In state after state, Planned Parenthood has been found guilty of its failure to report rape (here and here and here and here). So how do liberals allow them to accuse others of a faux “War on Women”? Planned Parenthood wages a war on women and young girls, everyday, by hiding actual rape but using rape as their rhetorical weapon of choice. In fact, Planned Parenthood Votes, a super PAC made possible by our tax dollars (perhaps the Government Accountability Office will get to the bottom of how PPFA’s taxpayer funds are actually spent) abuses rape to campaign against Virginia’s Ken Cuccinelli.



Washington Post’s recent article, “Planned Parenthood Votes Anti-Cuccinelli Ad Focuses on Rights of Rape, Incest Survivors”, should instead focus on the outright lie made in the opening statement of the ad. PPFA claims that over 300,000 women per year report being raped. Rape isn’t something to exploit, but PPFA’s Cecile Richards, who opens up the commercial, obviously has no qualms with it. According to the FBI’s latest statistics on “forcible rape” (their wording which includes rape, sexual assaults and rape attempts), there were 83,376 such acts reported in 2012. That’s slightly down from the still tragic 83,425 reported in 2011.

Lying is nothing new for Planned Parenthood. Their entire business is predicated upon it. PPFA’s Cecile Richards, once a history major, knows that women could vote, for instance, in Margaret Sanger’s America. That doesn’t stop the Brown graduate from perverting history to suit her radical abortion agenda. PPFA’s website falsely claims that women couldn’t vote in Sanger’s America nor could they have bank accounts. History clearly reveals the lies: the 19th Amendment was ratified in 1920 (Sanger lived from 1879-1966) and 65% of savings accounts were in women’s names (according to a Times Magazine article from 1936).

Planned Parenthood obviously doesn’t trust women (or anyone) with the truth to make an informed vote. This is why they churn out garbage like this ad to protect their sacred cow of abortion, instead of protecting women. This is just one of countless examples of why a slogan more befitting of the nation’s largest abortion chain should be: “Scare. No Matter What.”

Reprinted with permission from The Radiance Foundation