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May 31, 2017 (Radiance Foundation) — If you abort over 325,000 human beings a year, you’re going to abort the facts, too.

One would think that actual parenthood would be part of Planned Parenthood’s mission. The abortion organization never mentions “mom,” “dad,” “father,” or “parent” ever in its latest Annual Report. They do mention “mother” one time, in a bizarre quote that sums up the political group’s warped perspective on motherhood: “I was resolved to seek out the root of evil, to do something to change the destiny of mothers, whose miseries were as vast as the sky.” These words are from Planned Parenthood’s eugenicist founder, Margaret Sanger, who considered motherhood to be bondage. Her book, Motherhood in Bondage, pretty much summed up her broken view of what makes all of us possible.

Her birth control crusade was more important than her own children’s lives. In Ellen Chesler’s book, Woman of Valor (a Sanger biography highly praised by pro-abortion liberals), the death of Sanger’s daughter revealed how unimportant motherhood was to her. While Margaret crusaded in Paris, her daughter Peggy died back at home. According to Chesler, “The death left a long legacy of resentment and remorse in the Sanger family. Young Grant [her son] revealed his essential feelings by repeating over and over again that, if their mother had only been there, Peggy would have never become so sick and died.”

In Margaret Sanger: A Biography of the Champion of Birth Control, her son’s words expressed the tragic cost of faux feminism: “Mother was seldom around. She just left us with anybody handy, and ran off we didn’t know where.”

Sanger grew up in a broken family with an alcoholic father. She concluded that the solution to poverty and pain was the elimination of human beings by “preventing the birth of defectives, or of those who will become defectives.” This was her own definition of birth control (Women and the New Race, Chapter 18).

That is the DNA of today’s Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) — the elimination, not the elevation, of humanity. Their 2015-2016 Report mentions abortion more than any other “service”; abortions increased by 4,349 to a total of 328,348 human lives killed in fiscal year 2015. PPFA officially commits more abortions in a year than they administer breast cancer exams (321,700). With all of the feigned outrage about the #WarOnWomen and #LackOfAccess and #WeWontGoBack, Planned Parenthood increased its annual profits from $58.8 million (in FY 2014) to $77.5 million (in FY 2015). And they received $554.6 million in taxpayer funding in 2015. What a victim.

On the Report’s cover, they curiously display a pregnant staff member (who, most likely, doesn’t get prenatal care at her own job). Prenatal services are virtually nonexistent at the self-proclaimed “women’s leading healthcare provider.” If we go with the lie that abortion is 3 percent of their services (3.5 percent using their conjured up total services), prenatal care is less than 0.1 percent of their services, plummeting from 17,419 in 2014 to 9,419 in 2015. Less care, no matter what.

In the Technology section, Planned Parenthood boasts about their Spot On app that helps users “track and predict their periods.” In a predictable LGBTQ gender-denying way, they assert: “It’s for anyone who has a period — Spot On does not make assumptions about a person’s gender or sexual orientation.” There are two genders, and only one (female) has periods … period. It’s really that simple.

By the way, remember when Planned Parenthood promoted homosexuality as a means of curbing the population? Planned Parenthood’s 1969 Jaffe Memo revealed that their “LGBT advocacy” had nothing to do with equality and everything to do with quantity.

Biological revisionism isn’t all that Planned Parenthood pursues. The Annual Report lays out an unimpressive “historical” timeline of the abortion giant’s milestones. They’re as historically challenged as they are scientifically, capitalizing on their most exploited and targeted demographic — the black community. (Never mind that there are more black babies aborted than born alive in NYC.) The infographic claims, in part: “In response to many black women being denied access to health and social services, Sanger opens a new clinic in Harlem. It’s endorsed by the New York Urban League and supported by prominent Harlem churches.”

The truth? In 1924, Sanger established a birth control clinic (not a facility that offered social services) with the Urban League’s endorsement in the mostly black Columbus Hill neighborhood. It closed in only a few months due to little interest and wide opposition. Interestingly, as NYU Margaret Sangers Papers Project explains, establishing one later in Harlem seemed to be more about separate and unequal. Sanger didn’t want the mostly white Manhattan birth control clinic to be considered a “colored clinic” and wrote: “ … if already three or four colored women are in the waiting room of the clinic, we have to distribute them to the upstairs doctors and sometimes postpone the visit of others so it will not look like a colored clinic … other patients are inclined to grumble.”

Today, the National Urban League is pro-abortion and anti-facts. It actively aids and abets the epidemic of abortion in the black community, defending Planned Parenthood at every turn. They’re just another example of civil rights gone wrong.

Planned Parenthood conveniently failed to list The Negro Project as one of their milestones — a prominent effort to eliminate or severely reduce the birth rate of poorer blacks. Systemic racism has always been a part of this organization birthed from the same warped eugenics that spawned the Holocaust. Somehow, talk of ‘racial hygiene’ and saying the “creation of a superman is the goal of birth control,” doesn’t exactly fly in today’s society.

The abortion giant claims: “Planned Parenthood isn’t the problem. We are the solution.” They boast about being #100YearsStrong. Years of promoting racist pseudoscience, targeting minorities and the impoverished with population control, and killing millions in the name of “reproductive freedom” prove that Planned Parenthood is undeniably #100YearsWrong. I look forward to the day when Americans will look back and rejoice because we rejected, defunded, and abolished their fatal solution.

Ryan Bomberger is the Chief Creative Officer and co-founder of The Radiance Foundation. He is happily married to his best friend, Bethany, who is the Executive Director of Radiance. They are adoptive parents with four awesome munchkins. Ryan is a factivist, creative agitator, and international public speaker who loves illuminating that every human life has purpose.

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Ryan Bomberger is an Emmy® Award-winning Creative Professional who founded The Radiance Foundation (TRF), a life-affirming 501(c)(3), along with his wife, Bethany. Ryan earned his Masters in Communications from Regent University where he was named the 2012Alumnus of the Year. He and Bethany also received the 2012 Messiah College Christian Stewardship Alumni Award. Ryan has several decades of experience in leadership as well as in mentoring and educating young people. As a creative director, writer, designer, motionographer, andpublic speaker, and citizen journalist he has been able to share with diverse audiences about Purpose and the Hope that transforms. Through ad campaigns, community outreach and live multi-media presentations, The Radiance Foundation addresses a myriad of social issues in the context of God-given purpose. They encourage their audiences to be active in their local community in efforts that help those in need.