I feel rather honored. The multi-billionaire George Soros funded Right Wing Watch felt compelled to give attention to my Tuesday blog post The Abortion President’s Zimmerman race-baiting social suicide cult.

The Soros groups are intensely committed to world de-population and support abortion, euthanasia, same-sex marriage and just about everything on the opposite side of all that LSN readers stand for. So this attention confirmed for me that the blog post hit an important nerve. However, the Right Wing Watch (RWW) article summary of my post was of course somewhat slanted. Ah, and I see that they have added articles on C-Fam, the National Organization of Marriage, Ken Cuccinelli and Ted Cruz.

First off, LSN is not right-wing, left-wing or any wing. Commenters with views from all over the spectrum who have had their inappropriate comments deleted will verify that. So, we don't belong on a Right Wing Watch site. Our readers will often read reports from us that reflect negatively or positively on leaders and others from all sides. It just depends on what they do or don't do or say on the issues of life, family and related cultural issues.

RWW stated,

Steve Jalsevac, the founder of LifeSiteNews (Ken Cuccinelli’s favorite website), wrote a column yesterday wondering why President Obama has “not been booted out of office” and “not been charged” over his handling of the George Zimmerman case, alleging that Obama led a “failed attempted lynching” of Zimmerman as part of a “lib-leftist generated Latino vs African-American race confrontation.”

Nope. That didn't quite get it right.

Here is what I did write:

This case, and much more, makes one wonder why Obama has not only not been booted out of office by now, but why he has not been charged for what seems to some to be numerous cases of criminal abuse of the political power entrusted to him by Black, Latino, White, and all races of American voters.

The emphasis was really meant to be on the “and much more”, and “what seems to some” to be numerous cases of criminal abuse. There is more, but why bother.

I usually stick closer to our core issues in my writings, but found the continuation of the Zimmerman persecution after the trial and acquittal  a disturbing last straw, as did Bill Whittle in his video presentation. I realized an article outside the LSN norm was needed because, as Little also saw, the Zimmerman saga has revealed things that should concern everyone, including pro-life, pro-family people, about what it is that we are dealing with during Obama's rule.

What most came to mind in writing about criminal charges, was the Benghazi affair, Fast and Furious, complaints of major voter fraud in the past election and during Obama's nomination fight, the IRS scandals, the massive expenses for the Obama family's Emperor-like lifestyle, the multi-millions bailouts and financial favors for Obama friends, the ignoring of numerous Planned Parenthood illegal activities that keep being exposed, and much more. The question was basically, why has this president seemingly been able to get away with so much and not be called to account yet for any of it and people seemingly, hypnotically keep expressing support for him?

This follow-up blog gives me an opportunity to list more related articles at the bottom of this post to support my contentions. 

As well, the attention from the Soros group and a few incensed commenters spurred me on to add more supportive links and other fine-tuning to the original article and to write a few detailed responses to the complaining commenters. Check out the original article. And by the way, the reference to a Jim Jones like cult was not meant to be literal as some seemed to take it, but was of course a metaphorical explanation for the bizarre support that Obama still enjoys. 

This has all proven to be a useful exercise helping me to realize even more how badly this warning to the public is needed.

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This list could go on at great length, but by now readers should get the idea.