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Sean Winters of the National Catholic Reporter is not happy with LifeSiteNews

Fri Aug 3, 2012 - 9:48 pm EST

Sean Winters of the National Catholic Reporter is not happy with LifeSiteNews. He says we are ‘mean-spirited’ and have Cardinal Dolan in our “crosshairs”.

Well, I take a rant from this one of many dissidents associated with the dissident National Catholic Reporter to be a compliment that we are having a good impact. Nevertheless, it seemed his blog article deserved a response which I posted as a comment under the article. To Winters’ credit my entire response was published.

Winters, who does write some laudable things, some of which we have quoted on LSN, responded to my post with another blog about our “extremism”, hurling of “invective”, the “parallel magisterium” that he charges LifeSiteNews thinks it is (how ironical, coming from an NCR writer) and that we take “one truth only, and let it run amok”.

I presume the last part refers to our lack of emphasis on the seamless garment social justice concept of what being “pro-life” should really mean. Not that Sean Winters isn’t pro-life. It seems he is, but still does not appear to comprehend how extremely high on the level of all evils in the world the abortion and related issues really are. That may be the crux of our disagreements, in addition to a likely significantly different view of what being a Catholic Christian really entails.

All this intense focus on the 50 million annual killings by abortion, plus the infanticides, euthanasia, embryonic stem cell experiments, and other direct taking of the most innocent of human life, and many things related to them, and which facilitate them, is seen by modern “social justice” Catholics as being so fanatical and a rejection of the far broader message of the sermon on the mount. Actually, we know the beatitudes very well, and the pro-life struggle encompasses all of them.

If anything, we still don’t do justice to the reporting and investigations these colossal evils actually require. It is a holocaust, an on-going mass killing and corruption of societies and cultures unequal to any that has ever taken place in all of history. The whole world is paying a deadly price for allowing it to continue and to grow, with the greatest natural retributions yet to come.

So, we will just keep doing what we are doing - to the best of our ability.

We will continue to report what certain persons truly hate us for reporting. We will continue to upset their apple carts that that they are not used to having upset. It is not our objective to upset. The unreported facts about disturbing situations, often hidden for decades, tend to do that on their own. We just want to help bring about change for good.

The stories must continue to be told so that you, dear readers, will know the truth that will make it possible to take truly informed actions to restore a culture of life.

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