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(LifeSiteNews) — It has happened again, and it will continue to happen until parents realize that “sex education” in schools is actually an attempt to eliminate moral boundaries and normalize any sexual preferences. The latest incident has triggered an investigation by the South Australian Department for Education after a third-party presenter delivered a presentation on sexuality to 13- and 14-year-old girls and allegedly asserted that bestiality was “accepted by the LGBTQIA+ community.” 

Female students at Renmark High School complained after they were told to leave their normal classes and attend a presentation by a third-party presenter, who has not been named by the press; there were two staff from the Headspace centre, a youth and mental health services organization, present in the classroom for the hour-long “relationships” presentation. According to their website, Headspace advocates for the view that: 

Sexuality is on a spectrum, at one end some people might feel attraction only or mostly for people who are the same gender as them (these people may identify as gay or lesbian). At the other end of the spectrum people might be attracted to only or mostly the opposite gender to themselves (these people may identify as straight or heterosexual).

People can exist anywhere along this spectrum, as some people can be attracted to multiple genders (these people may choose to identify as bisexual or pansexual). There are also people who might not feel any physical or romantic attraction to other people (these people may identify as asexual and/or aromantic). Sexuality is about understanding the sexual feelings and attractions we feel towards others, it is not necessarily about who we happen to have sex with.

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Unsurprisingly, parents were not informed about the presentation and did not consent to it; students stated that they “were left unsupervised for the duration of the presentation.” This is now standard practice – children are turned over to activists posing as educators, who then push the worldview articulated above. How many parents realize that when schools use the phrase “sex education,” they actually mean indoctrination into LGBT ideology and the promotion of sexual confusion? At Renmark High School, that is precisely what happened. From ABC News: 

Student Courtney White, 14, said she felt confused and blindsided by the presentation.

“We had a teacher that told us to grab a chair and sit in front of the board, and then the Headspace people came in and then [the teacher] left, so then we’re sitting in front of a board alone with no teachers, just the Headspace people,” she said. “The first slide of the PowerPoint on the board was ‘You can see queerly now’ and ‘No point hiding.’”

Fourteen-year-old Emelia Wundenberg said the presenter was graphic when referencing their own sexual preferences and spoke in sexually explicit terms about growing up and being confused about whether they idolised people of the same gender or wanted to be intimate with them. Students say they were then given an explanation of the initialism LGBTQIA+, with each word and its meaning displayed on the screen.

“There was a slide for what the ‘plus’ means, and they just started randomly saying words that no-one knew, like bestiality,” Emelia said. “It was on the board when they were showing what the ‘plus’ meant.”

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The “plus” sign, which has always been left deliberately undefined, can encompass any number of sexual behaviors and identities; according to the students, “bestiality was then explained in detail and the presenter seemed to imply it was something practiced by people who identified as LGBTQIA+.” As one student noted: “They said [the queer community] just accepts all of it, even though… isn’t it illegal?” At this point, several girls began to make excuses to leave the classroom, pretending they had to use the bathroommany did not return. 

“We’re all just sitting there like, ‘What the h***? What are we doing here? Why are we learning about animals having sex with humans?'” one girl told ABC News. “It was really disgusting, it was really uncomfortable.” 

The school is now pretending that they are stunned by what occurred and are promising angry parents that an internal review will be conducted and that the presenter has “been suspended from department schools while the department undertakes an investigation”; the Department for Education told ABC something similar. According to the school’s formal statement: “We are undertaking an internal review to ensure that processes around such notifications and procedures with regard to third parties attending at our school are always met.”  

According to ABC: “All parties involved in the alleged incident declined to provide the presentation to the ABC.” 

Headspace, of course, has apologizedbut will not release the material in question. That tells you everything you need to know. This “internal investigation” is just an attempt to cover up the indoctrination that was being done deliberately. It took me minutes to find Headspace’s position on sexuality, a wide range of sex acts, and gender fluiditymeaning that the school intentionally chose Headspace to teach young students about these things without parental knowledge or consent, knowing what was going to be taught. They may have been caught off-guard by the presenter’s assertion that “seeing queerly” involved including bestiality under the vague “plus” sign, but they were certainly intending to help all the students “see queerly” to begin with.  

Again, this stuff is going to keep on happening. Schools are bringing in LGBT activists to teach kids about sex. Every so often, a scandal erupts when one of those activists says something still considered shocking. Schools promise to do better, different LGBT activists are found to do the education, and everyone moves onbut the indoctrination continues.  

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