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IRELAND, May 24, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – A CNN article profiling Irish women who traveled abroad for abortions openly admits the entity removed from the womb during an abortion is a human being.

Titled ‘Irish abortions happen; they just don't happen on Irish soil,’ the article explains what happens when an Irish “baby” is unwanted or has a disability. The article uses words like “mother,” acknowledging that the pregnant woman is a parent.

“They give you a feticide injection, which stops the baby's heartbeat,” an Irish woman who had an abortion in England is quoted as saying.

Another section reads:

Arlette Lyons discovered during a routine 12-week scan that her baby had Patau syndrome, a chromosomal abnormality causing severe organ defects. The obstetrician said her baby would most likely die from a heart attack before it reached full term.

Got that? It’s a “baby,” and it’s alive. For something to be able to die, it must first be alive.

CNN also reports that some women prefer to take a ferry to England rather than fly because “it’s easier to bring the remains home.”

The remains of what? Of a “clump of cells,” or of a child not yet born but whose parent ended his life yet still feels attachment to him?

An accompanying video shares that one woman who underwent an abortion abroad opted to have her baby’s remains cremated and then sent to her in the mail.

Other quotes from the video:

“Giving birth to a baby who’s silent – there’s no words imaginable for it.”

“They tell you you can go on a ferry and bring your baby’s body back with you, but you’d need to keep a cold, you know, ice packs. Then there’s security, you know – they’ll ask what it is. I just couldn’t face any more thinking about what to do, you know. And then they offered a cremation. They have a tracking number for me, and that was Grace’s ashes being couriered home from the UK. It was carrying Grace and it was carrying my neighbor’s online shopping.”

These abortion advocates (who no doubt are deeply hurting) are being honest. Abortion does kill a whole, distinct, living human being, one with DNA and a body unique from his or her mother’s.

It seems the “repeal the Eighth” movement in Ireland has conceded that the pre-born baby is, in fact, a human baby. Instead of relying on fake science that denies very basic human embryology to push abortion, they have moved on to suggesting that some babies are just better off dead than alive.

Pray that the Irish will vote for life tomorrow, and that these post-abortive moms can find healing.

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