Steve Jalsevac


Political conservatives a vanished species in Canada?

Steve Jalsevac

Canada continues its accelerating, dangerous social change experiments. One of the main reasons this is happening is that, on the political level, elected officials supposedly representing a conservative alternative for voters have betrayed their principles, their souls and their base of supporters for perhaps a few fleeting years of power. Hence, there is growing deep cynicism and distrust of all politicians who no longer seem to stand for anything other than gaining or maintaining that power.

The word “conservative” has been gutted and rendered meaningless. Many Canadian voters now appear to be thoroughly disgusted with all the parties. This applies at both the federal and provincial levels, as we see from votes in the Ontario Legislature and in Ottawa on transsexual rights bills and in Alberta where both the “Conservative” party leader and the main opposition Wildrose leader are attending gay pride events.

All legislation upholding proven traditional family and moral codes is being removed or neutralized. This is creating an inevitable social powder keg of many dimensions and loss of freedoms. Such a profound rejection of all the lessons of history will extract a heavy price from Canadians.

Those who manage to stay the course in living what has worked for millennia for a strong family, personal and community life are the ones who will eventually rescue the culture. Everyone will eventually depend on them.

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