March 22, 2013 ( – Recently, I was having a conversation with a new friend of mine, Stacy, who works as a veterinarian's assistant. I love animals, especially baby ones, so I was asking her all kinds of questions about her job, and what she loves doing most. She gushed about the creatures' cuteness and how much she loves being part of life-saving procedures, but then she got serious. She knows what I do. She knows I work for a pro-life organization. So, she leaned in and whispered, “Did you know that vets perform abortions on animals?”

I didn't know that, so I'm guessing you didn't know, either. But if millions of human beings are killed every day through abortion, why is it surprising that puppies and kittens are aborted, too? 

Stacy went on to describe her part in the whole process. There was a real look of sadness on her face as she described taking their tiny, perfectly formed little bodies and placing them in a bag, then throwing them in the trash.


The saddest part though, was not her description of what a puppy abortion looks like. It was her description of the mother when it wakes up from the procedure. “Dogs aren't stupid, you know,” she said. “They know that something is really, really wrong. They wake up and they whine and they look around and they sniff around the room, and they know that they're not pregnant anymore. Some of them get really frantic, and you can tell they're searching for their babies.” 

So sad, right?

Here's what really gets me. A lot of people, pro-choicers included, are very emotionally attached to their pets. I understand that. My sister – who is pro-life, by the way – claims she'll need bereavement leave when her dog dies. And believe me, the thought of aborting animals does in fact bother me. But what bothers me a lot more is a pro-choicer who is really not OK with the concept of aborting puppies, but is completely OK with the concept of aborting human children.

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As it turns out, a self-proclaimed pro-choice woman recently wrote about this very subject on a pro-abortion blog:

My dog is 4 and goes in for an abortion on Friday (we think she got knocked up in the shelter we rescued her from), having a much harder time with it than I thought I would, even though I know with certainty that it's the best thing.

I always have been adamantly pro-choice and have even discussed with my husband the option if we ever had to face that decision, so why am I having such a hard time with just a dog?!?!?!?!

I can answer this question. The reason you're having such a hard time with “just a dog” is because abortion is wrong. Abortion is ugly. Abortion is unnatural.

Deep down, you know that aborting your own child would be much, much worse, infinitely more painful than sending your dog to the vet to have her puppies surgically removed. And no matter how many times you've recited your safe and reassuring “pro-choice” beliefs, at the end of the day, abortion cannot be anything other than what it is: the killing of a defenseless being.

If an unintelligent dog is violently dismayed at having lost her unborn puppies, how much more so would an intelligent, calculating human being feel about having her human child surgically removed?

Forget “choice,” forget “reproductive rights,” forget all the progressive political lingo you've grown accustomed to hearing, and think of basic instinct.

If an animal can become uncharacteristically frantic at having lost her offspring, how is it that a human being can willingly allow someone to destroy her children? 

I honestly don't know that I can answer that question.