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Canada’s Minister for Women and Gender Equality and Youth Marci Ien pictured with a toddler at a drag show in OttawaMarci Ien / Twitter

(LifeSiteNews) –– Some time ago, I joked that it was only a matter of time before Trudeau started toting drag queens around Parliament, probably demanding to know whether Opposition MPs thought they were beautiful or not.

After all, at a certain point you run out of virtue to signal – there are only so many flags you can wave, parades you can attend, or taxpayer dollars you can hand out (hopefully).

Trudeau’s done pretty much everything he can think of, from showing up on RuPaul’s Drag Race to raging to the press that New Brunswick Premier Blaine Higgs’ decision to ensure that public schools involve parents in their children’s lives is “far-right.” 

And so, the Liberal Party decided to host an “all ages” drag show on Parliament Hill two weeks ago.

Marci Ien, the minister for women and gender equality and youth (Liberal cabinet ministers are saddled with very long, very inclusive titles) tweeted out photos of the event, stating: “Thank-you to everyone who joined us for our #PrideSeason Kick-Off celebration, with a special drag performance from the fabulous Adrianna Exposee. Drag is a vibrant and diverse form of art, it’s about expressing yourself and pushing boundaries. From timeless glamour to cutting-edge creativity, their energy is truly unforgettable. Let’s embrace the beauty and power of this art, recognizing its rich history and its ability to foster acceptance and unite us.” 

Obviously, drag queen story hour has proved pretty controversial in Canada, so when a Liberal cabinet minister says that we should “embrace” the thing currently dividing Canadians so that we can enjoy “its ability to foster acceptance and unite us,” she’s actually saying something along the lines of “shut up and enjoy the drag queens, bigots.”

It’s not an accident that one of the photos she shared featured a toddler. She did that on purpose to highlight the Liberal Party’s embrace and acceptance of drag shows for kids – “look, we take our own kids.” Which I don’t doubt, but that’s just another sign that this isn’t your grandfather’s Liberal Party.  

True North noted that also present at the all-ages drag brunch were “Minister of international trade, export promotion, small Business and economic development Mary Ng, Minister of sport Pascale St-Onge, Minister of families, children and social development Karina Gould and Minister of mental health and addictions Carolyn Bennett.” 

The response to Ien’s post, however, highlighted that events like these do not, in fact, unite Canadians at all.

One woman replied: “Why are you trying to break down their instinctual and learned understanding of what is male/man and what is female/woman, and expose them to gay bar adult entertainers/sex clowns who parody and demean women?”

Another noted sarcastically: “Let’s embrace the timeless art of men in women face, the rich history of misogyny that unites men in their oppression of women.”  

A third woman took aim at Ien’s position in cabinet: “Glamour? Sexualized stereotypes of women performed by men are misogyny personified and facilitators like you are disappointing. No principles, no ethics, no champion of women and girls. You’re a minister for males. Pathetic.” 

These women, of course, do not matter to the Liberal Party –Trudeau has deployed his entire cabinet to defend drag shows, which are apparently a precious Canadian heritage.

Canada’s Minister of National Defence Anita Anand posted her own defence of drag queens on May 28, tweeting photos of herself with drag queens and the caption: “Expressing yourself through Drag is one of Canada’s fundamental freedoms. It’s crucial that we show up to support the 2SLGBTQI+ community in all its diversity. I enjoyed seeing Devine Darling & Vitality Black at Community Resto. Looking forward to a fantastic #Pride2023.” 

In case you missed it: that was Canada’s Minister of National Defence. Defending what, you ask? I think we know – and it isn’t Canada.  

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