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Seventh abortion clinic in eight months closes in Michigan

Mon May 13, 2013 - 1:18 pm EST


Great news comes from Michigan of yet another abortion clinic closing – Birth Control Center in Sterling Heights.

This makes the SEVENTH abortion mill to close in in the Great Lake State since last September.

As it seems with most abortuaries in Michigan, Birth Control Center has a storied past.

Birth Control Center was the state’s second oldest abortion clinic, incorporating on July 19, 1974.

bccIt was Birth Control Center that brought a lawsuit in the late 1970s which struck down state licensing requirements for abortion clinics.

From the 1981 ruling, Birth Control Center Inc v. Reizen (then Michigan’s state health director), until pro-life legislators passed a clinic regulation law in 1999, first trimester abortion clinics there were completely unregulated.

Even after that, as we have seen with Gosnell’s clinic in Pennsylvania, most abortion clinics remained uninspected due to bureaucratic technicalities and foot-dragging.

But that began to change on on December 28, 2012, when Gov. Rick Snyder signed an omnibus anti-abortion “super bill” into law, requiring abortion clinics to be licensed as surgical outpatient facilities, among other things.

As Ed RivetRight to Life of Michigan’s legislative director, noted in an email, “It’s pretty apparent that BCC decided it would be too much trouble and expense to bring this clinic into compliance with the new licensing law.”richard

Added pro-life investigator Lynn Mills, who broke this story, “That is what makes this so sweet – BCC sued to have no regulations and is now apparently closing over regulations!”

Clinic owner and abortionist, Dr. Richard Goldfine, pictured left, still has what he calls an “obstetrical” practice inBingham Farms, Michigan. Calls to BCC yesterday were referred there.

Michigan is now down to 26 surgical abortion clinics and two medical, for a total of 28, down from a high of 72.

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