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(Campaign Life Coalition) — I’ve got fantastic news!

Thanks in part to the generosity of Campaign Life supporters, Joseph Bourgault has raised the $300,000 entry fee for the Conservative Leadership race, along with 500 nomination signatures.

Joseph will be on the ballot and on the debate stage!

This is big. Praise be to God!

It means we’re now guaranteed of having two social conservatives on the final ballot: Leslyn Lewis and Bourgault!

Our mission now, in the remaining hours before the April 29th deadline at 5 p.m. EST, is to help pull the remaining two pro-lifers across the finish line, Grant Abraham (donate now) and MP Marc Dalton (donate now).

For now, we ask you to donate only to Abraham and Dalton to ensure they make it.

We need all four social conservatives on the debate stage, as a crucial strategy to increase the odds of a pro-life victory. I know the pro-life movement can do it if we give it one last push!

Please remember that there’s no vote-splitting in the CPC Leadership election.

That’s because the leadership vote will take place using a “ranked ballot” on which voters can indicate their #1 choice, #2 choice, #3, etc., all the way down to the last candidate.

How it works is that when the pro-life candidate with the least number of votes gets eliminated, the people who voted for him or her as their #1 choice will then be automatically transferred to support whoever was their #2 choice.

And if that pro-lifer gets eliminated in the next round, your vote will automatically be transferred to whoever was your #3 choice. And again, until your vote is transferred to the last pro-lifer standing.

See? No vote-splitting!

The reason why the odds of a pro-lifer winning the whole thing the more of them there are in the race is because each of those contestants will continue recruiting new members through their personal networks, social circles, church connections, and areas of geographic influence right up until the June 3rd deadline for new people to become voting members.

These are networks of potential new members that are uniquely available to each candidate, and only to them, but who also can throw their support behind other pro-life candidates, creating a tsunami of support for the last pro-life candidate standing.

Another way of putting it is that Lewis and Bourgault will have reduced odds of winning the race if Dalton and Abraham don’t make the cut, because the ranked ballot system will work to the advantage of the four or five pro-abortion, socially liberal candidates like Patrick Brown and Jean Charest who will end up on the final ballot.

Donate to Marc Dalton:

Donate to Grant Abraham:

Marc Dalton has now collected enough nomination signatures, well beyond the 500 required!

Only Grant Abraham still needs a few more, so please fill out Grant’s nomination form, here, and email it to him at [email protected].

This is our opportunity to finally elect a Conservative Leader who has values and moral integrity, in addition to fiscal prudence. Thank you for helping us work toward that goal!