Sometime, somewhere, somebody at the Center for Reproductive Rights thought it was a good idea to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade by shooting a video with a famous actor repeatedly addressing the court decision that legalized abortion as “baby” in his sleaziest “sexy” voice, while grunting like a pig in heat, and occasionally laughing demoniacally.

Apparently, it no longer seems like such a good idea.

Yesterday, CRR’s bizarre video was featured on their site and on Youtube. But last night – voila! – it vanished. (Although, as we know, nothing ever disappears completely from the web, and other Youtube users have already rescued it from oblivion.)

And no wonder. The video, featuring Mehcad Brooks, didn’t exactly go over as CRR intended. It got tens of thousands of views, but from all the wrong people. The commenters were overwhelmingly appalled, and “dislikes” overwhelmed the number of likes on Youtube by a considerable factor.

So bad was the video that many pro-life commentators even wondered aloud if it wasn't actually a parody intended to discredit CRR. If only. 

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Evidently the people at CRR actually thought the video would be funny: which, as many others have already pointed out, reveals a lot more about CRR's mindset than they apparently intended to reveal. Because as most sane people know – including, by the way, many abortion supporters – abortion isn’t funny.

For pro-life activists, abortion is the murder of an innocent human being, which is unfunny for very obvious reasons. But even pro-choice activists know that abortion is often a last resort for desperate and miserable women. It isn’t sexy, and it certainly isn’t humorous.

Somehow CRR missed that memo.