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Pro-life summit: Where are we?

Jill Stanek

As I indicated yesterday, I attended a summit meeting of pro-life activists and apologists in Columbus, Ohio, on Monday and Tuesday, spearheaded by Mark Harrington of Created Equal.

The summit was to assess where the movement is in light of the reelection of Barack Obama, also bearing in mind the fact we’re nearing the 40 year mark of legalized abortion in the U.S.

Heads of various groups from around the country and Canada gave their analyses, many via Skype, and also provided a snapshot of their plans for 2013.

I was looking forward to this summit, because in my opinion the paradigm shifted with the reelection of Barack Obama, and I was fumbling with how as a pro-lifer to respond.

I think God is done doling “Get Out of Jail Free” cards. He’s giving our country the ideological leadership we deserve, and with it the consequences.

And politically speaking, how the pro-life movement has been thinking and acting may no longer work, which has been to behave as beggars and cajolers of the Republican Party to give us morsels.

Through sheer willpower and collaboration with pro-aborts, Obama and the Democrats took the politically losing pro-abortion position (according to Gallup polls 2009-2012), and made it a winner.

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In large part this is because Republicans didn’t respond. They also let the other side shift the debate. Marjorie Dannenfelser of the Susan B. Anthony List wrote in a post-election analysis (a great read, available here, with SBA List’s permission):

The pro-abortion lobby and their allies have made it very clear what their strategy is moving forward: Do not talk about abortion and attempt to re-center the debate around contraception, birth control, and rape….

[A] September 2012 Politico article about the Democratic strategy on women’s issues… led with:

“Democrats think they’ve figured out how to win the abortion debate: Don’t make it about abortion.”…

The abortion lobby and their allies know from hard data and polling trends that abortion is not a winning issue for them – and so instead, they are working to re-center the debate around contraception and birth control, like they successfully did during the 2012 elections.

If nothing else this election showed the GOP must take responsibility to persuade the public on the pro-life issue. They can’t leave it up to pro-lifers. They can’t make the excuse that the position is in writing (in the platform), and that’s all they need to do.

This is a tall order, because through the election cycle Republicans demonstrated they would rather lose than show strength on abortion. Neither Akin nor Mourdock’s gaffes on rape were insurmountable. (Recall: “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.” As I said, no gaffe is insurmountable.)

Had Republicans not panicked but instead shown a little loyalty and backbone, along with some better rape/incest talking points, the two may not have fallen.

But now Republicans are more terrified or put off than ever on the pro-life issue. There is lots of talk about shelving the pro-life issue, although it is never explained what good that would do – what voters that would attract, never mind what voters it would lose.

That’s my view. I think we are at a critical point, politically speaking. I think we’re losing the GOP. If we let the GOP suppress our issue more than it already does, we all lose. How to stop the bleeding is the question.

So back to the summit. Father Frank Pavone of Priests for Life presented a more optimistic view. He said:

As I said on the webcast the day after the election, nothing is permanent. One election undoes what another election does.

One key point I’ve been asking people to avoid is the assertion by the Left that America has taken sharp left turn. That is nonsense. President Obama was elected by 9.5 million fewer votes than last time. The House is one of most conservative Houses in modern times. The presidential race could have gone differently with 330,000 votes in key areas of the country.

The states are where things are really happening. Thirty-three of the 50 states are overseen by pro-life governors.

People can be disappointed without becoming disengaged. We can’t say, “You see, politics is not the solution.” We don’t have right to walk away from a process God himself has put into our hands, as frustrating as it is. We’ve got to stay engaged.

This leads to two practical tasks this coming year:

1. Remain engaged on the state level, connecting churches

2. Look forward to the U.S. Senate elections in 2014, with a possible change of control

History: Usually once the White House changes hands, the incoming president gets two terms, according to the law of averages. What’s also true is that midway through his second term, the president’s party doesn’t do so well. From all human calculation and the law of averages from U.S. history we have reason to expect gains in 2014 in the Senate. Democrats are far more vulnerable. They are going to have to defend almost twice as many seats as the GOP in the Senate.

Aside from politics, convincing the American people that abortion is wrong is not up to the White House. We have got just as much power in our hands to continue momentum we are making in the minds and hearts of the American people. We have just as much strength there. Reveal abortion to them, using their words, using graphic photos. There is no need to slow down or change any strategies this movement has used for years.

My optimistic view does not necessarily mean that God hasn’t handed us over to some kind of judgment. But it’s a judgment with an escape hatch. We have been judged inasmuch as we have gotten the public officials we’ve insisted on. Yet we still have a lot of good ones, and we don’t have the bad ones forever. His judgment, in other words, is a summons to get to work harder and smarter than ever.

I think even if our country is still center right, Obama and liberals can persuade a lot of people in the next four years to their ideological viewpoint. I read of that happening a lot in the Old Testament, and it often happened quickly. And then there are those aging Supreme Court justices.

That said, I was indeed heartened by FP had to say.

Your thoughts?



Pro-life billboard towers over Planned Parenthood – for one day

Jill Stanek

Jackson Right to Life, in Michigan, followed all the rules when renting billboard space next to the Jackson Planned Parenthood.

For one glorious day a pro-life billboard towered over Planned Parenthood’s pathetic little abortion feeder with the simple but powerful message, “Choose Life = No Regrets.”

There was only one problem: The billboard was on Planned Parenthood’s property. Adams Outdoor Advertising had leased the billboard space but forgotten about Planned Parenthood’s addendum forbidding any pro-life messaging.

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So just as quickly as the billboard went up, on June 9, it came down the next day. Adams is offering Jackson RTL other locations, and on the advice of attorneys Jackson RTL is accepting Adams’ offer and moving on.

But the snafu was all worth it for the amazing photo op, eh?

Reprinted with permission from Jill Stanek

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Planned Parenthood CEO’s annual salary now exceeds $500,000

Jill Stanek

Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards 2012-13 salary now exceeds $500k
According to Planned Parenthood Federation of America’s 2012 IRS Form 990, CEO Cecile Richards made over one-half million dollars – $523,616, to be exact – for the fiscal year ending on June 30, 2013.

That’s a lot of money to pay the CEO of a nonprofit organization, particularly one that claims to cater to low-income women.

“Planned Parenthood works to make health care accessible and affordable,” boasts Planned Parenthood

Really? How much more affordable would Planned Parenthood’s services be were not its corporate bosses and affiliate CEOs making big bucks? For that 2012 reporting period, PPFA’s 12-member executive team tallied a combined income of $3.87 million.

When questioned by The Daily Caller in October 2012 about what was thought at the time to be an “almost $400,000 salary,” Richards responded, “None of my salary is paid for by the federal government.” 

But if “[n]early half of Planned Parenthood patients rely on Medicaid coverage,” as Planned Parenthood states, does Richards really think she’d be making the same coin were government funding – to the tune of $540.6 million in FY 2012-13 – removed from Planned Parenthood’s total revenue of $1.210 billion?

And actually, The Daily Caller was well over $100,000 off on Richards’ salary.

Turns out Richards made $583,323 during Fiscal Year 2011 (July 1, 2011 to June 30, 2012). This represented a whopping 39% pay increase from the year before that, when she “only” made $420,153.

Cecile Richards campaigns Barack ObamaSo, actually, Richards’ 2012 salary of $523,616 represented a 10% pay cut.

But this was because she took time off from Planned Parenthood to campaign for President Obama’s reelection – which paid off for Planned Parenthood handsomely via windfall income via Obamacare and other government funding streams, only kept flowing by Obama and other pro-abortion politicians.

This sort of financial cushion then frees up Planned Parenthood to raise and spend money to elect pro-abortion candidates, who then return the favor.

See how the circle of loot works?

And where are the liberals – the Occupy Wall Street types – who supposedly despise such top-heavy income? They oppose Big Oil, Big Pharma, and Big Finance. But Big Abortion? Not on your life, or rather, not on the lives of innocent little babies.

Reprinted with permission from Jill Stanek

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South by Southwest: Pro-life laws eradicating abortion clinics

Jill Stanek

There is a mesmerizing time-lapse video at the Abraham Lincoln Museum in Springfield, Illinois, that in four minutes shows the North’s four-year takeover of the South during the Civil War (screen shots above – view a video clip here).

I was reminded of that video when viewing this GIF from Planned Parenthood. Click on the image to launch…

Planned Parenthood 5-1-14-Abortion-Disappearing-In-South-Map

The correlation between slavery and abortion makes it poignant that legal abortion is first being wiped out in the South, although the area also encompasses some of the Southwest, including Texas and Oklahoma….

Headlines: Abortion disappearing in the South

While many different types of pro-life laws are being enacted, such as late-term abortion bans, waiting periods, ultrasound requirements, and parental involvement, those having the greatest impact are what the abortion industry calls “Targeted Regulation of Abortion Provider (TRAP) laws” – abortion clinic regulations and requirements that abortionists have hospital admitting privileges.

The sudden proliferation of “TRAP” laws most certainly can be tied to the discovery in 2010 of late-term abortionist Kermit Gosnell’s House of Horrors and Gosnell’s subsequent conviction in 2013 of first degree murder in the deaths of three abortion surviving infants and involuntary manslaughter of a patient.

Whether the Gosnell case emboldened pro-life politicians, or frightened them into trying to avert the discovery of another Gosnell in their state, it doesn’t matter.

The result is both a physical and political win, physical in that these laws save the lives of children and mothers, and political in that they expose the abortion industry as medically substandard.

The Associated Press describes the toll on the abortion industry in the South/Southwest:

The [admitting privileges] requirements are already in effect in Texas and Tennessee….

If the law there is upheld, Mississippi’s lone abortion clinic would have to close….

After judges allowed Texas’ privileges law to take effect earlier this year, 19 of 33 abortion clinics closed….

In Alabama, operators of three of five abortion clinics testified last week during a trial challenging the law that they use out-of-town doctors who wouldn’t be able to admit patients to local hospitals. They said they’d have to close….

In Louisiana, opponents said the Louisiana law would close three of the state’s five abortion clinics….

Of course, states in many other areas of the country are enacting pro-life legislation, but there is a concentration in the South/Southwest that “could see an entire region of the nation with little or no access to safe abortion,” warns Planned Parenthood.

Legal sure, but “safe,” no. At least one woman a month dies from a legal abortion in the U.S.

Reprinted with permission from Jill Stanek

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