deaths over the long term, and the fact that they barely, if at all, prevent viral transmission and infection.

That also indicates Ford, or shall we say, his globalist medical masters, currrently have no intention of allowing and promoting the use of the several already available, safe and effective medications that are being successfully used by thousands of doctors in many nations to prevent and treat COVID infection.

Ford must change his COVID policies.

Medical officers have recommended varied tactics across the United States, Canada, and other nations, with some political leaders taking their election by the public so seriously that they listen only to medical advisers who do NOT recommend policies that end up causing more illness, deaths, and more damage than the virus itself. That has definitely not been the case in Ontario.

Ontario LifeSite readers are stunned that their premier is still depending on the same policies that have been wrecking their mental and physical health, businesses and the overall economy and causing too many to live in unhealthy lonliness, fear and near despair.

Ford keeps doing the same wrong things over and over again. The man hasn’t learned a thing and, worse, he does not seem to care.

CONTACT YOUR MPP: Tell them to rethink the latest lockdown!  Click to contact your MPP, now.

In the United States, the state of Florida has been fortunate to have a quick-learning governor who saw after one lockdown and mask mandate that such an approach did not help his citizens at all. Florida has recently been following a far more enlightened policy that has generally brought daily life back to normal without lockdowns, mask mandates, long-shuttered restaurants and churches, and numerous other travesties that only worsened everything in the state when those policies were implemented.

The new shutdown restrictions list

The CBC reports that the Ontario restrictions will include:

  • Prohibiting indoor organized public events and social gatherings, and limiting the capacity for outdoor gatherings to a five-person maximum — except for gatherings with members of the same household, or gatherings of members of one household and one other person who lives alone.

  • Limits on in-person shopping: a 50 percent capacity limit for supermarkets, grocery stores, convenience stores, indoor farmers' markets, other stores that primarily sell food and pharmacies; and a 25 percent limit for all other retail including big box stores.

  • No personal care services.

  • No indoor and outdoor dining. Takeout, delivery and drive-thru options are allowed.

  • Prohibiting the use of facilities for indoor or outdoor sports and recreational fitness, with very limited exceptions.

  • The closure of day camps.

  • Limiting capacity at weddings, funerals, and religious services to 15 percent occupancy per room indoors, and to the number of people who can maintain two metres of physical distance outdoors. This does not include social gatherings associated with these services such as receptions, which are not permitted indoors and are limited to five people outdoors.

  • a 50 per cent capacity limit for supermarkets, grocery stores, convenience stores, indoor farmers’ markets, other stores that primarily sell food and pharmacies, and 25 per cent for all other retail including big box stores

The Ministry of Health has based its directions to the premier on modeling that indicates the health system will allegedly not be able to endure the volume of sick patients if the province is not shut down.

So they are trying to save some lives, by imposing a policy on the entire population that has definitely led to the loss of many other lives – possibly more than the numbers who die from the virus. Or, are a lot of these current deaths really from the flu? Every year thousands regularly die from the flu, but for some reason that usual trend has barely been happening over the past year.

Spectacularly wrong modeling was most responsible for past, devastating lockdown decisions. It was later discovered that the models contained serious errors that massively overestimated the infections and deaths what would occur if lockdowns were not done. What they predicted never came anywhere close to happening.

Criminal charges were considered for British Imperial College’s Neil Ferguson, the creator of the most influential, terribly flawed model that most of the world used to justify their devastating lockdown orders.

 Notable physicians, scientists present criticisms, better solutions

Regions and nations that have done the best have listened only to physicians who have had the greatest practical success in preventing and treating COVID with alternative, safe, effective, and inexpensive early treatments and simple immune enhancement recommendations.

These medications, properly used, have proven to be able to prevent almost all hospitalizations, resulted in far fewer deaths, and are still much superior to any of the current Big Pharma injections being given to millions in the United States, Canada, and Europe. Because of this, India has a fraction of the deaths that the US seems to have experienced. I say “seems’ because there are good reasons to believe the US death stats are highly exaggerated.

In November, 2020, prominent Canadian physician Dr. Roger Hodkinson expressed strong displeasure with the COVID measures undertaken in Canadian jurisdictions up to them.

LifeSite reported that in his November 13 speech at a public meeting in Alberta, Hodgkinson called it the “greatest hoax ever perpetrated on an unsuspecting public” that lockdowns and masks were being used in an attempt to contain the spread of COVID-19:

“There is utterly unfounded public hysteria driven by the media and politicians. It’s outrageous. This is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on an unsuspecting public.”

“There is absolutely nothing that can be done to contain this virus,” he said, adding, “This is not Ebola. It’s not SARS. It’s politics playing medicine and that’s a very dangerous game.”

Hodkinson called using masks to prevent the spread of the virus “utterly useless,” noting that “there is no evidence base for their effectiveness whatsoever.”

“We’re talking, of course, about an enormous number of businesses — ferocious, hardworking, entrepreneurial people who are seeing their dreams disappear. We’re talking about delayed cancer investigations and treatment. We’re talking about cancelled surgeries. We’re talking about suicides and drug addiction,” he added.

“The consequence of all these measures is, and has been, absolutely catastrophic.”

The doctor said that the position he now backs regarding COVID-19 aligns with the Great Barrington Declaration, signed by almost 50,000 medical practitioners and medical and public health scientists who have raised “grave concerns about the damaging physical and mental health impacts of the prevailing COVID-19 policies.”

In another article, Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, one of the three drafters of the Great Barrington Declaration, stated:

In discussing the deadliness of COVID, we need to distinguish COVID cases from COVID infections. A lot of fear and confusion has resulted from failing to understand the difference.

We have heard much this year about the “case fatality rate” of COVID. In early March, the case fatality rate in the U.S. was roughly three percent — nearly three out of every hundred people who were identified as “cases” of COVID in early March died from it. Compare that to today, when the fatality rate of COVID is known to be less than one-half of one percent.

… the majority of people who are infected by COVID have very mild symptoms or no symptoms at all. These people weren’t identified in the early days, which resulted in a highly misleading fatality rate. And that is what drove public policy. Even worse, it continues to sow fear and panic, because the perception of too many people about COVID is frozen in the misleading data from March.

There is a thousand-fold difference between the mortality rate in older people, 70 and up, and the mortality rate in children.

In effect, what we’ve been doing is requiring young people to bear the burden of controlling a disease from which they face little to no risk. This is entirely backward from the right approach.

The most compassionate approach that balances the risks and benefits of reaching herd immunity is to allow those who are at minimal risk of death to live their lives normally to build up immunity to the virus through natural infection while better protecting those who are at highest risk. We call this Focused Protection.

Those who are not vulnerable should immediately be allowed to resume life as normal. Simple hygiene measures, such as hand washing and staying home when sick should be practiced by everyone to reduce the herd immunity threshold. Schools and universities should be open for in-person teaching. Extracurricular activities, such as sports, should be resumed. Young low-risk adults should work normally, rather than from home. Restaurants and other businesses should open. Arts, music, sports, and other cultural activities should resume. People who are more at risk may participate if they wish, while society as a whole enjoys the protection conferred upon the vulnerable by those who have built up herd immunity.

None of this has been happening in Ontario, whose health mandarins have completely disregarded the incredibly successful experiences and opinions of the many thousands of medical professionals, some of whom are among the best in the world, who signed the Great Barrington Declaration.

Imagine, Doug Ford actually believes his Chief Medical Officer is smarter than the now over 57,000 physicians and medical scientists, many being the top such persons in the world, who have endorsed the sound policies of the Great Barrington Declaration. That is either monumental stupidity or Ford is under intense outside pressures or threats (or bribes?) that he has not revealed.

Or maybe he is just not aware of the Declaration and the status of its writers and thousands of signers. I hope for his sake this last possibility is the correct one.

Given the catastrophic economic, emotional, and other damage and thousands of deaths certainly caused by the ineffective and harmful Ontario policies, some consider them to now be of a criminal nature and a Crime Against Humanity.

Pathologist Ryan Cole on preventative, treatments, vaccines 

Dr. Ryan Cole, a clinical pathologist and owner of Ryan Diagnostics in Idaho, in a powerful 26-minute video presentation included in a recent LifeSite article, dramatically outlined the massive importance of basic immune system supplementation for avoiding COVID infection. We strongly recommend you view this enlightening talk.

Dr. Cole convincingly noted that “ … we don't just have a viral pandemic, we have an international Vitamin D deficiency pandemic – i.e., 70 percent of the world is immune-suppressed.”

He continued, “Normal D levels decrease your COVID symptom severity risk for hospitalization by 90 percent. There have been a lot of placebo-controlled trials that show this all around the world. It is scientific fact, not just a correlation.”

Dr. Cole explained why Vitamin D deficiency is the biggest contributor to both Wuhan coronavirus hospitalizations and deaths: “Data shows what kills people. Cytokine storm. If you are in (Vitamin D) mid-level range, you will not die from COVID because you cannot get a cytokine storm.”

Cole noted that even Dr. Anthony Fauci has publicly stated that he takes 8,000 to 9,00o IU of Vitamin D, but that he also has not been advising the public to do the same and only talks about vaccines being the solution to the virus.

The Idaho pathologist emphasized, “The biggest lost public health message in this pandemic is Vitamin D. There is no such thing as ‘flu or cold season,’ only low Vitamin D season.”

This kind of very basic, crucial advice has never been given to the public by Ontario health bureaucrats.

Canada’s Dr. Roger Hodkinson, mentioned earlier in this article is also a strong proponent of vitamin D use. In November of last year he stated,

“All that should be done is to protect the vulnerable and to give them all in the nursing homes that are under your control, give them all 3,000 to 5,000 international units of vitamin D every day which has been shown to radically reduce the likelihood of Infection.”

Cole also strongly emphasized early treatments for COVID. He is critical about too close government relationships with the vaccine makers. He says the best medication is Ivermectin. It is on the world's most effective and safest drug lists.

In a Houston hospital, says Cole, a 90 percent reduction in COVID deaths resulted after it started to use Ivermectin as their standard treatment. Of the half-million deaths in the United States, 350,000 would have been saved if Ivermectin had been used. Wherever it has been given in the world, people are living a normal life. One hundred percent of world trials have shown it to be effective. Average effectiveness is 70 percent to 85 percent and it can cover ALL the variants of the virus, says Cole. Every person he has treated has been better in 24-48 hours.

Cole, like many credible physicians on which LifeSite has reported, was also emphatic that masks, which Ontario has placed a heavy emphasis on, do nothing to prevent COVID infection! And there are increasing warnings about the very real health damages masks can cause, especially for children, who should NEVER wear masks.

Ryan Cole also had a lot to say about the vaccines that Ford so much wants to give all Ontarians.

Among his comments on COVID vaccines, the exceptionally experienced pathologist stated,

What we have now is an experimental biological gene therapy. Long-term safety data is not there. mRNA trials in mammals have led to cancers. mRNA trials in animals have led to auto-immune diseases, not right away – 6,9, 12 months later. The vaccine companies did their own data. There were no independent observer groups looking at the data. They seem to decrease the severity. They don't fall under the definition of creating peer immunity and preventing transmission.

If you are immune after injection, why in the world would you have to mask and social distance? That is an admission that they don't know that it is a vaccine. There is no long-term proven safety. My biggest concern is antibody enhancement reaction. When you get a coronavirus shot when you are exposed to a wild type variant of the virus 6, 9, 12 months later the immune system can go haywire. In the SARS vaccine animal trials 100% of the animals exposed to wild variants ended up with immune reaction.

What Cole says about the COVID injections fits with alarming warnings from Dr. Michael Yeaden and colleague Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, Dr. Dolores Cahill, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny and America’s Frontline Doctors, as noted earlier in this article, and in another article today by LifeSite’s Patrick Delaney.

Ontario citizens MUST force Ford to dramatically change direction

Ontario citizens are urged to flood the office of the premier and their provincial members of parliament with demands that the shutdown be immediately ended as a repeatedly proven failed tactic that causes far more damage and likely costs more lives than the virus and its variants.

It should be demanded that the government instead urgently introduce measures recommended in the Great Barrington Declaration, by the government of Florida, and by the thousands of physicians such as Dr. Ryan Cole, Dr. Kulvinder Gill of Brampton, Ontario, Dr. Peter McCullough, the thousands of physicians associated with America’s Frontline Doctors, and numerous others who are saving lives and ending fear of the coronavirus through the use of well-proven strategies and use of hugely successful out-patient treatments.

Citizens should also demand that all the shots should immediately be stopped until critical safety testing is completed, especially for the long-term effects of the vaccines. Already far too many recipients are dying or being seriously injured by these mostly useless vaccines and there have been too many miscarriages for vaccinated pregnant women. These serious health outcomes are being dangerously played down.

In the past, that number of deaths and injuries would always have automatically resulted in a quick order to halt use of a medical product. That has thankfully been happening in almost 20 nations for the AstraZeneca jabs, but disurbingly not also for the mRNA and other ones that have caused a much lsrger number of deaths and injuries.

These injections are getting unnaceptable special protection and the the public is being deprived of crucial medical oversight to protect them!

CONTACT YOUR MPP: Tell them to rethink the latest lockdown!  Click to contact your MPP, now.

Some of the other best sources of practical, reliable information

Beyond LifeSiteNews and its special Life Facts pages on COVID-19 and Vaccinations, there are other excellent resources that reveal  the repeated Ontario lockdowns are like reckless attempts to kill a hornet with explosive grenades that kill and maim.

We recommend the following:

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