Steve Jalsevac


Nagging feeling that Quebec ‘registry of homophobic’ acts is really about another agenda

Steve Jalsevac

Quebec’s government-funded ‘registry of homophobic acts’ tempts one to question the very sanity of those who support this extreme, totalitarian measure.

We have gone from, “if you don’t want to have a same-sex ‘marriage’, don’t have one”, and “why are you so upset about gay rights legislation since it won’t affect you?” to now, threats of “you will be punished by the state, the courts and the police if you are reported by anyone to have said or done something critical of homosexuality.” These folks are dead serious.

Now do you see where this is all going? It is about far more than homosexual rights. It is rather about a hate-filled, revolutionary smashing of Western civilization and its foundational institutions and a crushing of fundamental freedoms.

Everyone is to be forced to accept the new sexual order or risk increasingly oppressive state, court ordered, institutional and employer determined sanctions. It’s happening already, all over the place across Canada, in the US and in Europe and elsewhere.

All citizens, whether they accept or disapprove of homosexuality, should be gravely concerned about this oddly powerful movement determined to force its sexual ideology on everyone.

However, there is the nagging feeling that the real agenda behind all this actually has nothing whatever do with homosexuality. It does not make sense that such a tiny percentage of the population should have so rapidly on their own acquired such huge international political and other influence.

Homosexual activists may simply be very useful, for now, for advancing something very different, but still requiring the gutting of the established order, to be replaced by another one that could have no use at all for those with homosexual inclinations.

History lessons anyone?

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