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The title of this posting was the title of a homily given this past Sunday, based on the reading of the day, by an especially faithful, truly humble Catholic priest who I know. The homily was so well done and timely to today's events, that I am publishing its text below, especially, but not only, for LifeSite's Christian readers in Ontario, Canada to consider.

This priest provides much-needed, specific recommendations for both parents and all clergy related to the Ontario government's deadly sex ed program that has now been imposed on all schools in the province and which mirrors many similar programs also being forced on schools across Canada, the United States and elsewhere. It is in fact, as we have revealed to you in various articles, part of an international agenda to destroy the natural family order and replace it with a new sexual order that will suit the militant secularist, one-world government, de-population agenda.

Here is the homily. Parents, priests, pastors – please pay close attention to his specific instructions:



A rich man was condemned to hell because he could have helped the poor man Lazarus and chose to look the other way and ignore him. The gospel parable obviously addresses the obligation that those who have more than sufficient material wealth to help at least financially the poorest people around them. But to conclude that being rich and not sharing will lead one to be condemned to hell may be overly minimalist. Also to conclude that being destitute will cause one to go to heaven is equally over simplistic.

Both the rich man and Lazarus would be judged by God upon standards greater than their material and physical states. We will all be judged upon our openness to faith in God and obedience to his will which includes loving God and our neighbour as ourselves. The rich man clearly sinned against charity even when still claiming to be a son of Abraham and would have died unrepentant. On the other hand, Lazarus went to heaven due to his positive relationship with God and neighbour, not simply because he was poor and destitute.


Now, we may feel safe since most of us living in Ontario are neither very rich, nor do we live among the destitute in a third world country. But what about the spiritually and morally defenseless people near us and elsewhere who really need our guidance and protection? There is an emergency situation that must be addressed by all who call themselves Catholic and Christian.

This emergency situation is the new sex education curriculum of the Ontario Liberal Government. Anyone who has not heard or read about this new curriculum must not remain ignorant or silent like the rich man who ignored the pleas of Lazarus. The main media never reports the truth.  Please go on the internet and go to reputable websites to inform yourself: and and also Parents as First Educators  Chosen ignorance is not bliss and may cost us our eternal salvation.

What the Ontario Liberal Government wants all schools to teach in the area of sexuality is deeply disturbing and definitely demonic. Opposition is not an option; it is a necessity. Don’t fool yourself with the promise of the Catholic bishops and Catholic school boards that they will provide a Catholic lens. It is not happening except in classrooms that have very strong committed Catholic teachers and parents involvement. The government and Catholic teachers’ union are putting enormous pressure upon all school boards, principals and teachers to collaborate fully with their sinful agenda.


Priests have been asked by their bishops to remain silent on the sex-ed controversies and to trust in the promise of ‘a Catholic lens’ perspective. The warnings of Pope Francis against gender theories of fluidity are being ignored by those who should uphold the natural law, all in the name  of love and acceptance. Teachers, students and priests are afraid of speaking up against the sex curriculum and its disastrous effects. If only those who are witnesses to the sexual indoctrination of children would have the love and courage to speak up and try to stop the spread of these most harmful teachings and practices.


All involved in this sexual revolution should imagine themselves dying and meeting the Lord Jesus and hearing him tell them that since they chose to live comfortable lives and did not want to compromise their employment benefits and reputation to save the moral and spiritual lives of the children God had entrusted to them, now we will be spending eternity in hell … like the rich man. 

Imagine the Lord telling us that we are guilty of failing to support the other teachers, parents and priests who came to us for help to uproot the sexual evils implemented in our schools. What will our excuses be?  ‘I was afraid to be singled out as a religious nut, homophobic bigot?’ As we kept our comfortable jobs, our children were led, thanks to our inaction, to lose their innocence and suffer for the rest of their lives.

Imagine being a priest and knowing the truth about this sex-ed curriculum and choosing to look the other way and not warn the parents in order to avoid stirring up attention at the chancery and school board offices. What kind of shepherd would that be? A bad one for sure.  ‘Lord, I chose to love myself and to ignore protecting your children against immoral wolves.’ What valid excuse could such a priest ever bring?  ‘I was afraid,’ would never be good enough.


Parents are the ones with the real power since the school boards and unions only fear the loss of money, not God’s judgment. When parents complain to the media, the school establishment gets nervous. Here are some tips to help you protect your children:

1. Pray for your own conversion. Only those who see can lead those who are blind into the light of truth. Pray to love God more and more every day and the Lord will fill you with a joyful desire to obey his will.  Entrust yourself to our Blessed Mother and She will help you to say: ‘Lord, may your will be done.’ The love of God is what turns faith into action and overrides cowardice. 

2. Knowledge of truth is power. Know what the Bible and Catechism of the Catholic Church teaches. Then, learn the Government’s sex-ed curriculum by going to the Campaign Life Coalition website, not what the school may give you – they hide incriminating evidence or put in tiny print.

3. Pray with your children every day and read the Bible together. It will make faith grow and the Holy Spirit will keep in everyone a healthy conscience and a growing love for God.  Reinforce the truth about their identity as children of God, male or female and about the beauty and goodness of chastity, purity and traditional marriage. 

4. Especially important – Tell your children to always disobey anyone who tells them: “Do not tell your mom and dad.” This is a huge red flag that something bad is happening.

5. Also very important – Teach them to be ‘school wise’ by telling them that they will encounter good and bad teachings and explain these before they hear the topics in a perverse angle at school. Their critical thinking will help discern right from wrong throughout their lives. It is human to always take as true what is new to us. So be the ones who first introduce the controversial topics to the children in the true Catholic perspective and warn them to not reject what mom and dad taught them.

6. Also very important – Listen to your children as soon as they come home and let them talk freely. Watch for cues that they were upset or confused. Ask them if they heard, saw or did anything weird. Avoid sweeping issues under the carpet. Seek answers from them and tell them how much you love them. 

7. Pray to the Holy Spirit and to our Blessed Mother for discernment and courage to act appropriately. Be wise as serpents and innocent as doves.

8. Share your concerns with other like-minded parents. There is greater strength in numbers. Pray together and inform each others in Scriptures and Tradition.

9. Challenge teachers who are glued to the status quo. Encourage good teachers to persevere in doing good and pray for them daily.

10. Challenge your pastor to support you. Many priests are uneducated about these topics and have a naive perception of the seriousness of the problems, or are too afraid to speak up.

11. Remember that God is asking no one to fix the whole school system, but only to care first for the children He has entrusted to you. Be ready to pay the price for being a disciple of Jesus Christ.

Blessed are those who are persecuted because of their faithfulness to Jesus Christ. The world will hate you, look down on you, but the Lord will lift you up and smile upon you. Do not base your efforts upon being successful, but on being faithful to your Christian duty. Be valiant, fight the good fight. Be a faithful disciple for Christ.

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