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(LifeSiteNews) — They say a picture is worth a thousand words. What about a profane illustration that demeans and desecrates the pivotal point in human history: the Incarnation, Passion, death, and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ?

The illustration accompanies an online promotion of a play by Jesuit-run America Magazine’s LGBT-targeting publication, Outreach. But the play which it advertises is unimportant. However, the illustration and what it signifies is of grave concern.

To Satan, this is a priceless work of art. It is a symbol of victory, of his vain pride pretending to triumph over the cross of Christ. It is the ultimate mockery of Christ. And it has been thrust upon us just as “Pride Month” begins.

In the illustration, LGBTQ, “Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual-Transgender-Questioning,” has dislodged the greatest title known to man: “Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews.” It is an attempt to simultaneously erase every other superlative by which Our Lord and savior is known: The Lion of the tribe of Judah, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, the Alpha and the Omega, who has triumphed by His blood.

The cloth draped over the empty cross, normally meant to symbolize Christ’s resurrection but here replaced with a garish rainbow cloth, together with “LGBTQ” replacing “INRI,” is a hideous revelation of Satan’s dark, grandiose intention, and an admission of how he, the father of lies, has used the political power amassed by organized-homosexualism to corrupt society in general, and the Church in particular, from within.

This illustration is a sign, a warning to those living in the gay world that there is a component to your sexual predilections of which you are probably unaware, but which you should investigate and ponder with all your heart, and to do so in fear and trembling.

The appearance of this illustration should not come as a surprise. Evidence that this is where the western world has been heading has been abundant all along.

Satan has been driving the sexual revolution for more than half a century, but let’s fast forward to the last decade.

Same-sex ‘marriage’s sole purpose:  To mock Christ’s relationship with His bride, the Church

Sit back for a moment and consider: why did same-sex “marriage” appear and take root all around the world so suddenly? Just a few years ago it was universally seen as a ludicrous idea, every bit as absurd as transgenderism, and yet we witnessed it take hold in every hemisphere at a frenetic pace.

Same-sex “marriage” is a great coup for the devil, far greater than homosexuality itself.

Caught off guard, we haven’t even begun to come to grips with the scope of his diabolical marriage putsch.

While same-sex attraction represents an inherent disorder in the lives of people like me, genderless, anti-complementary, anti-conjugal gay “marriage” is an exponentially greater threat to humanity. Why?

The father of lies has diabolically undermined the meanings of marriage, man, and woman in order to inhibit our understanding and experience of the Gospel. For who will be able to perceive the truth about Christ’s betrothal to mankind if complementary marriage is obliterated?

Homosexuality is most certainly not a benign thing.  It casts a dark shadow on otherwise bright natural and spiritual truths.

Same-sex “marriage” has served one purpose only: to mock Christ’s relationship with His bride, the Church. Same-sex “marriage” is Satan’s very public expression of his contempt for Christ and His bride. It represents his disdain and loathing for God’s plan since before the beginning of time.

There has been an element of tyranny associated with the rise of same-sex marriage all along. Early on we saw that men and women who dared reveal their reservations about the impossible notion of same-sex marriage were publicly chastised and dealt swift punishments. Even the most powerful, high-profile titans of technology, medicine, and Wall Street were not immune. And every-day main-street business owners – florists, bakers, photographers, and bed-and-breakfast proprietors – were being forced to relinquish their reason, their intellect, and their consciences in order to comply with the new, superior definition of marriage.

Make no mistake: that is the source of the fury behind the silencing and accusations that are hurled at those who have stood against or simply questioned same-sex “marriage,” and which continues against those who know and express the truth that no man can become a woman, and no woman can become a man.

We witness the savage rage of Satan himself underlying all the vitriol associated with resistance to LGBT dogma.

His contempt for Christ and His bride, the Church, is visible in his grotesque retelling of what occurred on Golgotha:

Homosexuality: Satan’s tactic to degrade the priesthood

Over the last few years the Catholic Church has been rocked by one explosive revelation of homosexual abuse and cover ups by priests and prelates after another, each one more shocking than the last.

A great many of these have involved pederasty (perverse sex with adolescents), while others involve pedophilia (perverse sex with pre-pubescent children). The vast majority – roughly 80 percent – are homosexual in nature.

It is likely true that far many more homosexual sex acts by male clergy occur with willing peers, but these go unreported because there is no civil criminality attached. They are “consenting adults,” who enjoy indulging in hidden perversity.

A clear picture has emerged of how the father of lies has used same-sex attraction to not only infiltrate the Catholic priesthood, but to utterly degrade it, rendering the priestly vocation inauthentic in the minds of some lay people, while causing others to abandon their Catholic faith altogether.

The oppressiveness of the demonic attack bearing down on the Church these last few years and  dismissed by “tolerant” prelates and priests is catastrophic. It is impossible to overestimate the damage inflicted on the Church as a whole and on countless individual shipwrecked lives.

Tolerant members of the hierarchy and those charged with forming seminarians recklessly threw open the doors to this demonic oppression in the second half of the 20th century. In essence, they cracked open portals to hell which have allowed the smoke of Satan – which alternately smells like pride and hubris, fear, or sodomy – to seep into and defile the Catholic Church.

Members of the so-called lavender mafia have held sodomy in higher esteem than the Supremacy of Jesus Christ, the centrality of His Cross, and the very real work of the Holy Spirit.

“Demonic”: what else would you call the actions of men who wear Roman collars – and miters – who view seminarians, altar boys, and other males not as children of God but as sexual objects – as objects of prey – to satisfy their own perverse sexual appetites?

It would be a mistake to view the continuing avalanche of horror stories as a collection of heartbreaking individual cases. Look instead at the entire history. Look at it from God’s perspective and perceive the hit job Satan has engineered on His priests, on His shepherds, from top to bottom.

And to what end? To undermine the priesthood; to render every man who wears a Roman collar a suspect; to place an indelible stain on the Church. Though Pope Francis has charged pastors to “be shepherds with the smell of sheep,” our immediate danger is that the sheep now reject the stench of the shepherds.

And all this is summed up in that one hideous picture.

Gays and lesbians have been pawns

A collection of human beings conceiving of and coalescing around an idea such as same-sex “marriage” would have had no hope of achieving their goal. There is no Wizard of Wall Street or Madison Avenue “Mad Man” who could have masterminded such a brilliant campaign.

But Satan, the father of lies, with the cooperation of many passive Catholics, has masterminded such a plot and brought it to fruition, enlisting men and women to embrace a diabolical lie, all the while fooling them into believing they are on a righteous quest, on the “right side of history.”

Fatima visionary Sister Lucia warned us that, “The final battle between the Lord and the kingdom of Satan will be about marriage and the family.”

And late Vatican Chief Exorcist Father Gabriele Amorth once said: Evil is disguised in various ways: political, religious, cultural.

We see it in laws that go totally against nature such as divorce, abortion, gay ‘marriage.’ We have forgotten God! Therefore, God will soon admonish humanity in a very powerful manner, He knows how to remind us of His presence.

Four members of the “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence” join protesters in front of the U.S. Supreme Court demanding that same-sex “marriage” be instituted. (2015 Photo: Doug Mainwaring)

If the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, whose re-invitation to be honored by the L.A. Dodgers has grabbed recent headlines, serve to make a mockery of the one, holy, Catholic, and apostolic Church, how much more so does the “church” of pro-LGBT priests and prelates – Father James Martin and disgraced former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick; and Cardinals McElroy, Tobin, Cupich, and Gregory – mock the heart of the Gospel and gravely injure the Church they are entrusted to shepherd?

As June begins, will we bend our knees to “Pride Month,” or will we fall to our knees for the next thirty days as we honor and appeal to the Sacred Heart of Jesus?

Before you decide, consider everything this image implies:

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Doug Mainwaring is a journalist for LifeSiteNews, an author, and a marriage, family and children's rights activist.  He has testified before the United States Congress and state legislative bodies, originated and co-authored amicus briefs for the United States Supreme Court, and has been a guest on numerous TV and radio programs.  Doug and his family live in the Washington, DC suburbs.