Pro-lifers often complain about pro-abortion bias in the mainstream media, but this has got to be one of the worst cases I’ve ever seen.

Last week, three Canadian MPs called on the RCMP, the country’s federal police, to investigate data released by Statistics Canada showing that 491 babies had been left to die after they were born alive following failed abortions. The existence of this data was revealed by a pro-life blogger in October, confirmed with StatsCan by LifeSiteNews in November, and ignored by the big media outlets for over three months.

Today the story finally broke into mainstream media with a report by the Canadian Press. But here’s the headline we get: Three Tory MPs ask RCMP to investigate some abortions as homicides.

According to the story’s lead, the MPs “want the RCMP to investigate any abortions performed after 19 weeks in Canada as possible homicides.” It goes on: “In the letter, the MPs say abortions performed at 20 weeks gestation or later breach Section 223a of the Criminal Code.”

It sure makes those MPs sound stupid doesn’t it? Don’t they know that abortion is legal through all nine months under Canadian law?

Of course they do. As the MPs clearly pointed out, these are homicides under Canada’s Criminal Code precisely because these children were born alive – not that the Canadian Press bothers to point that out.

These deaths started out as legal abortions, but once the abortion failed and the babies were born alive, the medical staff were required by law to do what they could to save their lives. If they didn't, then they are guilty of infanticide.

I guess the distinction between abortion and infanticide is lost on the Canadian Press.

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