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(LifeSiteNews) — We all recognize there are some strange passages in the documents of the Second Vatican Council – passages that without any further theological context can seem ambiguous, if not off-putting. These ambiguous passages of the Council seemingly form what the late Michael Davies called “time bombs” by which the agenda of the liberals would be seen through – something referenced by Cardinal Walter Kasper in an interview with Raymond Arroyo. 

This episode of The John-Henry Westen Show consists of my talk at the Catholic Identity Conference dealing with this very topic – connecting the dots from Vatican II to the Synod on Synodality and how they relate to the “time bombs” of Vatican II. 

Regretfully I did not have time in the talk to go over some of the bigger dots. I did not discuss the issue of Benedict XVI’s resignation, nor did I discuss the acceptance of evolution, nor the problem of the apparent “equality” and “freedom” of religions – something seen in the infamous Assisi meetings of St. John Paul II that came to their logical conclusion with the Pachamama scandal and the smudging ceremony Pope Francis took part in here in Canada last year. 

What I do touch upon in detail, however, is the silence and the absence of anathemas since the Council, the rise of Communion in the hand, and feminism in the Church since the Council.

The “time bomb” of silence on all of these issues has been detonated under Francis, such that we have him putting all of the foxes right into the hen house – that is, men who oppose Church teaching on the “alphabet issues.” Francis appointed Cardinal Jean-Claude Hollerich as the relator of the Synod and continues giving ample time to Father James Martin, S.J., while not taking the time to answer the four cardinals who submitted dubia on Amoris Laetitia.

We have seen the “time bomb” go off for Communion in the hand during COVID, when a lot of us were forced under pain of not receiving Our Lord at all to receive on the hand or nothing, including at Latin Masses. And yet Cardinal Robert Sarah denounced the practice as an “insidious diabolical attack” against faith in the Real Presence.

We have seen the “time bomb” go off when Francis said that the minor orders of acolyte and lector could be permanently given to women – something that was seen with the introduction of women lectors in churches and altar girls. And yet women are made as helpmates of man. While these seemingly “innocent” practices may cause one to say that the connection between them and the push for women’s ordination is “extreme,” we should realize that they call to mind the words of the serpent himself: “I will not serve.”

For more from my talk at the Catholic Identity Conference, tune in to this episode of The John-Henry Westen Show.

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