We hear about corrupt politics, kangaroo courts, crime cover-ups, and the silencing of Silkwood-type whistleblowers.


In these days of the Internet, new media, and instant exposure, one might think such underhanded tactics would almost be too hard to pull off, particularly on a large scale.

But in Kansas the last vestiges of the corrupt pro-abortion political, legal, and journalistic systems are brazenly at work trying to destroy pro-lifer Phill Kline, in order to protect the abortion industry.

Phill Kline is trailblazer, the first prosecutor in the country to charge Planned Parenthood with criminal wrong-doing and to obtain highly incriminating (and redacted) medical records to prove his case.

Trailblazers venture into the dangerous unknown. It is never as hard for those following in the footsteps of trailblazers, because we learn from their experiences.

We learned from Kline’s investigations of Planned Parenthood and George Tiller that the abortion industry indeed engages in the worst kind of criminal conduct, up to and including covering up child rape.

And we learned from Kline’s investigations just how far the abortion industry and its legion of embedded allies will go to cover that conduct up. This was an eye-opener for me. If pro-abortion tentacles run so deep and wide in Kansas, how much deeper and wider do they run in Washington, D.C.?

But we are also emboldened by trailblazers. Phill Kline will be credited with launching a thousand ships, numerous and growing nationwide efforts to investigate the abortion behemoth known as Planned Parenthood.

Without a doubt Phill Kline will someday be vindicated. He is a hero.

But living through the pro-abortion attempts to destroy him is another matter.  The other side may be too afraid to literally take Kline out, but they are trying to do everything but: destroy his reputation, both personally and professionally, destroy his livelihood, and destroy him financially.

All this to frighten, distract, discredit, and silence Phill Kline, with the end game of killing his investigations.

It is easy for me to say it won’t work. But I’m not Phill Kline. I don’t have to walk in his shoes, live his life that already owes $200,000 in legal fees – with the other side pushing for more sanctions – and face an uncertain professional future.

Jack Cashill wrote a good piece on October 14, “Has bleeding Kansas begun to heal?” Cashill called on new Kansas pro-life Gov. Sam Brownback (pictured right, and who replaced pro-abort Kathleen Sebelius) to help Phill Kline:

To begin, Gov. Brownback has to address the Tiller legacy publicly and offer an official state apology to Phill Kline.

Then Brownback should appoint a South Africa-style Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Too much evil has gone unaddressed for far too long.

Additionally Brownback should forgive Kline’s legal debt – incurred in his capacity as an elected official of the State of Kansas.

And when the corrupt Kansas Supreme Court follows through with its plan to disbar Phill Kline, Brownback should pardon Kline and reinstate his law license.

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