Options for Sexual Health (OPT), a Canadian partner of the International Planned Parenthood Federation, is marking its 50th Anniversary by introducing the “Clap for the Winner” award, which it says is given to individuals or organizations that “attempt to repress sexual expression, prolong ignorance and oppose access to sexual and reproductive care.”

LifeSiteNews will be commemorated on OPT’s “Wall of Shame” to be “absolved” only upon completing one of OPT’s sexual health courses.

According to the group, our pro-life news service was deemed “worthy” of OPT’s award because of our “shameful, homophobic and misleading postings” concerning events in BC.


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According to OPT’s Saira Hansen, our postings “attacked sexual health education in schools, BC’s sexual diversity curriculum, gay-straight alliances in schools, the Pride Parade, and the right to reproductive choice.”  Hansen also accused LSN authors of “oppos[ing] both abortion and contraception.”

Options for Sexual Health, a self proclaimed “pro-choice” organization, “celebrates healthy sexuality” by convincing a mother through a misuse of the terms “right” and “choice” that she has the power to end an innocent human life in her womb.

While OPT claims to provide its clients with “clear and accurate information related to abortion,” the clearest and most accurate piece of information lacking on their website is that a pregnant woman carries an entirely new, unrepeatable human life in her womb.

“Even at that early stage [moments after fertilization], the complexity of the living cell is so great that it is beyond our comprehension. It is a privilege to be allowed to protect and nurture it,” explains Dr. Hymie Gordon (d. 1995), chief Medical Geneticist at the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota.

Furthermore, while OPT claims to “support and respect the individual choice of all women,” they overlook the countless females whose lives are brutally assaulted and ended in their mothers’ wombs through abortion. For these youngest females of the human family where is their “support”? Where is their “respect”? Ultimately, where, is their “choice”?

OPT boasts to be an organization “committed to providing a work environment that promotes respect for the human rights and personal dignity of all clients.” But, in failing to recognize the unborn baby as the youngest member of the human family, they glaringly deny the right to life—the foundation of all human rights—to their youngest “clients.”

An organization that promotes abortion as an “essential service” does a disservice to all members of the human community.

Abortion service means that women are lied to about the real value and worth of the human life that they carry within their wombs. True service can never be based on a lie.

Abortion service means that fathers sanction the grotesque and untimely destruction of their offspring. True service would have the father caring and providing for his own children.

Abortion service irrevocably snuffs out the life of the smallest member of the human family. True service however, affirms the individual, promoting their happiness and wellbeing.

The trade in the murder of innocent life offered by OPT as a “service” will deny a brother or a sister a playmate and a confidant. These murders will strip grandparents of the joy of helping a future generation take their place in the world. These murders will deprive a nation of its future citizens.

LifeSiteNews will have no part of that, and is proud to be on OPT’s “wall of shame,” remaining an uncompromising voice for the voiceless, a source of illumination in a culture of darkness.