Here is a story on Drudge today that, while truly shocking, is a little less so for coming out of San Francisco:

A teacher at Oakland’s Markham Elementary School has been suspended indefinitely after school officials said a pair of second-graders performed sex acts on each other in class….

In one case, several students apparently took off their clothes and were naked in the classroom. In the second incident, a boy and girl reportedly engaged in oral sex in front of their classmates.

[District spokesman Troy] Flint indicated that the suspended teacher, whose name was not released by the school district, was present for both of the incidents. (CBS San Francisco)

Planned Parenthood, the nation’s abortion giant and “most trusted provider of reproductive health care” doesn’t have anything to do with this particular story. But I imagine that, when they read about these youngsters, Planned Parenthood executives are wiping away a little tear of pride anyway. After all, the billion-dollar organization makes no effort to hide the fact that it tells parents to encourage children to sexually stimulate themselves from birth.

PP says that children “need to know” by the age of five that “it’s normal to touch one’s sex organs for pleasure” and “to seek privacy” when doing so. Seven-year-old children are to know “that people experience sexual pleasure in a number of different ways” and that entertaining “sexual thoughts and fantasies” is “normal.”

Second grade evidently marks the start of a higher level of knowledge, as by the age of eight, children must begin learning how to accept “their own sexual feelings,” that “people have sex for pleasure” and not “only to have a baby,” and other details such as contraception techniques, abortion, prostitution, and artificial insemination.

According to their own website, these second-graders were right on target in PP’s sex ed program, except for the privacy part. They’re just kids, after all, sometimes they forget the finer points.

The school didn’t answer calls inquiring about what sort of “age-appropriate” sex education these kids had been exposed to, but I sure would like to know. (Update, 5:39pm EST: Mr. Flint indicates that he believes there is no sex education for the second grade, but was unsure. He promised to call back and give a definite. 6:42pm EST: There is no sex education in the Oakland district until middle school, I am told.)