Ben Johnson


Stoned for ‘life’

Ben Johnson

Well, here’s one you don’t hear every day: An Australian man on trial for growing one of the largest drug stashes in the nation’s history is trying out a unique defense: he said he grew marijuana to finance the pro-life movement.

Michael Bennett Gardner Sr. of Inglewood in Queensland was busted with a stash of 6.5 tons of marijuana and more than 20,000 more plants worth $69 million (Australian). After pleading guilty to trafficking narcotics from 2004-8, Gardner told the bench, “I did not grow the cannabis with a criminal intent…it was meant to save lives.”

Media reports did not indicate that Mr. Gardner had actually given any money to pro-life causes, organizations, or individuals.

Gardner originally used the defense to maintain his innocence, but the Supreme Court in Brisbane rejected saving babies as an acceptable excuse for drug-running. He entered the new plea, with explanation, today.

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To dramatize his prophetic witness, he tore his clothes, “because I am in daily lamentation for the people that are being killed.”

The Brisbane Times reports, “Mr Gardner told the court he was in a unique position to argue against abortion as he could remember his time in the womb.”

Anyone can see an ultrasound. How often do you hear from the baby himself?

He is expected to be sentenced by June. is currently accepting donations from any funds raised by legal means. Unlike Planned Parenthood, we neither leech the system with actions of dubious legality nor violate the Constitution for our funding. Ya dig?


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