The huge, on-going backlash against the gay Gestapo that has exploded from A&E's suspension of Duck Dynasty's Phil Roberston for his straight up Christian response to a loaded question on homosexuality is incredible.

Cracker Barrel is the latest to succumb to the pubic's refreshing new outrage against those who grovel and succumb to gay demands that they punish anyone who violates the free-speech-rights-smashing “gay code”. Folks, this is tyranny that must be resisted.

I am amazed how, bang! so suddenly, this has happened. Maybe it will end up like the fall of Soviet Union totalitarianism.

What gay activists have been getting away with in ripping apart people's reputations, businesses, careers and dignity has been criminal. It might be that the public has finally caught onto their contrived false victim game and that there might just be moral absolutes that are good for everyone and which persons who have gone through painful personal life trials have come to value. That's Phil Robertson.

I just watched this video about Robertson's personal journey. Really good. Very personal. Simple. Powerful. Preaching by simple example.

It is a great lesson that such a strange man can have such success where most of the comfortable, very learned religious leaders have feared to tread and have failed miserably to teach. Here we have a weird looking, redneck, gun-toting, ex-alcoholic preacher leading far more successfully on this issue than anyone I have seen in recent years. He makes it so very simple – which it is – without condemning anyone. Just plain common sense and real love.

Then there has the been on-going, terribly harmful fallout, as many expected would happen, from Pope Francis's regretable “who am I do judge” comment on the homosexual issue on his way back from Brazil.

Besides begin named Person of the year by the Gay rights magazine, the Advocate, Francis's “who am I to judge” is being quoted constantly in support of claims for acceptance of homosexuality and gay “marriage”. 

The latest is in a Washington Post article, Duck Dynasty, Meet Pope Francis, being syndicated all over the United States.

Author E.J. Dionne appears to have decided he had to go real big, since nothing else seems to working against Robertson during the disastrous past few days, and set Pope Francis against Robertson.

Totally ignoring Pope Benedict's frequent warnings about the tyranny of moral relativism (who hears or talks about Pope Benedict anymore?) Dionne writes,

I see our attitudes toward gay men and lesbians as being shaped by culture, which is a human product, not by divine command. Jesus, most orthodox believers would agree, set aside the law when he saw it as violating our primary duty to love God and neighbor. Pope Francis did not change the Catholic position on gay marriage, yet he has won accolades from the gay community for his simple (and very Christian) declaration, “If a person is gay and seeks God and has good will, who am I to judge?”

And he goes on using the new pope, ignoring the past two pope's many very clear pronouncements on this issue,

…when even the pope wonders aloud as to whether it’s appropriate for him to judge, you begin to see the difficulty of deciding what “true Christians” ought to believe. This raises the question of whether the religiously based principles are merely cultural artifacts that we bend to our own immediate purposes.

Right, there is no truth. Pope Francis says so (NOT – but he has oddly still not clarified his remarks).

I mean, if Christianity can now say that cultural developments have led us to where we must accept homosexual relationships (and many Christian churches are already saying this), then, the natural result must be a rejection of the entire Judeo/Christian moral code (and that is also happening). That is, sex outside marriage must then be ok in all instances. The Ten Commandments are dead, etc. And the ultimate logical result of this will be that there is no God. We are god. (and that is happening as well).

Dionne concludes “The answer lies in embracing a humility about how imperfectly human beings understand the divine, which is quite different from rejecting God or faith.” Ah, what an intriguing definition of humility. It used to be total acceptance of God's will for us, but now it is muddled in very self-serving talk of our poor brains not understanding God, even though He has already very clearly told us many times who He is and what He expects of us.

Will this work? Or will the public realize that Dionne is spouting pure mindless drivel whereas? Robertson, despite outword appearances and disarming folksiness, has a far greater grasp of the divine than Dionne and his new sexual order friends.

Dionne makes the case that the pope's far more conciliatory stance is the future on this issue, not acknowledging that nature cannot be changed. Nature has its fixed laws and those who ignore them are destined to suffer. Nobody wants that for them, but you can't help someone who won't listen. Still, Phil Roberston is so far seeming to make more people listen that many thought possible.

Things are looking up – at least for now. However, the angry thugs of the new sexual order are undoubtedly scheming up new plans. They just can't let Phil get away with this and if their pope strategy doesn't work then they are likely to get into nastier tactics.

Pray for Phil Robertson and his family that they will endure and that they will be safe.