Patrick Craine


Pro-lifers will never ‘shut up’

Patrick Craine

You know you’re on to something good when the liberal media starts begging you to shut up.

“The abortion debate is over, so shut up,” declared The Province’s editorial board on Wednesday.

Apparently they’re riled by the fact that some 20 pro-life petitions have been filed in the House of Commons since Member of Parliament Stephen Woodworth’s motion was rejected on September 26th.

“Anti-abortionists need to get this through their skulls: the debate is over and you lost,” the editors write. “Women long ago won the right to have control over their bodies, and the choice about whether and when to have children, and Canadians massively support that right.”

Okay, but if we’re so out of touch, why bother raising the issue? Why not just let us descend into oblivion?

The fact is that the pro-life movement is winning the minds of the young, who are increasingly aware that abortion abolition is the civil rights issue of our day, and who simply aren’t satisfied with the tired and empty rhetoric of the ‘choice’ crowd.

The paper would only make such an insane proposal – that a supposedly minority opinion “shut up” – because they’re afraid that we’re gaining ground.

As if to finally enlighten us after decades of activism, the editors write: “Abortion is not murder, so get over it.”

But isn’t that the very point of contention? If we accepted the premise that abortion “is not murder,” we’d have nothing to “get over.” ‘Removing’ an unborn child would be like amputating a limb, or even cutting a hangnail. Who campaigns against cutting hangnails?

It’s precisely because we believe abortion is murder that we will never “shut up.”

Bring on the petitions! It’s obviously making a difference.

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